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81 Take Me or Leave Me

That's an awesome diva song by Mercedes and Rachel.

82 Cold Hearted
83 A Thousand Miles
84 You and I / You and I
85 All By Myself
86 Chasing Pavements
87 It's Not Unusual
88 Here's to Us V 1 Comment
89 Sweet Caroline

sung by puck, such a good singer! - ad1182

90 My Life Would Suck Without You

I thought the song was one the catchiest songs in season 3. It's hands down one of the best.

91 Don't You Want Me

Rachel and Blaine! Ahh

92 Tik Tok
93 Faithfully

Love emotion song miss Finn he best singer

94 We Found Love

Great song really good this one should be higher up the list

95 Valerie

OH MY GOD! This is so much better than the original! I love this song so much, I think this is my favorite Glee song. It is very important to the story and Naya slays at life! I just can't...!

This is Santana at her best! This song illustrates an important point in the plot between Brit and Santana, not to mention Naya slated the vocals!

Santana's best song by far and the original version of this song is awful but this is honestly one of my favorite songs in glee

96 Lean on Me

I really love this song because it reminds me of the old Glee...

97 No Air

By far the best

87? Are you kidding me? So amaizing songā™„

98 Time Warp

done in the rocky horror glee show so awesome - ad1182

Seriously? 80? This is one of my favorite performances of all seasons

Just listen to it! It's amazing!

99 Last Name
100 Hello

Fudge for not voting this song. It's beautiful. It must be on the top

Hello, is it me you're looking for?


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