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21 A Very Glee Christmas (Season 2)

Love Klaine's Baby It's Cold outside. So cute. Love Brittany being her own Cindy Lou Who and Sue as the Grinch, Beiste giving the present that makes Artie walk for Christmas. Finchel sings Last Christmas, which is a favorite. LOVE LOVE LOVE

It was so sweet when the Glee kids saw Artie walking. And Brittany was so funny when she asked Santa to make Artie walk. Brittany is the cutest! It was awesome when Rachel and Finn sang Last Christmas!

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22 Duet (Season 2)

An amazing episode.
1) Rachel is being sweet about letting Quinn and Sam win the contest so Sam would feel welcome.
2) First Brittana kiss on screen!
3) A powerful duet by the top bitches Mercedes and Santana!
4) The start of Artie's and Brittany's hilarious relationship.
5) Brittany's character appears to have grown and be more deep that we all had imagined.
6) Kurt is singing a duet by himself (kind of a vocal masturbation according to Santana! )
And so, so many other moments. I love this Glee, the good, old times with the original cast. This episode reminds me of all those people I really miss on Glee. I can't believe we now have a GLEE without Cory (RIP), Heather, Amber, Dianna... IT MAKES ME FEEL SAD, but whatever Glee is always Glee and the guys are doing an awesome job in keeping Glee the way us fans would like.

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23 Audition (Season 2)

Just amazing people enter this show that made them even interesting. - hatcher234

First episode of season 2 and did a great job reintroducing again! The duet with Sunshine Corazon and Rachel was the best.

This is where Sam Evans and Sunshine Corazon enter McKinley High. I loved it. - hatcher234

Great way to start off series 2 and hilariously funny. LOVED IT.

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24 Pilot (Season 1)

I don't know why this episode is so low in this list. It was the beginning of everything, when the show was something so new and fresh and interesting. My favorite part was definitely the Don't stop believing performance.

How is this not any higher on the list? By far my favorite! Probably always will be

All those who didn't vote for this episode never gOt the true essence of Glee! The best episode ever... Infact it Can be watched as a shOrt film in itself... I hope glee does these kinds of episodes again in season 6! #Dont_stop_believing!

Its great, I mean it's the first episode and they all seem so little

25 Ballad (Season 1)

It's So funny how Rachel falls in love with mr schue and just doesn't get it when he sings the song then. And when Rachel and Emma are watching him sing don't stand so close to me? Young girl

First glee episode I ever watched.

It's an awesome episode! Quinn told her parents she was pregnat, Finn sang "I'll Stand By You" and "You're having my baby", Rachel and Mr. Shue sang "Endless Love" and it was such a brilliant episode. Rachel was so funny, she actually fell for Mr. Shue! Hillarious.

26 Lights Out (Season 4)

If you can improve a Queen song, it's an excellent episode.

27 Funeral (Season 2)

The emotion within this episode is outstanding. Jane Lynch acting truly amazing, and the songs choice throughout the episode was thought out showing each artist there strength. Especially at the addition for the solo where well chosen from Amy Winehouse "back to black"to Barbra Streisand "my man". Hands down this is one of my favorite episode from Glee. Brilliant.

A beautiful, emotional episode. An outstanding performance by everyone involved, but especially Jane Lynch shined in this episode. The best episode so far, in my opinion.

This is my personal favorite. Sue is showing her emotional side and she may be mean but she will always love her sister, the most important person in her life. The glee club really steps up to help a "friend" in need.

I cried and cried when I watched this.R.I. P Jean!

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28 Shooting Star (Season 4)

I don't know why this episode is not at number one!
First off the acting in this episode is superb, outstanding, so realistic. I think this is the best episode of glee ever except for quarterback... All the emotions are so real you forget you're watching glee and think you're watching some kind of school shooting documentary like it's so heartbreaking and the way unique shows her emotions is incredible every time I see her in that scene it tears me up and also Tina getting locked out without her friends, Brittany in the bathroom, Sam trying to get to Britt so many awesome scenes it's incredible

The best episode I have ever watched- the shooting the intense drama, the songs, sue leaving, it was an incredible episode-overall

I don't know why this episode isn't in the top ten! It relays the all important message of in school shootings. It had me on the edge of my seat for sure. And the way that the teachers jumped into action was amazing. So emotional as well! Everyone was saying their goodbyes, thinking that this may very well be their last day at McKinley. This isn't some cheesy take on this subject.

This is the best episode it really shows off Sues good side to the maximum and the actors are so realistic

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29 Original Song (Season 2)

The music and storyline unsurpassed Pavarotti dies, Kurt sings blackbird, Blaine's expression is priceless. New Directions do original songs...we get to hear "loser like me" for first time.

Love that Kurt and Blaine hooked together and the KISS, love the song trouty mouth :D, love Rachel giving tissues to Finn if he cry after her song :D

I loved so much this episode! The part when Rachel sings Get it Right and Finn smile at her is so cute! Can't really understand why this episode is only 21...

