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121 Don't Dream It's Over

Awesomely coverred...and I just got to know that cory monteith jas died and I feel so sorry...this is a song which has awesome lyrics and ot reminds me of finn a lot... Although I'm not a regular watcher of glee, I love the way they sing it...i am mainly a rocker but watchin them cover a song to total pop doesn't make them sound bad and the one thing that I like more about glee is that they have awesome voices and I guess to me finn's voice is like to die for...also jake's...and I also like marley's voice a lot...and I guess every1 kbows that ther is nothing to say about rachel because she's great...

His got a smoky hask in his voice which makes everything sound matured and just, HOT. This cover is like one of their bests. I love finn

122 Unchained Melody
123 Wannabe
124 My Love Is Your Love

This song just gives you that warm, fuzzy happiness of seeing your favourite characters' love for each other.

Oh come on guys, this is like one of their last song together. the feels!

125 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
126 Hold On
127 Gloria
128 The Happening
129 Mr. Roboto / Counting Stars
130 Just Give Me a Reason
131 Light Up the World
132 Vogue V 1 Comment
133 Don't Stop
134 Oops!... I Did It Again!
135 All or Nothing V 1 Comment
136 Torn V 1 Comment
137 Start Me Up / Livin' On a Prayer
138 Bust Your Windows
139 (You're) Having My Baby
140 On My Own
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