Kurt Hummel

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Kurt is the best character on Glee. He's so diverse (being part of the Cheerios, football team the Titans, the Warblers and the New Directions). He is such an inspiration. He's shown to get over so many things that may push him back, whether it's dealing with the typical high school bully for being an open gay student or simply dealing with simple life challenges. Kurt is also an excellent role model. Although he may seem superficial at first glance with his witty and partially sarcastic comebacks and an eye for high fashion, Kurt has shown to have a heart of gold. He is such a caring and forgiving person. He was able to get over the fact that Dave made his life miserable by keeping the secret that Dave was a closeted gay, and still be there after Dave's suicide attempt, despite past actions.

And let's admit it. Klaine rules. =)

He is he only substantial character in glee. The rest is a bit two dimensional. At first I watch glee just for the music but Kurt's character get my attention. There were so many layers of scenarios, characters and drama about him and his life. Not too mentioned he is such a good role model for troubled youths out there. He is very strong, witty, adorable, compassionate and mature behind his years.

Kurt has put up with bs in some form from not only bullies, but nearly everyone in Glee club. Santana was always rude to him, Finn was discouraging in the beginning, Puck always felt the need to remind Kurt that he didn't fit in with the "guys", Sam even admitted that he prefers Blaine to Kurt, even after Kurt helped him out and became his friend and sang a solo by himself to "spare" sam, Rachel always tried to lure Kurt out of the bubble that he used to protect himself and in my opinion wasn't really his friend unless it was convenient for her, Mercedes pretty much abandoned ship after the bullying arch and decided to date one of the asses who probably threw Kurt in dumpsters at some point, Artie laughed at Kurt's performance, which was rude to do to a friend and totally unprofessional, Quinn cared more about a damn crown than the fact that Kurt was elected as prom queen as a gag, Mr. Schue really didn't pay him much attention, and Blaine, even though I love him, ...more

You are cute and funny, so adorable. Good to see you find Blaine and will have each other forever!

Klaine is courage, you are the courage, to most of the people who dare not to accept who they are because who they are.

Kurt never hurt his friends. Kurt is so talented but still need a way to make his talents known by the world - something many of us do.
He is so versatile, talents in many ways (like I do) and very unpredictable. He has pride and his way of thinking show that. He will never be cheap. He's like diamonds and silk. He's the city Paris - luxurious and expensive but touchable. He's also sensitive and very kind - probably the kindest and most decent character on Glee, the one who always support his friends and be there when you need him, without ever expecting love in returns.
On 2nd note, Chris Colfer is like the most talented actor amongst Glee cast, (winning Golden Globe), most beloved by his fans (TCA and People's Choice Award 3 consecutive years in a row), very smart and brilliant (3 New York time's best seller books - The Land of Stories- and 3 upcoming books), and more.. and we can also see how he acts and sings in Glee. pure brilliance.

I love Kurt. He has the best (and the most unique) voice. Kurt is the only well rounded character and he has been through so much, I mean the writers have thrown everything at him. He has an amazing sense of humor and he knows how to forgive. Blaine cheated on him and Kurt still forgave him and put up with him. Also Chris Colfer is the perfect actor to portray Kurt and they both had similar situations growing up. Overall Kurt Hummel and Chris Colfer= perfection.

Kurt is an amazing role model to anyone struggling to find who they are. I knew I would like him right away because even at the start of the show when he didn't have the support of the Glee club, he still showed who he really was. His position as my favourite character was solidified when he intentionally messed up the note in Defying Gravity and gave the solo to Rachel just so that his dad wouldn't get hurt, even though he wanted that solo more than almost anything else.

Kurt is an inspiration. He shows that you don't have to run away from problems and that no matter how bad anything seems, it will get better. He has courage to be who he wants to be and does not care what anyone thinks. No character will ever replace him and I am so glad him and Blaine found each other, but why did they have to break up?

I just loved Kurt. Over all. Although breaking up with Blaine before Season 6 was a horrible thing to do, at least they got together in the end because that couple was honestly amazing at first, had its rough moments, then got that original magic back when they went through being friends again to get back together twice.

