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21 I Feel Pretty / Unpretty

One of the best mash up Glee has ever made. It also passes an incredible message to young girls to just love themselves. Quinn and Rachel are so amazing. I'm so happy they are now friends. I hated it when they use to fight.

Best duet, their voices are different but they go well together, like a true mash up.

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22 Cough Syrup

For me this is the song that takes the cake. It's beautiful, heartbreaking and at the same time it's got this persevering strength. I wish we had gotten more numbers like this one... not necessarily for the same plot points but just because I love to listen to them. A++

This song is one of the most amazing songs on the show. There was so much raw emotion put into it, and it always sends shivers up and down my spine. Darren Criss's voice was so beautiful in this song, and the entire thing just makes me cry.

Cough syrup is literally like my favourite song and Darren Criss is such an amazing singer and he really does the song justice and it's just so emotional it makes me cry.

Blaine's best song hands down! He delivered this song with so much emotion!

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23 The Scientist

Finn really impressed me with that performance. His voice has a new maturity he was just a talented kid in season 1 in songs like Can't fight this feeling and It's my life/Confessions but with that song he showed new power and passion.

The song have it's own Magic! Something that just makes you feel rejuvinated and a different amazing feeling. This song is one of my favourite which will surely touch your heart.

It just has so much emotion! - williamrozario

Correction: Chris and DARREN'S

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24 Hungry Like the Wolf V 2 Comments
25 Marry You

Why is this so far down the list? This song rules! We are young definitely deserves to be at the top 2. Glee Cast just pretty much rocks! - barefootgirl123

This song is so good I couldn't believe that bruno mars wrote it

They want popular songs, not really good ones.

Quinn's solo is perfect 😍

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26 Shake It Out

I don't know how in the world this is not in the top ten. To me this is the best song glee has ever done, Santana became my favorite character after this song. She showed emotion that hadn't really been expressed from her yet. I think she is the best singer on glee, and Mercedes and Tina made it even better. SHOULD BE NUMBER 1!

Mercedes, Tina and Santana sound all so good in this song! I loved their voices, they were perfect for that song. I loved Mercedes' powerful voice, Santana's soulful vocal range and Tina's Broadway sound! The first song I ever heard by the Glee cast - every Glee fan should have it in their playlist!

I just love it so much. Everyone sounds awesome yet so different. I have to say I'm impressed by Santana.

Tina really impressed me in that song.

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27 Bad Romance

Sunshine sung this she sounded so cool - ad1182

28 Somebody to Love

HOW IS THIS SONG NOT HIGHER?! This song is so amazingly epic! I love the harmonies, how, instead of just one person trying to find their love, it's two people trying to find their only soulmate in the entire universe. LOVE.

This was the first performance of the whole original new directions. With quinn, puck, brittany, mike, matt and santana.

I don't know why this song is no 52. every time I listen to this I get goosebumps, and their souls are so into the music. this song is so on the top 10

I agree this song should be a top ten

29 Just the Way You Are

Best Finn solo. He performed that both for his brother and his girlfriend and it was awesome.

Love Finn voice because make me sad

furt rules

30 I'll Stand by You

This song makes me cry because I think of when Mercedes performed it after Finn died.

It made me cry every time

I love all finn songs

31 Blackbird

Love Kurt Hummel voice he love pet bird lots losing our pet

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32 Singin' in the Rain/Umbrella
33 Billionaire

Sams first song was great and it only gets better

34 Locked Out of Heaven

I love anything Marley/Unique related because I thought their friendship was so sweet.

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35 Need You Now

This song always puts me in tears! I dearly love how they sing this! (I also love Raise Your Glass, Halo/Walking on Sunshine and Pure Imagination! ) Fantastic!

I just love this song it had me thinking " I just need glee now! "

Sounda just like group

36 Come What May

This is my favorite song on Glee, probably my favorite song of all time. It's so romantic, and... KLAINE<3 Chris and Darren's voices are so good!

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37 Lucky

Best duet! Finn and Rachel suck compared to this - Prettygirl2005

One of my ALL TIME GLEE FAVORITES this should be in the top ten

I live this song so. Much, why is this so down on the list

38 Wide Awake

They should have worn costumes :(

39 True Colors

I love this song I love glee its the best this should be no. 1

Favourite song of all time and Tina most certainly did it justice.

Slow but great

40 Piano Man
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