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21 Wade "Unique" Adams

She is the best one for me as the best character in glee

I think that Unique should be at number 1 because come on who is more inspring than Unique. She/He fought and defeated everything anyone through at her/him and even though she/he had help she/he had the courage to ask for it and accept it. She/he is a true inspration to anyone who has trouble being themselves.

A true inspiration to all!

"Defintly the best singer in Glee Club is there even a competition? " Bruh santana is so much better

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22 Lauren Zizes

Even though I voted for Kurt (because Kurt is- well. Kurt. ) I love Lauren and I'm so sad to see that she's quite hated. I find her awesome, so badass and funny, it's like a breath of fresh air and the fact that, like some haters said, they don't try to make her attractive and she still gets the "hottie" is just so amazing. The badasses meet and I'm so sad Puck ended with Quinn and Lauren left so soon, I just really loved her.

Lauren was really inspiring when she ran for prom queen she shows you don't have to be super model skinny to be cool... well her and Megan trainer

I really love her she stands up for what she wants and is the only girl puck had to fight for!

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23 Becky Jackson

Such a funny and inspirational character. I'm glad they have a character with Down's syndrome in the show to show diversity and that its okay to be different.

She is so funny and awesome! You go girl!

I LOVE her. She's a role model to me.

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24 Ryder Lynn

He's very sweet and he has an amazing voice. I wanted him to sing more because Innocent Man and Your Song were just awesome.

So hot, he sings well and he is a sweet guy! !

So handsome! And he sings so well. Marley was meant for him. I wanted them to be together... RYLEY

25 Coach Shannon Beiste

She seems so nice, and the story behind her is so sad, and she is also a very buce person.

26 Starchild

Starchild wasn't an interesting character at all that's why he was written off. Adam Lambert is so talented but the truth is that he got stuck with a boring character.

Why you guys always forgets adam lambert? ,
He's the best on glee with best voice and stylish looks... he's so cute even at 32..

He is better than any in this list... oh come on, give some vote for the real tallent! - glambert

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27 Jesse St. James

I hate that rachel ended up with him, he was an alright character but it made no sense, he was a horrible person to her and when finn died I know it was hard for the writers to figure it out, but man I swear sam should have ended up with her. There chemistry was great and it made sense as he was kind of "the new finn" there was no explanation for there break up at all

You now what people. I live Jesse he my manger

I HATE jesse and he egged rachel and then married her witch is sups annoying rachel should have ennded up with sam

He and Rachel are soulmates

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28 Holly Holiday

Holly has all these young and fresh ideas that made glee more interesting... not that it is not the most interesting show ever

She makes will look like a grandpa

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29 Jake Puckerman

I liked him a lot in season four, but the writers kind of screwed up his character in season five. I hated how he treated Marley and then he expected her to forgive him like nothing happened.

He has a pretty good voice, and has been the best male dancer in Glee Club besides Mike Chang. He and Marley also had really great story lines.

The new puck? I don't think so. He tries to be but can't even come close

It seems like he's trying to copy puck

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30 Sunshine Corazon

She had the best voice so far on Glee. She should be a regular now. She sang the original song made by Glee called "As Long As You're There" and she just nailed it. - hatcher234

She's the biggest threat in Glee, I hope to see her as an ally next time.

She is just amazing in this show. She represents everyone who is so tiny yet so talented. - hatcher234

Why do people say she is the best? She came for one episode there has to be someone you liked better. She barely showcased a personality.

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31 Dave Karofsky

In my opinion Santana is the best character, but I think Dave deserves more way attention as he really changed and turned into a nice guy. He just didn't deserve Blaine because he is an annoying selfish person. This is just my personal opinion.

Not even close to the best your crazy but! He came VERY long way and he is very accepting now

He has developed so much, he accepts himself now.


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32 Rory Flanagan

I wish he got more screen time. He was a great singer and his accent brought something new to the show, even if it was really small.

Rory's just so sweet and naiive. He's loyal it just makes me sad he gets bullied and the he's only in season 3 makes me want to to take a flamethrower to Fox Studios.

I cried when he lied about getting deported because I dident know he was lieing

33 Lord Tubbington

How is Lord Tubbington not #1?! I love him he's so inspiring. I wish he had more screen time, and I think he totally deserves a solo!

He's so inspiring

His story line was so influentical

Glee is nothing without him

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34 Joe Hart Joe Hart Charles Joseph John "Joe" Hart is an English professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Manchester City and the England national team.

Oi, that's the wrong Joe Hart. That's the Goalkeeper for Manchester City. Should be the Glee character. Whatever. I like soccer/football and Glee equally.

35 Roderick V 1 Comment
36 Spencer Porter
37 Adam Crawford
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39 April Rhodes

Don't get me wrong she was great but if she was sober more I would have probably learned more about her

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40 Stoner Brett

He's kind of a background character that provides the laughs, not an actual character with storylines and stuff.

I can't believe he won prom king.. but he was knocked out with a bucket and that was pretty funny

He is like, sue Waring a dress and high heals

Whoever put him on the list is an idiot

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