Top Ten Best Gorillaz Songs

The Top Ten Best Gorillaz Songs

1 Feel Good Inc.

This song has a lovely flow. Something about this just makes me feel like I'm on a roll, its got a brilliant flow and being a gorillaz fan, I just couldn't have asked for anything better. Plus the rap in between is so smooth.

For this classic smooth music lovers, this is like a 21st cent pimp to those songs, however possible, maintaining the peculiar flow of those songs!

Just brilliant...!
The song just hits a new level of music... You will get completely immersed in the song & can go on listening to it for ever & ever

Because this song has humor, a certain hard to find philosophy and a really great beat, lyrics and tone. If anything this song is the best for it's amazing windmill part, up until then, the song starts off with a slow flawless introduction. 10/10 all the way!

Every time I am going to do something bad ass in a video game I play this song

2 Clint Eastwood

This song is dope. Del the funkee homosapien killed it. Easily a classic

this should be number 1! The rap is so cool and the coming on in the chorus part is really awesome!

if it werent for this song, there wouldn't be feel good inc

This is the best Gorillaz song cause it made them famous. All the songs on this list wouldn't have existed if this didn't exist. 11/10

3 On Melancholy Hill

I now listen to gorillaz because of this song...

This track makes me feel like crying and smiling at the same time.

Gives off a euphoric feel. So nice and relaxing. Plus props for the originality about it and the overall catchy tune which will keep you replaying this song!

I listen to this song to make me fall asleep. Excellent melody - very catchy. The lyrics are also deep. No one can not like this song.

4 Dirty Harry

Underrated song of the gorillaz, I love the mood and style of this song, it's very different and I'm always in a good mood whenever I hear it...

Holy crap! Why the hell is this number 9!? Its easily number one! It blows away every other song in their history! It's the bomb!

Love This one, has sofeel to it! I love mood it puts you in... so chill but so much groove and style!

I don't know why, but this song makes me so happy. When ever I listen to it, I fight the urge to dance... I think this song should at least be ranked number 3 or 2. I don't know how the Gorillaz do it, but every song they make is overly epic!

5 Dare

I could listen to this song a hundred times over and never get tired of listening to this song! It's really catchy, jumpy, and has a lot of meaning, if you listen for long enough. 5 Stars!

chillout dancing song. Good for any mood. Fond memories

This is the best gorillaz song EVER! Shaun Ryder does brilliant backing vocals in this song

There is not an explanation that this song is AWESOME! You will not get tired of Dare as many times you play it! So epic when it comes to electronics. AND NO ONE FOR A FACT CAN RESIST NOODLE'S DANCING IN THE VIDEO! The way she does her hip swerve and slide shuffle! Just Fantastic in all Gorillaz songs!

6 El Manana

This song almost made me cry. I learned it on the piano first chance I got. Noodle rocks as always, and I wanted to kill those helicopters for messing up the floating island. Haha

Best gorillaz song, reminds me of Anakin for some reason. I mean, the lyrics and instrumentals fit him so well, I imagine a lot of his life flash before me when I listen to this song. - OPJangoFett

Its like a continuation of Feel Good Inc. In terms of meanings. There is so much prosaic meaning to these two songs. So sad and inspiring...

This song makes me cry and when I saw the video I knew how scared noodle was. I had pictured my self as her, when the windmill went down I had the urge to scream and yell :(.

7 Rhinestone Eyes

Beautiful, electronic, sexy, and unique. It's nice that there's no rap in here, it just flows smoothly all the way through. The vocals are amazing, as are the instruments.

This song brings too many emotions out for me. First its just plain awesome sounding with the build up from Low guitars to Loud Keyboards and then a mix of both very angelic backing vocals. Second its very sad the way EMI did not fund the video and we were left with only a storyboard proposal of what might have been. The video represented Noodles Return and Murdocs redemption for being so mean to 2D. Third it all seems like the whole storyline was cut short for Plastic Beach and the continuing Gorillaz plot line.

Fav'song of plastic beach
even of all gorillaz songs
- guizpom

Hands down, best song on Plastic Beach. It's dark, melancholic, and the production and vocals are killer. The song flows smoother than craft beer, and the lyrics are a perfect story of an apocalyptic universe.

8 Tomorrow Comes Today

This is possibly one of the most underrated songs to ever be released by any artist. Though the meaning of the lyrics are a debatable mystery, with suggestions ranging from suicide to joy, this song is a slow, dub-influence piece of art with a strong sense of deprive, without having an empty sounding sound. The bass is heavy, the lyrics are good, the instrumental is brilliant and on top of that this is their first single.

