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21 November Has Come

Has an unmatched flow that I just can't not bob my head to it when I hear it.

This is AT LEAST top 20 worthy.

One of my favorites, does deserve the top 20

Is to the gorillaz as mr brownstone is to Guns N' Roses. An awesome underrated song that should have been a hit but wasn't.

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22 New Genious (Brother)

This song is one of the most unique ones out of any other Gorillaz song I've heard. The rhythm just sounds so different. - Mcgillacuddy

The song is underrated

Fantastic bass to this song - one of my personal favourites, although there are just so many to choose from!

23 Last Living Souls

Beat so catchy that Drake sampled the beginning in Hotline Bling. It's a relaxing song that has a great middle section. All around the best!

Best gorillaz song by a mile! - MaxAttack333

24 Ghost Train

The first song the band ever recorded... It's on the g-sides album... Check it out!

Dude, it's ghost train... It is awesome.

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25 Demon Days

There is no contest. Perfect ending to Damon Albarns masterpiece in a Gorilla costume. He manages to combine all the conceptual elements of the album into this one last epic song leaving the audience in euphoria of hope that despite all the ugliness the world has to offer for future generations there is still hope...

When in need of inspirational bliss hit play on "Don't get lost in heaven" and let you lead you into "Demon Days".

P. S the live version from Manchester is something that sticks.

This is one of my all time favorite gorillaz songs.

26 Rockit

This song is really catchy, gloomy but catchy. The way Damon singing the song sounded like something out a popular horror film. The part when the gargoyle sang "Rockit" reminds of Daft Punk. This song is pure genius.

Personally, I think this song is underrated. The music video is a little weird, but the song as a whole has a nice feel to it.

27 Plastic Beach

There is something about this song that makes me want to cry, laugh and jump at the same time.. It takes control of your body and your mind.

Awesome song the remembers me to Smoke weed every day

Feel Good Inc. is good but this should be at least 10!
Come on guys... And the remixes of gorillaz songs are sometimes better than the original. :P

Lol I don't know its pretty good

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28 Stop the Dams

Such a great song that should've been on Demon Days right after... Demon Days. I suppose the " Cling Clang " guy kinda caused this ranking. But, the song wouldn't be the same or nearly as good without it.

Easily worthy of top 20 if not top 10, one of the greatest gorillaz songs

Progressive, melancholic, underrated for sure, continuation of Hong Kong!

This song should be much higher on the list. It is one of my favorite Gorillaz songs and gives me major feels. every time I close my eyes and listen to it I go to a different world

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29 Slow Country

This song is so good it's crazy. This would be top 10 for sure if it was song quality wise but in terms of popularity it would probably be right where it is now.

This song has so much feeling to it. It is by far the greatest gorillaz song.
Makes me forget the cares of this world and lets me slip into myself

Perfect rainy day song

Light heartedness, love this song, favorite gorillaz song

30 To Binge

I can listen to this song all day long. It reminds me of a sweet time in my life and this song never lets me forget it.

Gorillaz doesn't make love songs, but this is a great exception. Truly a touching and beautiful song about dying loved masked with drugs and alcohol. If you haven't heard it before, do it now. It has Little Dragon in it too. How can it be so low?...

This song is just the most sweet and melancholic song in the whole album, along with Melancholy Hill. Both Damon Albarn and Little Dragon's singer, Yukimi Nagano, sing with so much feeling... Just love this song.

Beautiful and poetic. Reminds me of my time on Kaua'i, an island on the Pacific (part of Hawai'i) which forcefully clung itself to me and tore a piece of my heart out as I departed on plane. By far my favorite on Plastic Beach, and unlike a lot of songs I'm always in the mood for a listen.

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31 Doncamatic

Daley's voice mixes so smoothly with the upbeat bumpy beat. It's an amazing, calm pop song.

Great song! It sounds better every time I listen to it. One of the best Gorillaz songs.

32 Rock the House

In my opinion, it's very catchy and I find myself singing it sometimes during school, and people ask me what song it is and I just say "Well, don't just check out the song, check out Gorillaz! "

Del the homosapien astonishes me again with his incredible lyricism in this catchy song and even better video.

I just can't believe. This song has so low rating

Why is this song so low

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33 Broken

This is a very beautiful song and is one of the more somber moments from Plastic Beach and Gorillaz in general.

Real deep, the lyrics float out into space...

I don't know I just like how it sounds

The best song in the whole Gorrilaz universe when I heard this song my MIND was Broken make it higher on this list bro

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34 Amarillo

Many Gorillaz fans discount "The Fall, " Gorillaz most recent album, entirely. Maybe it's because the record was recorded on an iPad, or because it is composed of mostly experimental techno beats instead of whole, refined songs like other Gorillaz albums. But if you have not heard Amarillo, you are missing out. This track goes to deeper places in my "lonely soul" than I ever thought one song could. It's blips and pops roll as Albarn's vocals glide right through, delivering The Fall's best overall song. I honestly think that this track deserves a place among Gorillaz more recognized hits.

My GOD, why is this 36?! This is one of my favourite songs of all time! From the experimental album "The Fall". If you haven't heard it then please just go listen to it.

Easily the best Gorillaz song ever to hit us. How did this only place at 34?


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35 Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo)

The English version is very, very underrated.

I love this song, the music is very calming, but also kinda unsettling. Also, the english version makes me feel like my angsty teen self again (which is a good thing)

Spanish is such a beautiful language - EastZombie

36 Andromeda

Andromeda is just one of those songs that gives off good vibes. - LowMiner50

How the heck is this #52? This is like one of the 15 best Gorillaz songs in the whole entire history! - EastZombie

Keeps to the original undertones of the gorillaz in an album filled with new.

Such a good song. Whenever I feel down this cheers me up. I don't know how but lmao

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37 Bill Murray

Off of d sides but one of the best

38 Glitter Freeze

I don't think this is their best song (Feel Good, Inc. And Dirty HArry for me, probably) But I think it should be much higher up than 48! It has such an awesome background-thing with the synthesizer. Every time I listen, my feet are tapping and my head is nodding. This song makes me move! :P

Why is this song now being mentioned? Plastic Beach was a marvelous album with a very versatile sound comparing to their early work. I enjoy driving to this as well

39 Hong Kong

I can't believe it didn't make it to Demon Days album, by far the BEST Gorillaz song! However, I see that most of the tops are all the hits they had, however, Hong Kong is a 7-minute masterpiece, it just takes you elsewhere. No explanations, this song should've been much more heard than most songs in this list. Is just Damon Albarn at his greatest as a musician and artist that he is.

Extraordinary song, very underrated in my opinion.. It should be at least top 5. Has an amazing intro and chorus.. Probably one of my favorites with "El Manana" and "Feel Good Inc."

A beautiful song that made the daunting 2 hour journeys on the bus to college magical and gave me great inspiration in seeing life from different perspectives. Essential chill track.

So underrated

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40 All Alone

Seriously? Some of these songs, I get why they aren't #1, and I am not saying All Alone is the best song, but 32? 32! Definitely part of the top 10, if not top 5!

I love the beat in this, and the rap is amazing. It always managess to get stuck inside of my head all of the time. Listening to it rite now.

This should be in the top 15 at least

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