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41 Of Blood and Salt

If Beck Affleck was my dad, that would be really cool. Also I like this song

42 The Link

Amazing song with really heavy, progressive riffs, great vocal and pumping double bass and expert drum lines throughout make this the best song off The Link and one of the best Gojira songs ever.

I voted for Ocean Planet as that is my personal favorite, but this song needs to be higher up on the list. Top 20 at least.

43 Satan Is a Lawyer
44 Embrace the World

KILLER drums. What more do you need?

45 Yama's Messenger

Best ever.


My 10th favorite Gojira song.Not their best,but still great. - Delata

46 Mouth of Kala

There is just something about this song that gives me the chills every time I hear it, especially for the intro. Might not be their most technical song, but damn is it groovy..!

This song is just amazing. Something mind blowing. Insane

I love the intro

47 The Cell


48 Indians

Is this song like not even recognized? I mean at first when you listen to it it might not be good as expected, but as you keep listening to it, it becomes better and better

Extremely underrated

49 Pain Is a Master

If I wouldn't have listened to this song I might not even be a gojira fan today

This should definitely be higher than 36, at least in the top 15!

50 From Mars

I don't know why but this one always makes me feel incredible.

51 The Fall

This song is so good on do many levels deserves to be muck higher

52 Space Time

So put my attention now on this perfect song

53 Death of Me
54 Mandragore

The most beautiful gojira song ever

55 Rise
56 All The Tears

How is this 36th? This is the song which got me into Gojira.

57 Over the Flows
58 Deliverance

Best gojira song ever.

59 In the Forest
60 The Silver Cord
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