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41 The Sue Sylvester Shuffle (Season 2)

Definitely one of the better episodes of season 2. Pushed a lot of plot points plus we got some really good songs. And hello! Zombies!

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42 Bad Reputation (Season 1)

Everything about this episode is perfect. Talk about bringing old songs back! Mr. Schue singing Ice Ice Baby, and Rachel with Total Eclipse of the Heart and the Run Joey Run video? Classic! I love when Emma stands up for herself. Perfect. And when Sue gets a taste of her own medicine for a while... But ends up working in her favor anyway! Oh well. I LOVE this episode.

43 Britney 2.0 (Season 4)

Brttany is HILARIOUS. That's pretty much it haha. I laughed so hard during the whole episode, and cried so hard at the end. An emotional rollercoaster, just as Glee should be.

44 Hairography (Season 1)
45 Preggers (Season 1)

People find out that Quinn is pregnant and Kurt tries out for the role of kicker on the football team to impress his dad

46 Prom-asaurus (Season 3)

I just loved it when Rachel gets voted as Prom Queen and she dances with Finn as the two Prom Royals

47 I Kissed a Girl (Season 3)

They handled Santana's coming out quite poorly. They focused mostly on the songs of the lady music week assignment and in the school elections, while they didn't focus much on Santana's struggle with coming out which was addressed only in her coming out scene with her grandma.

I love Santana, and for me, Santana absolutely is at her best in this episode!

48 New New York (Season 5)
49 All or Nothing (Season 4)

I never really liked Season 4 because I missed the original cast I learnt to love in the first three seasons, but I have to admit that after this episode I saw GLEE again. I saw what GLEE is about - acceptance, love and being yourself and it reminded me again why I loved this show. It had humor, emotional moments, great storylines... It had everything the original GLEE had that's why it's one of my favorite episodes ever.

One of the best season finales. It had funny moments, drama, good songs and it ended in a very positive and optimistic way.

Loved this episode - A lot of Brittany, gonna miss her like crazy. Santana stole every scene. They won Regionals, Shue and Emma finally got married. The whole Klaine proposal is kind of crazy though, but I don't mind. A great episode.

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50 Rumours (Season 2)

Who didn't get watery eyes when Santana sang Songbird to Brittany? Also, this episode managed to introduce one of the best albums in history to a young generation of people.

It has to do with the album called Rumors but also with the rumors that were in the school newspaper. You Can Go Your Own Way was such a great Rachel performance.

51 Theatricality (Season 1)

I think it really was a great episode, specially because it is one of the first founding glee episodes.

52 The Rhodes Not Taken (Season 1)
53 I Do (Season 4)

Lit I'm literally watching this one right now

Such a great episode, perfect for Valentine's Day. I enjoyed pretty much every storyline, especially the storyline between Marley, Jake and Ryder and the Finchel storyline.

I mean, how can you not love all the hookups?! Finchel is 'endgame', Santana and Quinn are getting it on. Argue has a lover. And you also see the innocence of Marley. Love love love. And it was all centered around the old cast, which is by FAR the best part of this episode.

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54 Heart (Season 3)

Will declares to the Glee Club that they need money to pay for costumes and hairspray for Regionals to which Sugar offers to pay. She tells them that she rented Breadstix out for Valentine's Day and is making a party for the Glee Club and other people from the school. Artie and Rory vow for Sugar's love and to take her as a date to the night. Hiram and LeRoy Berry, Rachel's dads, find out about Finn and Rachel's engagement, to which they have mixed feelings about. The truth about Mercedes and Sam's love affair is exposed while The God Squad, consisting of Mercedes, Sam, Quinn, and new religious character, Joe, is asked to sings song to other people's Valentines but when Santana asks them to serenade Brittany, it becomes questionable.

One of the best Brittana episodes ever! Great songs all round, especially Love Shack!

55 New Directions (Season 5)

Such a wonderful episode. The ending was so beautiful and it made me cry.

The second saddest glee episode behind the quaterback. the glee club is over for good and that is sad also hearing the kids (new directions) voices when shue was the only one in the room at the end was so sad and hearing Finns voice was so sad. this is what the show was about which was a glee club plus I believe they should have given the new directions another chance - mneilan

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56 Love, Love, Love (Season 5)

Um klaine is adorable and it's filled with so much LOVE

57 Dance With Somebody (Season 3)

An excellent tribute episode.

58 City of Angels (Season 5)

Why wasn't this on the list before I added it. It's my favorite episode of season five, and one of my favorites of the series. So much Finn honoring, Skylar Astin was outstanding, and Carole and Burt's presence made it so sweet. But I believe the standout was Chord Overstreet as Sam. This was the most impressed I've been with him, and he's my favorite in the cast! A near perfect episode, with amazing songs!

Very sad episode, it started so happy and fun when they performed I love LA but it ended with the glee club getting disbanded.

59 Asian F (Season 3)

One of my favorite he really shows who he is

This episode is just perfect between Mercedes as Effie kicked out of the Glee club, Rachel admitting Mercredes was better than her at the West Side Story audition, Mike and his powerful audition (he can sing! ), Brittany and her splendid girl power campain song, Emma and her ginger supremacist parents, and Will very supporting, singing Fix You to close this episode. I really love this one.

60 Vitamin D (Season 1)
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