My personal favourite episode, how can you not love "loser like me"?

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30 Naked (Season 4)

For some reason I just really liked this episode. it's one of my faves

31 Hold on to Sixteen (Season 3)

The return of Sam can only mean the return of greatness, am I right? While there were some moments of that I was left unimpressed, this episode felt more like a return to the Season 1 days since anything we've seen since, well, Season 1. We Are Young is one of my all time favorite songs sung by anybody to date and as a senior in high school, the message of holding on to these golden days really struck home to me. If we had more of these types of moments/episodes in the show, I feel that it could return to the greatness it saw at the end of season 1 and start of season 2.

Exceptional performances from everyone (definitely one of the best episodes for songs, great acting, Sam coming back, Lindsay from the Glee project, Quinn getting back to normal and NEW DIRECTIONS ALL BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!

AMAZING full stop. They all acted well and were very inspiring. Sam is back, Lindsay is back and old Quinn is back. It is so impressive how and beat the trouble tones with just two females, Quinn and Tina, who did an amazing job. Well done Glee, great episode

I personally think this should be ahead of season 1 sectionals

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32 Showmance (Season 1)
33 The First Time (Season 3)

"The First Time" glee episode was totally awesome, since the relationships of finchel and klaine (finn rachel, kurt blaine) really blossomed and took another step as all four o them were sort of introduced to the topic of sex. For me personally this episode was funny, especially artie as the director, and yet touching. By far the absolute best glee season three episode! And also by the way loved the opening song "america" santana and puck all the way!

You know. I just love Kurt and Blaine... So this is like my favourite episode and I think the acting is great, and Klisses. What. Could be better?!

Groundbreaking episode, the first time they explored the sexual relationships of gay teens.

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34 On My Way (Season 3)

So dramatic and realistic. I loved the ending though. I'm happy Dave is alive and well (he has a lot of thinking to do though) and I'm sure our star Quinn will be able to get over all the problems because she is that awesome.

Amazing representation of the pressures of being unaccepted as one grows up in a socially critical environment. Good songs throughout, effective way of addressing the issue of suicide. Great episode.

So emotional and felt so real. One of the best and well thought out episodes. Should be much higher!

Lol kurt " sorry I was distracted by your GIANT HORSE TEETH

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35 Props (Season 3)

I think the struggle of puck was really real and I was glad to see a more emotional side of glee contrasting with the funny body switching. I thought it was a nice balance.

Come on the people switching was funny enough with Puck and Finn as Blaine and Kurt: priceless. But then puck as a girl! And the beauty of his relationship with bieste and Tina's with rachel! Great songs too! I personally love flash dance... What a Feeling

I honestly loved the whole cast switching up thing. It was so fun to watch! This episode also gave me a way higher respect for Tina. I;m sad that they kinda shelved her for most of the first couple seasons.

36 Silly Love Songs (Season 2)

That's such a lovely episode. Come on...The best insults of Santana ("Get out of my way please, afores I ends you), the heart-warming performance of Rachel ("Fireworks"), the begginning of Klaine <3, plus, it's the first Valentine Glee episode.

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37 100 (Season 5)

The old glee and the current members united together - AMAZING. Quinn and Puck reunited, Brittana is back, the two biggest divas Rachel and Mercedes are back together - what else could be better? Finn is honored again, and the songs were beautiful. Best episode ever!

The only reason I ever watched this show was Chace Crawford. That was the best part of this episode. Otherwise this show sucks

The best episode from Season 5 ❤️ Up there with the quarterback and new directions of course ❤️

It is littraly the best episode of glee with the exseption of blame it on the alcohol. It showcased basicly everyon including finn. puck and quinn were reunited the whole gang was back together plus the new kids. This is the episode I have watched the most I've honestly watched it at least 10 tomes that's how good it is. santana and brittany figure out there realtionship and everyone is happy.

38 Mash Off (Season 3)

This episode was so well written and everyone acted so well on it. The songs were amazing too and it had some amazing mash ups such as Rumor has it/Someone like you, You and I/You and I etc. In my opinion, it's one of the best episodes in season 3 up there with Nationals and Goodbye because it just had EVERYTHING needed to make an episode great and memorable.

This episode really let's you get to know a side of Santana you haven't seen. A more troubled and sad Santana. You can tell coming out is a big step in her life and not knowing if someone loves her. By far my favorite glee episode! Had me in tears.

The Adele mash up is one of my favorite performances. There is so much emotion in this episode. I find myself watching it over and over again. It's so good.

39 Yes / No (Season 3)

This episode is really important and the way it was made was amazing! - Pepper24Dalek

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40 Saturday Night Glee-ver (Season 3)

Very surprised that this was not in the top ten! My favorite by far!

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