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Santana the best character on this show. Not to sound like a cliche but she is strong and independent. Even though she does not accept who she is in the begging of the show she truly blossoms into an icon in the lesbian community. I personally relate a lot to her because like her I always brushed off the fact that I was kissing girls and falling for them harder than for guys as something of a phase or boredom. But when I found the right girl for me I realized that there was no point of hiding who I am or pretending that that isn't who I am.

I love her so badly. And Naya is one of my faves actress and singer too. After her Brittany and Blaine (love you Darren) are the best. Love you Santana. You're the best Bitch in the whole world. - SeriesLover

Definitely the most developed character we ever got to see on Glee and one of the best characters on T.V. in general. She's just so realistic, there are so many people out there that are struggling with their sexuality and they can relate to her story. I also think that she's misunderstood and there are so much more than meets the eye when it comes to her.

She is great, anyone who is a lopez fan can identify her voice from a mile away, I just love her she so deserves to be in the top ten. Besides her funky and totally amazing style I'm sure she could be as good if she was trained like Lea. I just loved valerie it was amazing. Her duet with Lea in Be okay was amazing I think she was the best

Santana is a beautiful person inside and out. She is always true to herself, and even if things knock her down, she is still standing strong. Her voice is soulful and emotional. Naya Rivera is one of my top favorite stars/role models.

Santana is a really interesting character! When she's saying terrible things about people, we understand that most of the time she's hurt, and it shows that sometimes she can be so vulnerable. It's really touching. At the begining of the serie, I didn't thought she was nice or anything. But when you get to know the character a little bit more, you discover that she's really sweet. She just hide it behind a lot of insults.. And of course, Santana (Naya Rivera) is like beautiful, and she has a beautiful voice!

I like her because she has a painful past and a story behind her that explains why she acts the way she acts towards certain people. She learnt how to be a better person through the glee club and she learnt to listen to others people's opinions, without losing her true self.

She's such a strong character and it's so amazing to have such a strong female character on T.V.. She tells it like it is, she's always honest (sometimes brutally honest) and I just love her sarcastic humor. She also had an amazing character development throughout the seasons and its heartwarming to witness a person grow that much even though she's a fictional character and not an actual person. She's independent and she always finds ways to be on top even if things get rough. She might seem tough and distant but she would do anything to protect and help the people she loves.

I love Santana because she is a realistic character and her coming out story is inspiring to a lot of people. She is also very honest (sometimes brutally honest), funny, determined, driven and always there for her friends.

Santana is amazing! She has so much talent and emotion when she sings. As a person, she is 100% real and true to herself. She is just herself no matter what and she really inspires me to be myself! She should be the star of the show! Just perfect.

I love her story with Brittany but every time she insults someone, she annoys me so much! She insults people for no reason just to get attention and that's just stupid. For example, in season 3 she was mean to Finn and Rachel when they did nothing to her! I love her voice and I love her coming out story and I think it's awesome that LGBT kids are being represented in way, but sometimes she crosses the line with her meaningless insults.

Santana made me realise who I was and why I connected with her so much. Everyone on glee has different voices and even though santana doesn't scream like rachel or Mercedes she is the best damn singer and character in the show.

Do I even need to explain why. She is sex on a stick with a seductive voice. Santana's one liners and meanness add to her being the most entertaining characters on the show.

Santana is so funny and she's just so strong and brave and I love it when she speaks Spanish because she is really proud of her culture. I also loved seeing her more vulnerable side when she was first coming out of the closet it made her seem deeper

The depth in her character is amazing. When she says she loves Brittany it seems very true. Hope they get back together when Heather returns in season 5

Lets face it. She always has the best lines that make you laugh every time she opens her mouth. She is completely real with everyone.

Probably the most developed character. Her storylines were always interesting, I just wish we had more of her in season 1 and I wish we had the opportunity to see more of her relationship with Brittany.

Santana is one of the most amazing characters ever. She's not afraid to be herself, she's sassy, strong, independent and she cares about her friends even though she gives them some tough love sometimes!

Santana is extremely talented, she keeps it real and she has real problems and struggles. What I love about her is that what you see is what you get. She is who she is and I'm so proud of her.

She's so inspiring. We truly saw her change as a character. Not to mention, she keeps it real, and she's hilarious!

She is awesome. She has cool insults, that are usually funny. I like how she is a bad girl, but she has a soft side too. you ROCK SANTANA!

What makes Santana such a great character is her versatility. She delivers comedy, support, insults, drama and a troubled storyline which rounded up makes her very human. And not a one trick character.

She is so funny! How could anyone not love her? Her sharp, dark, sometimes poisonous humour is to die for!

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In my opinion, not THE BEST character, but I love her. She changed and became a good person, but she didn't lose sight of herself. Not to mention, her insults are on point.