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1 Iris Iris Cover Art

Beautiful song. Best song they did. I don't know why but I am starting to see sadness. He'd give up forever to touch us because he knows that we feel him somehow. We're the closest ones to heaven because god is with us but not him because he hides away. He doesn't want to go home from his hiding. All he can taste is this moment he sings this. He is breathing the smell of us living. Sooner or later his hiding or not possible his life is over. He is trying not to miss his family that night. He doesn't want the world to see him because he thinks that they'd never understand. Everything in his life he thinks was made to be broken. He just wants us to know who he is. We can't fight the tears that are not coming because we are just loving his song. Or the moment of truth in our lies of the song is happy when its sad. Everything in his life feels like a movie. He wants to bleed just to know he's alive. Kinda sad right? Like if you agree.

Hate to jump on the bandwagon of the most popular song but there's just no competition. Brilliant band with plenty of good songs but this is the only one that I could describe as a great song so the others just don't come close.
Dunno where John pulled the inspiration from when he wrote this but lyrically it is a true masterpiece.
Oh and as I'm from the UK I feel it has to be said it's a travesty that this song never hit the chart heights in this country that it did elsewhere.

Even though I can't relate to the love thing, "When everything's meant to be broken, I just want you to know who I am. I think we can all relate to wanting to be seen. Too be noticed. The amount of feeling he expresses when he sings makes my heart clench every time. I absolutely love the song. Always have, always will.

I have a extremely varied music taste, so much so that I didn't think I could ever reply to someone when they would ask what my favorite song was. But a couple of years back I just replied Iris and I don't even know why. But without reasons it's my favorite song, that's how much power it has.

2 Name Name Cover Art

It's not the most original and perfect song ever written but I would rank it as the most Beautiful. Man, I hate that word. But it is. The most pretty, lovely, heart-raking music I've Ever heard in a sing soft rock piece. Their best.

Definitely their best guitar riff ever.
I love everything about this song.
Melody, overall composition, and the lyrics are better than Iris's in my opinion.
Definitely emotional:

Amazing guitar riff and some of the best lyrics I have ever heard in a song! Truly an underrated masterpeice. "scars are souveneers you never loose, the past is never far... "

Love this song. I agree that the lyrics make a lot of sense in relation to the tone of the song.

3 Slide Slide Cover Art

Every time I hear this song, I don't know how but I just feel good.I mean, how could you not like a song that starts with "could you whisper in my ear, the things you wanna feel...I'll give you anything".Goo Goo Dolls is one the best underrated bands of all time. A "slide" is one of their masterpieces.

Not as well known as Iris but its still a great song. Far more bright and upbeat with a fairly catchy chorus.

First song I heard by them years ago and I always look forward to when they perform this song live! Here we go...

Not quite as good as Iris, but the guitar riff at the beginning is AMAZING and the lyrics are perfect. Great song

4 Black Balloon Black Balloon Cover Art

The Most Amazing song I have have heard! I lay in the backyard and star at the stars while listening to this. Such a mezmerizing voice that just makes you happy. I'm glad they changed from their roots.

This song has been with me always and iris is definitely #uno but black balloons must be 2nd or I don't know. I really love this song

5 Here is Gone Here is Gone Cover Art

This song liberates me every time I hear it. Some how I feel invisible, I feel free. This song is my inspiration for life. For this song I live to plan every adventure I set my self to do. For no one can ever hold me back. This song has to be the best.

Hands down my favourite song. Beautiful lyrics and it just feels right.

this song is way better than slide in my opinion... simply great!
Great chorus and lyrics, not as good as Iris but it should be at number 2 at least.

6 Long Way Down Long Way Down Cover Art

Classic goo goo dolls 90's alternative rock, much better than the new slow albums that are essentially alternative rock ballads.

Really good vocals for a rock song and altogether sounds very clean. It is by far my favorite song by them.

Why in the HELL is the no.25 what :o

Their best song in my opinion!

7 Better Days Better Days Cover Art

Almost all of us have lived through that horrible year. The year we look back at and wonder how we even survived. I know I wonder the same about 2011 almost everyday.
"And you asked me what I want this year,
And I try to make this kind and clear.
Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days,
'cause I don't need boxes wrapped in strings.
And designer love and empty things,
Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days. "
It makes you hopeful, because there's always going to be a tomorrow that's better than today. It may not be today's tomorrow, but there will be tomorrow. And it's a message for all of us. Beautiful song.

