Best Google Chrome Themes

Google Chrome is a sweet browser where the biggest downside was that you had to stick with the default blue theme. Now Google has released new Chrome themes so you can choose from a growing collection of skins for the browser.

Here are the top ten best Google Chrome themes available for download from the Google Chrome Theme Gallery.

The Top Ten

1 Tiësto

it matches really well with everything. I recommend it to everybody. Its really good! Try it! You are gonna love it, everyone does! Its amazing although its quite simple.

Simple gray theme but it matches the Vista taskbar pretty well.

2 Starry Background
3 Northern Lights
4 deadmau5
5 Universe
6 A Crack In Time and Space
7 Mercedes SLS AMG
8 Ratchet & Clank Future 2

I always watched Ratchet & Clank and it whas awesome

9 Chuck Anderson
10 Lord of the Rings

The Contenders

11 Earthy

One of the few decent themes created by Google themselves. Nice natural colors.

12 Puk-Puk

This is an elegant theme which adds a bit of flavour without being overbearing or busy like many other themes. Pretty much my default on all of my computers.

Good lighter colored theme

13 Classic

I am also having this theme and it is the best theme.

The default Google theme but for now it is the only theme that uses the native Vista colors and opacity so it deserves a spot in the list.

14 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
15 Scott Draves

Not being funny, but the themes listed above this one are beyond BORING! Even this is the best out of a bad bunch, the artists ones are far superior to the Google's own but cricky this is the pinnacle of imagination! I mean this theme is good, but I would expect it to have some other contenders for me to peruse. I know black and sleek is always a good option and minimalism is often popular but jeez, you could design (visually, I mean) half of those listed above in paint! Maybe if this were 10 years ago these would look impressive but now in the 21st century, its rather pathetic! Well done Scott Draves for actually having some artistic flare and imagination, many many more please, your only person listed here with talent!

16 Yulia Brodskaya

I like the green and the clear read-ability of the tabs (esp the one that is active).

I like this Theme beacause is like my taskbar and my desktop colour!
And I really like Green...
Thank you very much you did this:)) ^_^

17 Colour Wave
18 Gradient

This and Tiësto are the best ones.

19 Hedgehog in the fog
20 Hokusai's Wave
21 Luigi Theme

It's so cool! I love the color, the simplicity, and how it doesn't hurt your eyes. Also the tabs are cool. I like how his eyes stick out when you're browsing.

22 Anime

I usually use MyChromeThemes and use it to change my chrome theme to an anime style.

23 Hatsune Miku
24 Space
25 Retroverload
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