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41 Trippin'

This song hase the best conclusion that I heard ever!

42 Livin in Sin

Oh my god! its in my top 3 godsmack songs. why it's here?!

43 Voodoo Too

Better than the original Voodoo

44 Bleeding Me

In my top 10. amazing song

45 Bring It On
46 Temptation

I've got no idea why Temptation is that low in the list. One of my favorite songs by Godsmack, so powerful.

Powerful song. one of must haves in my play list

47 Mama

Great song full of emotions. -

48 Bad Magick
49 Rocky Mountain Way

This song rocks. Joe Walsh is a legend. They did him proud

How is this no. 53? This is one of their best songs.

My Top 5

1. Voodoo

2. Awake

3. Rocky Mountain Way

4. Crying Like a B

5. 1000hp

50 Now or Never
51 Forever Shamed
52 I Blame You
53 Something Different

Can't believe this wasn't on here yet. One of their best!

54 I Am

This song is the sickest heavy metal song EEEEVVVEEERRR!

Shouldn't be last

I think this should be a hit single cause of the heaveness

55 Moon Baby

This song deserves 2 b in top 10 at least...

Love this song. Definitely one of their top 10 best!

56 Forgive Me
57 Sweet Leaf
58 War and Peace
59 Safe and Sound
60 Hollow

I put this in with The Other Side in my playlist. Should be top ten

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