Kurt Hummel is the reason I began watching Glee, no doubt. After seeing him in Blaine's performance of 'Teenage Dream' on YouTube, he instantly caught my interest. He has proven to be a wonderfully well-rounded character, with a healthy dose of sass, attitude, and undeniable determination. I have no hesitation in stating that he is, without a doubt the 'best' character on the show, as both a character, and an inspiration for many.

Kurt is a substantial, human character with real human fears and problems. Unlike the others who seem to get things handed to them, he actually has to work for his dreams and gets them shut down quite often, as most people do. I love how his character was so realistic. Best character in Glee by miles.

Kurt is such a talented person with courage from Blaine! He's so funny with his remarks and Chris Colfer is perfect for him! I swear if he left I would scream at my computer, then my cat, then the directors of the show, and...

Kurt has grown so much. From the quiet boy who was so isolated and afraid, to a true star. Much joy that he found the love of his life. His voice is amazing. And hello, Chris Colfer was so great on his audition that the character of Kurt was written specifically for him.

Kurt! Yes! You are awesome! I was disappointed when Blaine got into his life. I was hoping he would end up with Karofsky. And that's why I hate Blaine. Plus Blaine is boring. But Kurt is so strong and he's not afraid. He deserves so much and he only gets so little. He has been through so much and I really love him. The only problem I have with him is his mouth. When he sings or talks he looks like he has no teeth and his lips stick together. I dunno if it's just me. It just creeps me out. But I still love him and I would definitely hug him if I met him.

Kurt is the only character with a REAL deep story line saying his whole deal with Finn and his father and even Dave. I absolutely love Kurt's personality and Chris Colfer (his actor) is so good at expressions. Kurt makes the show funny and also adds drama when we all need it!

He's a very special character and I think that the show wouldn't be the same without his awesomeness and his cool outfits. I look up to him a lot because of how he stood up to the bullies and he defended himself.

Kurt is amazing! There is something about him that makes you feel happy inside. He exempts possitive characteristics of happiness, loyalty, and straight up how to be good person. He shows that even when you are different and struggle, there is always a light. Kurt was also hilarious as he was so sassy and unique. It's hard not to adore Kurt Hummel!

By far the most talented guy on glee. The other guys can sing very well, don't get me wrong, but Chris has a unique voice you can't find easily. His character is so much fun to watch and he's so emotional and snarky at the same time.

Kurt is the reason that I am proud to be a nerd. He makes me love who I am. He never let anyone or anything keep him from being himself. He grew in confidence and he never disappointed.

Kurt is such an interesting character. He's an amazing role model and he proves that everyone should be themselves and nobody should apologize for who they are or who they love.

In my opinion, Kurt, and the actor who portrays him(Chris Colfer), are both SOOO inspirational. Both show its not a bad thing to be different. Being yourself isn't a bad thing! And he is so strong. He's gotten through his mothers death, his fathers heart attack, being bullied out of school, not getting into his dream college at first, being cheated on, his step-brother and friend dyeing, seeing his ex boyfriend dating the guy who threatened to kill him, being the victim of a hate crime, and I'm sure I missed some! He is such an amazing singer, KLAINE IS THE MOST AMAZING SHIP EVAH, and his relationship with Rachel is so cute! I have always though of Kurt and Rach having, like, that brother and sister relationship, and I love it! He has so much heart, and is so brave, getting through all of that. Plus you have got to love his relationship with his father. Burt is so accepting, causing Kurt to be so open with him. He has had so much development, and he is just so amazing. All the others ...more

Honestly I think Kurt is the best character because he shows loyalty and respect. I think the Kurt character is very important to the series and it would struggle without him.

He is one of the most amazing characters ever. He always makes me smile, he's such a positive person, always proud of who he is and his voice is outstanding.

Kurt shows that you should be who you are and only you. He's a character who knows that if you're different only you should have to care. He knows only the positive counts. GO KURT!

Kurt sings amazing, and has a great sense of style. He doesn't give up and knows that sometimes love could wait. I was sincerely disappointed that he ended up with Blaine.