Such a cool song! Good bass and I love the seriousness of the video.

This is one of the most mellow songs I've ever heard. Ever. It's so catchy and wonderful. One of the few songs I wanna listen to again and again.

One of the best songs in existence, according to me.

9 Kids with Guns

The electronic progression in this song is amazing. It starts out simple and builds into a fantastic fusion of vocals and sound. I love most all of Gorillaz' songs, but I can't stop coming back to this one in particular. It's truly genius, not to mention the underlying meaning behind the lyrics that we're destroying the world for future generations. Albarn has created such an undeniably awesome track that it's easy to forget the ominous message.

Starts out rough and simple, but progressively becomes complicated, smooth and ominous. The darkness in this song is undeniable. I have listened to every single Gorillaz song, but I find myself coming back to it again and again. Definitely deserves a spot on the list.

The downbeat and Low-Fi execution, with the mesmerizing backing instrumentation complementing the moody and stripped down vocals from Damon Albarn, give this track an edge that makes it something to behold. As it's subtle and well built-up progression lead the song into an electrifying and climatic final crescendo.

This song is amazing it makes me feel god mode.

10 Empire Ants

Probably my favorite Gorillaz song, to be honest. The first part sounds like a lullaby, and the second part is catchy as all hell. Both halves sound like the ocean; the first is peaceful, calming, and tranquil, while the second sounds like how it feels to watch waves crashing into each other. The lyrics are also amazing.

Weird to think about how, in-universe, Murdoc of all people wrote this song.

The combination of Damon Albarn and Yukimi Nagano is beautiful. Albarn's optimistic singing over an acoustic guitar and more subdued electronic effects is fantastic, and, the change in tone as Nagano comes in for the rest of the song. Empire Ants is a perfect fit for Plastic Beach, and so is Little Dragon.

This song is like all of life condensed into one seething ocean of light.

Easily their best song and their most interesting. 4 minutes of pure beauty
The change half way through the song just makes it incredibly good

The Contenders

11 19-2000

This was so ahead of its time! It could’ve fit right in with 2009/2010 music!

19-2000 has a great hip-hop vibe too it. It is one of many great songs by the Gorillaz. It is not in comparison to Clint Eastwood or Feel Good Inc. but is still one of the classic's. This song should be in the Top 10. This song is so creative and has such a great feel good vibe too it. Anyone who likes GorIllaz's will like this song.

Its awesome, cool music, cool video, and the song is so fun to listen. Brilliant, awesome, n a song worthy to be no. one. I rate this song a full ten on ten. Great song.. !


This song is the best song in electric song ever

Who does not like this song it's good

BEST Song EVER YEAH. It's good, and awesome, why would someone not like this.

12 Every Planet We Reach is Dead

I love it, the catchy rythmic electro beat contrasts with the funky guitar so well.

Every Planet We Reach Is Dead showcases Damon Albarn's pure musical genius. The song is delightfully slick and smooth and combines Albarn's flawless arrangement with percussion and electro. It sounds like it should be used during a striptease on a satellite and is the high point of their finest album.

This song is so complex, this strictly as an instrumental flows perfect. The vocals give it more meaning though, "When you go back,
All the second selfless days, You're in love with him, I want to see you again, I love you, what are we going to do? " Talking about losing someone or something to someone else, there are many other aspects to this song's lyrics as well, all relating to losing and finding your soul along the way of life.

Easily my favorite track off demon days, I love the subtle string section and the melancholic lyric "I love that girl, but god only knows, it's getting hard, to see the sun, shining through, I love you, but what're we going to do? "

13 O Green World

I can listen to this when I'm mad or angry, happy, feel like dancing, cooking or when I'm walking down the street and need to feel cool. When the world ends, this is the song that need to be put on. I will prepare for this day and make sure this will happen. This song is also good for sex.Best gorillaz song ever.

The lyrics just blow me away on this. One of the Gorillaz more mellow but beautiful songs. I like to listen to it when I'm sad (or any mood, really). Plus groovy music.

So many awesome key-changes, different genres great transitions. Damon Albarn also sounds more enthusiastic in this song than he has in anything else. - MrKite

Such catchy background singing and rhythms, can't get it out of my head!

14 Stylo

Incredible sound and unusual lyrics. Should be number 8 at least!

