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1 Night of the Living Dummy

Dolls coming to life is one of my worst fears, so this one was pretty freaky.

This looks so much like a chucky story

This one was probably one of my least favorites but it is like child's play...

Look killer dolls are scary

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2 Haunted Mask

Scary episode


obviously - thedeadthebadandthedexter00

3 Say Cheese and Die

I mean say cheese and die again

I hated say cheese and die

Scared the crap out of me haha - Co0lk1d25


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4 The Ghost Next Door

I loved all the Goosebumps books as a kid, but this one was probably my favourite

Yep, Hannah and her family are still dead at the end. I love this book! - DynastiNoble

My first and most favourite Goosebumps book. So good. - Iliketrainsguy100

It was a good book but number 4? Nah. - spodermanfan1000

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5 Werewolf Of Fever Swamp

I love this one! The twist ending may be not scary but, it's like a warning to a person. Know what this book reminds me of? WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP!? - spodermanfan1000

It's the first, and scariest book I've read. I've always had this weird thing where I've been fascinated and frightened by werewolves, and on top of stuff like the beast of bray road sightings, espically sense I'm right in the area of werewolf sightings, this book cemented that for me.

The best goosebumps book of all time bro

This is a really good book and a really good episode if I had to choose wich one was better the book or the episode I will say the episode just

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6 Welcome To Dead House

Pretty neat book *SPOILER ALERT* they are dead people

Finished book today

Great goose bump book. Goosebumps approved!

Love the episode

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7 The Curse of Camp Cold Lake

I thought this was another camp book with another monster who takes kids. But Camp Cold Lake is nothing like that and the twist at the wow - spodermanfan1000

The cover is just scary so scary

It is a horror book. read it

Oh what a creepy book

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8 Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes

In this episode when the gnomes are alive and the boy and girl ar outside at night, when the gnomes chase the girl the such a bad actor because that so fake lol

Great comment who ever did that

Better than yours

Weird comment

9 Monster Blood

My first Goosebumps book was Monster Blood for breakfast. - Animefan12

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10 The Headless Ghost

This one is pretty scary. Don't read it late at night.

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11 Don't Go to Sleep

It is an epic book scariest of all goosebumps book

I loved this it was epic


12 The Haunted School

This is my all time favorite book of the goosebumps series! I haven't been reading goosebumps lately and have gotten rid of most of them. This one I still keep. It's the perfect goosebumps book.

Most underrated goosebumps book. The plot is well written and the book is actually scary enough to make you feel nervous

Scary book about a strange world

This book is so bloody scary

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13 The Beast From the East

Can't stop reading

Good story

14 A Night In Terror Tower

This one is actually pretty sad and depressing.

Episode zžzz

15 Attack of the Mutant

How terrifying would it be for a real life supervillain to stalk and try to kill you? This is the perfect book for comic fans

The video game of this book was fun watch pcull44444 or patty as he likes to call himself on YouTube its fun to watch

16 Say Cheese and Die Screaming

It seems so scary

17 Ghost Camp

It is a great book but no my favorite but out of all the goosebumps books this one was the scariest. Some kid jabs a pole in his foot! Just the thought gives me the chills. - spodermanfan1000

Scary and disturbing


18 Piano Lessons Can Be Murder

This is the best book I have read - toy

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19 Monster Blood IV

Better than monster blood 12 and 3

20 Let's Get Invisible
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