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41 Without You Here

Great Song... You Should Listen To It Once And Decide If It Is Not Better Than Most Songs Above It...

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42 Think About Me
43 Feel the Silence

Has to be up there! Just love the part where the chorus breaks off... I dunno why but this song just stuck with me... Must give it a listen guys!

44 I'm Awake Now

An amazing, underrated song. Has a darker feel to it, but really gives you hope with "I'm awake now. You can't touch me, I won't sleep no more".

All of these are aweomse but iris! Nad there is one video in which avril is aslo singing this

45 Sweetest Lie
46 When the World Breaks Your Heart
47 Eyes Wide Open

Great melody and guitar riff. The song's theme has a great meaning that should be paid more attention to. Many people want to have everything but don't want to work for it and don't realize that working hard will make you much happier than getting what you want all of the time.

48 Notbroken

My Fave Song off of Something for the Rest of us - Curti2594

49 Slave Girl
50 There You Are

Really?! This the best song for them ever
It's way better than iris and other ggd song it's a must hear song you idiots
It can't be 25 at least top three

51 Slow It Down
52 Become

An amazing, striking, wordless song... Listen and felt what I'm saying.

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53 Now I Hear

Not many listen to this song but they should because it's one of my faves! - Curti2594

54 Caught in the Storm

Really Great Song I love the Meaning - Curti2594

55 As I Am
56 Soldier

This song is amazing, can't believe it's not on the list! Behind Name, this is my favorite Goo song. The guitar sounds so amazing, and the lyrics make so much sense, and have so much meaning behind them. This is on of those songs that people always forget when listing great Goo songs!

57 Two Days in February

Beautiful song that can speak to anyone that is going through something in their life. "Everything's wrong, but its alright"

58 Bulletproof

Very underrated song. "Should have listened when you called my name."

Has a real 90s feel with its dirty, drungy guitar-driven beginning and a really soaring chorus.

59 Rough Boys
60 Say You're Free
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