Amazing! It's a very mental song and also very interesting. If you want to understand and feel this son, you just have to be quiet and listen carefully

these song totally rocks the mood its the awesome song I ever listen

I love, I repeat, LOVE this song. Awesome baseline, cool beat, absolutely visually outstanding video that actually looks better than most real life + CGI films. Definitely one of my favourite songs of all time.

15 5/4

Such a sick song. Definitely my favorite Gorillaz song out there and I've been listening to them since they first were. Original song with a groovy and catchy guitar part. This song really shows who the Gorillaz really are.

Awesome bass...Old school Gorillaz.

SOUNDS SO MUCH LIKE BLUR! Damon Albarn is a true genius. Love his voice, everything about this one is brilliant. Easily in the top ten

This should be #1, not #21... It is the top of my "Most Played" list. The guitar and timing of the bass drum for emphasis is beautiful. Vocals are very mystical.

16 Revolving Doors

Oh come on man... How could this become lost in the 20++? At least put this song in the top 10.

This song is worth way more than (atm)25! I mean, seriously, 15 at least! It has such a dark and gloomy feeling with awesome background vocals. What's not to like?

Just the best... I don't know why this song is not one of the most popular!

This song is SO underrated! Love it!

17 Plastic Beach

There is something about this song that makes me want to cry, laugh and jump at the same time.. It takes control of your body and your mind.

Awesome song the remembers me to Smoke weed every day

Lol I don't know its pretty good

Feel Good Inc. is good but this should be at least 10!
Come on guys... And the remixes of gorillaz songs are sometimes better than the original. :P

18 Andromeda

Andromeda is just one of those songs that gives off good vibes. - LowMiner50

Has a very relaxing yet upbeat vibe. And 2D's voice gives off a very attractive air to it here

My favorite Gorillaz song of ALL time. Everything about it, it's just so lovely, should be WAY HIGHER THEN NUMBER 20. - EastZombie

How the heck is this #52? This is like one of the 15 best Gorillaz songs in the whole entire history! - EastZombie

19 November Has Come

Has an unmatched flow that I just can't not bob my head to it when I hear it.

This is AT LEAST top 20 worthy.

One of my favorites, does deserve the top 20

One of the best gorillaz and mf dooms songs. And that's saying something.

20 Some Kind of Nature

lou reed is just an amazing singer and in combination with gorillaz it's just perfect. the song is groovy, has a great beat and is just my favorite song. I'm just wondering why they sing "some kind of plastic to wrap around you"?

Probably my favourite song ever. Don't know why, just is. It one of the few songs that actually gets better as you listen to it again and again.

Soft vocals of Damn Albarn and Lou Reed just work magically! One of the most splendid listens!

This is my personal favorite

21 Last Living Souls

Beat so catchy that Drake sampled the beginning in Hotline Bling. It's a relaxing song that has a great middle section. All around the best!

Definitely my favourite Gorillaz song. The beat is sick and I could listen to it for hours!

Best gorillaz song by a mile! - MaxAttack333

Are we the last?

22 Saturnz Barz

The song begins with mainly verses, but then half way through, hits you with 2 choruses, a solo and a great bridge and I love it! Second half is amazing in my opinion. For sure my favourite, next to 'Andromeda.' - LowMiner50

The rapper is so good and the beat is amazing. one of my favorites

Surprised I had to dig that far down to find this one. Should be at least top 25

Surprisingly good song that is well worth multiple listens - kempokid

23 Sound Check (Gravity)

What?! Why is it here? It should be higher in the ranking. One of my favourite Gorillaz songs!

Amazing Song! Please listen to it, you guys are missing out on some of the best

I think this song would be a higher if most people knew about it

One of the best songs by Gorillaz

24 Bobby in Phoenix

Bobby's vocals are the BEST! - EastZombie

25 DoYaThing

Underrated. One of the best collaborations ever. Three incredibly distinct artists coming together to make something extremely beautiful in its rawness.

Couldn't pick a better 3 collaborators in one song, blew me away first time I heard it and has to be the best Gorillaz song and by far my favorite song of 2012. (I mean the 13 minute version! ).

Gorillaz, James Murphy, AND Andre 3000? For 13 minutes? Am I in heaven?

If we count this as a Gorillaz Song then it's one of the best.

26 Broken

This is a very beautiful song and is one of the more somber moments from Plastic Beach and Gorillaz in general.

Real deep, the lyrics float out into space...

