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41 Piano Man
42 The Lady is a Tramp
43 Maybe This Time

April was awesome

44 I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You

Whispers: "I think this is kinda better than the original song, to be honest"

Best song from the prom episode - Prettygirl2005

Blaine is amazing

45 Without You

I jump up and sing along every time

Makes me cry every time

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47 Dream On

Love this song with Neil Patrick Harris and Matthew Morrison, they are both great singers and it sounds so powerful!

This song is incredibly powerful and the glee version is amazing. It deserves a higher place on this list - WindyHill

I agree. This is a powerful song and should be in the top 10 in my opinion.

Love NPH, this was sang perfectly

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48 Silly Love Songs

DARREN CRISS *. * if you ask me a top 10 lists of the glee songs would just be a list of all songs BLAINE and KURT sang

49 Hello, Goodbye

The Beatles ohh yeah!

50 New York State of Mind
51 Science Fiction Double Feature
52 How Will I Know
53 Somewhere Only We Know

Darren rocks this song. It's so cute and sad! Good thing Blaine came back for Season 3-and all the seasons to follow.

It�'s surely one of the 10 best glee's songs?! What tins only 49?!

54 Imagine

It was so touching! Imagine is the best song ever

55 Make You Feel My Love

Lea michele knows how to sing better than the original.
I cried when I heard this song, RIP Cory, you'll always in my heart ♥

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56 Empire State of Mind

I wish it was higher on the list

This is the best song ever!

57 Jump

This song should be in top ten like number 8 please vote this one up great singing from glee cast

One of the best! Mercedes is outstanding in this song

sung by all the glee people at/for a mattress advertisement/store - ad1182

Love this song should be number 9 or 10 so good one of the best songs of the whole show and still is which is amzing

58 I'm the Greatest Star

Love this song because I love Kurt Hummel he best singer biggest star

59 Mine

This song really spoke to me. Santana is such an amazing singer.

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60 Losing My Religon

Love this song fall in love Finn Hudson

This should be no1 love this song so much

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