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41 Sugar Motta

I find her kinda annoying... Her voice, and how she buys happiness with money? Why the hell would Artie and Rory right over her? Like I have to keep saying in all the other comments, she's trying to be the new Britney, and isn't completing the role at all!

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42 Amber Riley

She has a very powerful voice, I really like her song colorblind she was simply just amazing, she is a mezzo-soprono, her strong pipes where not feature as much in season 4 she really does deserve the solos

Mercedes is in number 10, Amber Riley is the actress that potrays her.

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43 Alex Newell

I really loved the'if I were a boy' version you could here the pain in his voice on top of that he is a male soprono a very rare voice type for men I just love him. Boogie shoes was also the best, he may have a beautiful and soild voice but some of his notes in 'if I were a boy' were kinda piercy to the ear, and he lacks the formal training lea michele has

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44 Shelby Corcoran

She was a great mom, and what Quinn tried to do to her was terrible. Also, how can you not love Idina Menzel?

Shelby rules but I wish she and rachel stayed closer

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45 Bree

The show would be a lot better if she was actually pregnant

She is trying to be santana she is terrible

Not as good as Santana, but she was way less boring than the others

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46 Marcus Davenport
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