Fun fact: a pickle wrote this song - EastZombie

I don't know I just like how it sounds

27 Rock the House

In my opinion, it's very catchy and I find myself singing it sometimes during school, and people ask me what song it is and I just say "Well, don't just check out the song, check out Gorillaz! "

Del the homosapien astonishes me again with his incredible lyricism in this catchy song and even better video.

I just can't believe. This song has so low rating

Should be at the top 5 at least! So amazing! Love it

28 Ghost Train

The first song the band ever recorded... It's on the g-sides album... Check it out!

Not my favorite, but I voted for this because it's easily their most underrated song.

Dude, it's ghost train... It is awesome.

This should earn top ten

29 Hong Kong

A true masterpiece. Really hope that this song will rise up the ranks and become more popular with the fans, because this is an amazingly beautiful song.

I can't believe it didn't make it to Demon Days album, by far the BEST Gorillaz song! However, I see that most of the tops are all the hits they had, however, Hong Kong is a 7-minute masterpiece, it just takes you elsewhere. No explanations, this song should've been much more heard than most songs in this list. Is just Damon Albarn at his greatest as a musician and artist that he is.

Extraordinary song, very underrated in my opinion.. It should be at least top 5. Has an amazing intro and chorus.. Probably one of my favorites with "El Manana" and "Feel Good Inc."

A beautiful song that made the daunting 2 hour journeys on the bus to college magical and gave me great inspiration in seeing life from different perspectives. Essential chill track.

30 Strobelite

Why THE HELL is this so low! Strobelite is one of their best! - EastZombie

31 Stop the Dams

Such a great song that should've been on Demon Days right after... Demon Days. I suppose the " Cling Clang " guy kinda caused this ranking. But, the song wouldn't be the same or nearly as good without it.

Easily worthy of top 20 if not top 10, one of the greatest gorillaz songs

Progressive, melancholic, underrated for sure, continuation of Hong Kong!

Not my favourite but this song is amazing, it has a beautiful meaning to it. Don't hold back your feelings and noughts.

32 Tranz

It's the first song I've ever heard from them (so you can tell I'm a newbie) however I learned how to play it on a guitar so I'm proud of myself it's just so upbeat to me I guess

Cool, catchy, weird, awesome synths, awesome vocal. Basically Gorillaz

It's new, and pretty cool. Been stuck in my head for days now.

One of the best

33 Souk Eye

Always loved the G'z sound but this song takes me to a place. Looking back at pain will lead right to it again.J-Dante'

HOW THE HELL IS THIS #45?!?!?!? This should be at least in the top 10! This song is indescribably beautiful and underrated.

This needs to be higher. Easily one of their best songs.

This song feels underrated

34 Glitter Freeze

I don't think this is their best song (Feel Good, Inc. And Dirty HArry for me, probably) But I think it should be much higher up than 48! It has such an awesome background-thing with the synthesizer. Every time I listen, my feet are tapping and my head is nodding. This song makes me move! :P

Why is this song now being mentioned? Plastic Beach was a marvelous album with a very versatile sound comparing to their early work. I enjoy driving to this as well

35 Pirate Jet

Plastic Beach was my favorite album of theirs and every time that I listen to Pirate Jet I have to replay it over and over again.

Why the Hell ain't this on here? That creepy(but cool) sound in the background is actually saying the song's title! Hats off to Albarn! You too Hewlett!

Such a great song

One of the greatest outros of all time

36 Humility

Why is this so low on the list? This song is one of my favorites, next to Clint Eastwood and On Melancholy Hill. It just has the happy vibe. I voted this because it's massively overrated. The vocals are great. The lyrics are great. THE SONG IS GREAT.

The song itself doesn't stand out in comparison to the rest of Gorillaz's songs, but I do like the relaxing and chill vibe it has. And guys, why do I have to be the one to point out Jack Black's and Ace's (the one from The Powerpuff Girls) cameos in the music video? Their sole cameos along with the smooth animation made the music video a masterpiece to remember. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This song makes me happy

No song makes me happier. Deserves the #5 spot. - KRX

37 Amarillo

Many Gorillaz fans discount "The Fall, " Gorillaz most recent album, entirely. Maybe it's because the record was recorded on an iPad, or because it is composed of mostly experimental techno beats instead of whole, refined songs like other Gorillaz albums. But if you have not heard Amarillo, you are missing out. This track goes to deeper places in my "lonely soul" than I ever thought one song could. It's blips and pops roll as Albarn's vocals glide right through, delivering The Fall's best overall song. I honestly think that this track deserves a place among Gorillaz more recognized hits.

