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21 Mechagurias

I believe it's spelled "Megaguirus." Oh well. Anyways, Megaguirus is awesome and I really hope she and Destroyah can make another appearance sometime in the future.

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22 Baragon

The Underdog of all Godzilla creatures. He is the most loyal of all beast in the Godzilla series.

23 King Kong

He should be #1 or at least a lot higher on this list

Sorry but he can suck a giant godzilla cock

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24 Winged Muto

Born in the Pacific Ocean in 1937

25 Gigan Upgraded
26 Megalon Megalon
27 Fire Rodan

Wait aren't rodan and fire rodan the same thing? Just saying but he and rodan are the same. - JDagger500

28 Battra Battra
29 M.U.T.O. M.U.T.O.

Definitely powerful but godzilla man

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30 Gamera Gamera Gamera is a giant monster or daikaiju originating from a series of Japanese tokusatsu films of the same name.

Awesome monster! Best friend of godzilla and superhero of the earth! - JDagger500

Just like Godzilla except he is a turtle!

Gamera is not a Godzilla Monster, but he's cool.

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31 Minya/Minilla

*farts* ugly! But not too bad in Final Wars.

32 Gorosaurus
33 M.K.G.

I have a feelin this stands for Mecha King Ghidorah. And he's already on here. If you haven't seen him, look up. - JDagger500

34 Gurion

He's a monster from the Gamera series. But he's awesome! - JDagger500

35 Kaiser Ghidorah

Keizer Ghidorah is too low on the list! He should be within the top 5!

36 Manda
37 Sanda

Sanda the brown gargantua is a well over 100ft, invulnerable Frankenstein monster! He has virtually unlimited healing and is the stronger of the two bros. First of all he had a huge size advantage over Gaira.

38 Bagan

Everybody's favorite scrapped kaiju. Had this guy appeared in a Godzilla film, chances are he'd probably be the ultimate foe.

39 Gabara

Why doesn't anyone like gabara he's one of my favorite monsterss

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40 Ebirah
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