Best Glee Performances

The Top Ten Best Glee Performances

1 Teenage Dream - Blaine (Darren Criss)

The acoustic version of Teenage Dream never fails to make me happy. The song is like a comfort for me. So, good job Darren Criss!

I don't like the original song because I don't like Katy Perry but this version is amazing.

Blaine just rocks that song. I can't stop listening to it. That's when Blaine and Kurt first met and I'm a Klainer.

Klainers voted for this song so high? Lol, it's not the best performance 😂

2 Journey Medley - Glee Cast

The Journey Medley was fantastic! They choise some of the best Journey songs to perform, and the dancing was great too. The cast did a wonderful job that really lives up to the original songs.

Best song ever! Made my hair stand! :D

3 Listen - Sunshine Corazon (Charice)

Very great rendition and audition of Sunshine Corazon for McKinley Glee Club but thanks to Rachel, she just ruined everything. Laugh out loud - hatcher234

One of the best performances ever. - hatcher234

4 Empire State of Mind - Glee Cast
5 Somebody To Love - Glee Cast

Definitely the most orignal cover they've done. It gives me chills every time I listen to it.

6 Smooth Criminal - Sebastian Smythe and Santana Lopez

The cellos playing so intensely as well as Naya and Grants voices sounded great

Sebastian and Santana unexpectedly had insanely good chemistry, add 2CELLOS and you have an amazing performance, this was by far my favourite performance, and not just because Grant Gustin is gorgeous.

So awesome that I could die!

I love this song
Go team santana!

7 Telephone - Sunshine and Rachel (Charice and Lea)

I'm sorry, fans of Sunshine, but Rachel is much better than her in that song. Probably because she has more confident or she is more competitive. Sunshine has a beautiful voice, but it's not grown up yet.

Lea Michele is the best - Gleek4life

8 Valerie - Glee Cast

Santana is the best

9 Don't Rain On My Parade - Rachel Berry

Love it! Her performance is so inspiring! NEEDS TO BE HIGHER ON THIS LIST!

With this performance, I just loved Lea's Michele voice.

Flawless performance. No words. Lea Michele totally rocks!

10 Billionaire - Glee Boys (Chord, Kevin, Mark, Harry and Cory)

The Contenders

11 Sweet Caroline - Noah Puckerman (Mark Salling)

I'm pretty sure he was singing this song to Quinn. Like, pretty, pretty sure!

He sinds it better than billy joel

12 I Am Telling You I'm Not Going - Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley)

She shows so much power and emotion in her voice with this performance. How is this not #1?

Mercendes is a diva. She gives me chill every time she sings and only a few performers make me feel that way. She was AWESOME in that song. Her performance was very inspiring.


13 What I Did For Love - Rachel Berry (Lea Michele)


14 I Want to Hold Your Hand - Kurt Hummel

The best of Kurt Hummel. I love his voice.

15 Cough Syrup - Glee Cast

This is by Blaine not the glee cast

16 Get It Right - Glee Cast

This song relates aroud me I love this song so much - Gleek4life

17 Defying Gravity - Glee Cast

First off, season 1 is of course the best season (in my opinion). Second, this performance is a duet of Kurt and Rachel when they auditioned for a part, the blend of their voices and the overall performance of both characters were really heartfelt (for Kurt's since he lost the part to Rachel).

I loved that performance because even though it's a duet, it seems like it's a solo.

18 Hate On Me - Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley)

This performance reminds me of the old times of Glee. I really miss the friendship between Mercedes and Kurt. I'm happy Kurt is in New York and he's friend with such great people like Rachel and Santana, but Mercedes and Kurt were (for me) like one of the most inspiring friendship.

19 Don't Stop Believing - Glee Cast

Oh, come on! This song deserves the first place, it made me fall in love with this show from the very beginning. by the way it's surely the most important song of GLEE, it was perfomed FOUR times (punish me if I'm mistaken). Every perfomance of Don't Stop Believing is very touching and dramatic (sometimes it even makes me cry). I'm so disturbed thinking about these perfomances, that I can't even put my thoughts into shape. I'll just add that it's totally LEGENDARY

20 Loser Like Me - Glee Cast
21 Light Up the World - Glee Cast
22 Bohemian Rhaspdoy
23 For Good
24 Marry The Night - Adam Lambert
25 Here Comes the Sun - Dani and Santana

My favorite Season 5 song so far.

26 Glad You Came - Sebastian Smythe

Always makes me happy

27 I Lived - Glee Cast
28 All By Myself - Glee Cast
29 As Long As You're There - Glee Cast
30 Come What May
31 The Happening - Starchild, Dani, Kurt
32 Barracuda - Starchild, Rachel Berry
33 I'm a Slave 4 U - Brittany Pierce
34 Fly/I Believe I Can Fly - Glee Cast
35 (What Doesn't Kill You) Stronger - Glee Cast
36 Fat Bottomed Girls - Glee Cast
37 Pretty Young Thing (P.Y.T) - Glee Cast
38 Lucky - Glee Cast
39 Uptown Funk - Glee Cast
40 I Just Can't Stop Loving You - Finn and Rachel
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