8 Naked Naked Cover Art

Underrated, so good tune

This should be number 1

This one is so good

Should be at top 5

9 Sympathy Sympathy Cover Art

One of the best songs ever! Why soy low in the list, before I came to this site I think that sympathy would be 2#

It deserves to be much higher in the list. A really beautiful song!

One of their best songs, love it!

10 Let Love In Let Love In Cover Art

People slate this song for some reason, I absolutely love it to be honest.

Amazing song! Deserves to be way higher on the list.

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11 All that You Are All that You Are Cover Art

The feel of this song is amazing... Just can't get enough of it
Yeah, all the things that you are,
Beautifully broken, alive in my heart,
And know that you are everything,
Let your heart sing and tonight, we light up the stars,

Should be higher on the list, I personally think. Transformers 3 may have been a misstep, but it had a good soundtrack.
1. Iris
2. All That You Are
3. I'm Awake Now

Heard it in Transformers 3. Loving it since then. Amazing lyrics. Deserves to be higher on the list.

12 We are the Normal We are the Normal Cover Art

Very underrated song by goo goo dolls! It has a amazing vocals lyrics and the violin added in just makes it better! "We are the normal, we live and we die with no reason why"

In my opinion, this is a highly underrated song that isn't well-known enough. Such good lyrics, and a beautiful background instrumental.

Such a classic goo goo dolls sound.

13 I'm Still Here

"I'M STIILL HERE" is Better Than "IRIS", this should be number 1... It is also used in the movie "Treasure Planet".. Really Awesome Song With Awesome Lyrics and Guitar Playing.. And I searched the top ten best song list of GOO GOO DOLLS just because of this song... I'm not saying put this on top.. But if you really like Goo goo Dolls Just Listen this song.. Iris disappointed me

Thank you guys, really I listened I'm Still Here after seeing your comment, and yeah truly masterpiece song, I'm lovin it, and "IRIS" is also one of the best song of goo goo dolls but I'm still here is really great, goo goo dolls written such a meaningful lyrics with great music.. I'm listening it right now while commenting, ♫ it is now top of my playlist and I keeps on listening it. Ten time continuously

My favorite song of all time! Extremely profound. Great lyrical progression. Best rhythm and best instrumentals ever. Simply an amazing song. Thank you "Treasure Planet" for introducing me to this epic song.

Most underrated, hardly known song, from an underrated, hardly known movie, better than iris, better than slide, simply brilliant, the tune is different but still has the goo goo doll sound, simply perfect!

14 Rebel Beat Rebel Beat Cover Art

Great song, awesome riff, Goo goo dolls at their best. The new album is releasing in may. Can't wait for it to release. Hoping for some more similar stuff from the album.

New album, new song great loved it.

Keeps me motivated, makes me feel wild and free with my friends

15 Only One Only One Cover Art
16 Keep the Car Running Keep the Car Running Cover Art
17 Big Machine Big Machine Cover Art

What the hell? Big machine? Why so low in the list?! Its way better than all that you are! Deserves to be in top 4 at the least... Song of an L.A. woman...

Can't believe it's so down. Deserves to be in the Top Ten. Awesome song.

My personal favorite. To each their own I guess.

This song should be somewhere between top 6 to 10.

18 When the World Breaks Your Heart When the World Breaks Your Heart Cover Art
19 All Eyes on Me All Eyes on Me Cover Art

Such a good song

20 So Alive So Alive Cover Art

It's a shame how underrated this is. The singer's voice actually sounds so sincere. The production is great to with the backing drums and piano twinkle. But where this song really shines is the lyrics. This isn't some generic empowerment anthem. It's a story alternating it's view going from a tone of I once did this, to now you do the same. It's two completely different stories meant to actually empower you. Nowhere near Iris (but that's one of my all time favorite songs, but still really damn awesome) 5/5, best comeback of the year bar Nick Cave and Green Day

Hi, I love this song. I did this song at music camp and the day that we had to preform we spent so long practicing it because it was rhythmically off. I literally worried because I started to doubt that we could do good. It turns out all of the time put into made us do a good job. The goo goo dolls did an awesome job creating this song. I think that it has powerful lyrics. I would give it a 10:10. Awesome job. God bless you all.

21 Somethin' Bad Somethin' Bad Cover Art
22 Stay with You Stay with You Cover Art

Awesome song, really awesome. Iris is obviously number 1 here and justifiably so, this has to come second surely?

Great song! Why not in the top 10

23 Acoustic #3 Acoustic #3 Cover Art

Best song EVER! Even though it's short it has a good story and for some reason I relate to it.

24 Say You're Free Say You're Free Cover Art
25 Slave Girl Slave Girl Cover Art
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