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21 Explosia

Such an insanely badass song. Not to mention the outro riff / breakdown is one of the heaviest things I've ever heard

Heavy Heavier Heaviest

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That western feeling in the end!


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22 The Shooting Star

For me, this is quite an epic-sounding song.

23 Planned Obsolescence

Second Half of song is awesome! Swimming through depression then pain throws punch in your face. The end doesn't come easily.

24 Blow Me Away You (Niverse)
25 The Axe

One of my favorite riffs of all time! This song encapsulates the essence of what is a beautiful ferocity of sound. My #1 Gojira track.

This was the song that turned me on to gojira, its fantastic

Best song on L'Enfant Suavage. I can't believe it is not in the top ten. The riffs from the bridge till the outro are out-of-this-world

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26 Indians

Is this song like not even recognized? I mean at first when you listen to it it might not be good as expected, but as you keep listening to it, it becomes better and better

Extremely underrated

27 Adoration for None
28 Wolf Down the Earth

Heavy, slow and melodic riffs, lyrics about rich men destroying of the eart - there's nothing that feels better! This song IS metal.

29 Wisdom Comes

This is one of the heaviest metal songs I have ever heard. - ThatoneMetalhead

30 The Way of All Flesh

This must be in top ten songs. The drums are just marvelous.

This song is just what represents the band entirely.. There are so many different sections in this song.. The right on heaviness and the atmospheric progressive melodi in the end.. Simply just beautiful!

Such a underrated masterpiece, wich deserves way more credit,

31 Pray

If you have seen them play this song live, then you understand. It was seriously almost 15 minutes long. They know exactly what to do with their songs for live performances.

This song is really really good with meaningful lyrics and some heavy vocals I think its top 10 easy

By far their best song yet. Should be number 1.


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32 In the Wilderness

This song is very very amazing


33 To Sirius

This song is the best song of gojira

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35 Dawn
36 Lizard Skin V 1 Comment
37 Low Lands

It's just a beautiful songs about the death of their mother. It gives me goosebumps

This song give me chills

One of the bests from magma.

38 Inward Movement
39 Remembrance

How is this number 29? This song is groovy, technical metal insanity from start to finish

The rhythm and work put into this piece is amazing. By far my favorite.

Can't believe this one didn't make it into the Top10, what guys!

Gojira enough said

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40 World to Come V 1 Comment
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