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61 Sweet Dreams (Season 4)

This was Finn/Cory's last episode people!

62 Frenemies (Season 5)

Santana singing don't rain on my parade is the best song performed in glee ever.

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63 Opening Night (Season 5)
64 Love, Love, Love (Season 5) V 1 Comment
65 Laryngitis (Season 1)

This is one of my favorite episodes from season one! So fun and I love watching Kurt become who he is and accept himself.

66 Choke (Season 3)

This episode deals with the hard topic of domestic violence and it is written beautifully. Shake it Off is by far my favorite song on Glee. I mean, how could you not get the best song ever when you combine Santana, Mercedes, and Tina? Also, Rachel chokes on the most important audition of her life! It may not be the most hilarious episode, but it definitely deserves to be on this list.

If Rachel Berry can choke while singing Don't rain on my parade, anything could happen.

67 Dream On (Season 1)
68 Glee, Actually (Season 4)
69 Girls (and Boys) on Film (Season 4)

I love this episode. Surprise it was not further up on the list.

70 Homecoming (Season 6)
71 Throwdown (Season 1)
72 2009 (Season 6)
73 Big Brother (Season 3)

Cooper and blaine's relaship is like everybody esles (blooper is what I call them

74 The End of Twerk (Season 5)

One of my favorite episodes to watch, very funny.

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75 Michael (Season 3)

Artie's speech in the choir room before the Scream number was pretty much every Gleek's thoughts when we see the Glee club getting picked on. It was such a powerful moment. Obviously the Finchel scenes were superb too and every performance was on point. Smooth Criminal and I just can't stop loving you were the best covers of that episode.

IS it just me or does blaine/darren sound like Michael jackson

My all time favorite episode I watch it daily

76 Wheels (Season 1)

This episode is the best one by far, all the storylines were well developed

Wheels is a great episode that deals with so many social issues.

Loved it - majormanafemale

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