My GOD, why is this 36?! This is one of my favourite songs of all time! From the experimental album "The Fall". If you haven't heard it then please just go listen to it.

Easily the best Gorillaz song ever to hit us. How did this only place at 34?

Nice lyrics, nice melody

38 To Binge

I can listen to this song all day long. It reminds me of a sweet time in my life and this song never lets me forget it.

Gorillaz doesn't make love songs, but this is a great exception. Truly a touching and beautiful song about dying loved masked with drugs and alcohol. If you haven't heard it before, do it now. It has Little Dragon in it too. How can it be so low?...

This song is just the most sweet and melancholic song in the whole album, along with Melancholy Hill. Both Damon Albarn and Little Dragon's singer, Yukimi Nagano, sing with so much feeling... Just love this song.

This is one of the best songs ever made by this band, it should be higher up in the list

39 Superfast Jellyfish

I know, I'm biased. But here's my story:
The year was 2010 and I had never heard of Gorillaz, living under a rock and all. This comes on the radio while I'm playing GameCube with a few friends. It must have left an impression on me, because years later, someone mentions Super Bass by Nicki Minaj. This rings some bell in the decrepit void which I call a memory, and I hear in my head the echoing "superfast" just before 2D's vocals. This excavates the song and later that year, I Google what little lyrics I knew: "All hail King Neptune and his water breathers". This opens me up to the wonderful world of Gorillaz. Prior to the search, all I had seen of Gorillaz was the name as the second suggested result of multiple image searches for "gorilla" and some fanart seen a day or two before my discovery; which just so happened to also be the day of one of the gorilla searches. I had heard someone sing the line "sunshine in a bag" but made no connection.
So there you have it. The seeds were ...more

The beat and the hidden meaning in the song are amazing. I love that they use breakfast as a metaphor for the music industry.

I love this song! My Third Favorite. It's Catchy and Cool. This song is really fun and great to listen to to cheer you up. I could listen to it 10 times in a row and not get tired of it.

It sounds bubbly and awesome obsessed with the music gets stuck in your head easily

40 Rockit

This song is really catchy, gloomy but catchy. The way Damon singing the song sounded like something out a popular horror film. The part when the gargoyle sang "Rockit" reminds of Daft Punk. This song is pure genius.

Personally, I think this song is underrated. The music video is a little weird, but the song as a whole has a nice feel to it.

41 Cloud of Unknowing

A beautiful song! Incredibly underrated. Bobby Womack's vocals are so haunting and the orchestral arrangement really adds to the atmosphere.

Should at least be here maybe not in the top 10 but its a pretty good song! And its not even on the list until I just added it...

42 Detroit

The beat is just... awesome. - EastZombie

43 Doncamatic

Daley's voice mixes so smoothly with the upbeat bumpy beat. It's an amazing, calm pop song.

Great song! It sounds better every time I listen to it. One of the best Gorillaz songs.

44 Fire Flies

I was stolen when the chorus first kicks in. Otherworldly stuff

I love this song. Is it better than the stuff above? Who knows but it deserved to be a bit higher. There are so many great songs I can't choose one as my favourite.

This is the best song on the new album. Why is it not higher?

45 We are Happy Landfill

This song may not be one of the most popular songs, but it remains one of my favorite songs.

WHAT!?! 62?!? Is it just me and my love for punk rock, but is this not one of the greatest!?!? I mean, 2D's voice in this one just adds so much on it's own.

46 Momentz

Very catchy and de las soul give a good performance-though not as good as feel good inc. - Jiorl

47 We Got the Power

This song emphasizes the fact that, basically, everyone hates everyone, and makes you realize that we aren't using the ability that only we have: to love.
Because that only belongs to Humanz.

48 Demon Days

There is no contest. Perfect ending to Damon Albarns masterpiece in a Gorilla costume. He manages to combine all the conceptual elements of the album into this one last epic song leaving the audience in euphoria of hope that despite all the ugliness the world has to offer for future generations there is still hope...

When in need of inspirational bliss hit play on "Don't get lost in heaven" and let you lead you into "Demon Days".

P. S the live version from Manchester is something that sticks.

This is one of my all time favorite gorillaz songs.

49 Magic City
50 White Light

This song is one of the best songs on Demon Days. Heck, the whole album is full of amazing songs!

This is the song this is cooler than it appears to be at first look.

Gets WAY TOO MUCH HATE - EastZombie

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