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41 She's My Collar

2ds lyrics are really good. This should be higher

42 Hong Kong

I can't believe it didn't make it to Demon Days album, by far the BEST Gorillaz song! However, I see that most of the tops are all the hits they had, however, Hong Kong is a 7-minute masterpiece, it just takes you elsewhere. No explanations, this song should've been much more heard than most songs in this list. Is just Damon Albarn at his greatest as a musician and artist that he is.

Extraordinary song, very underrated in my opinion.. It should be at least top 5. Has an amazing intro and chorus.. Probably one of my favorites with "El Manana" and "Feel Good Inc."

A beautiful song that made the daunting 2 hour journeys on the bus to college magical and gave me great inspiration in seeing life from different perspectives. Essential chill track.

So underrated

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43 All Alone

Seriously? Some of these songs, I get why they aren't #1, and I am not saying All Alone is the best song, but 32? 32! Definitely part of the top 10, if not top 5!

I love the beat in this, and the rap is amazing. It always managess to get stuck inside of my head all of the time. Listening to it rite now.

This should be in the top 15 at least

44 People

People is one of my favorite Gorillaz songs!

It's 2D version of DARE :D - EastZombie

45 Don't Get Lost in Heaven

Why this is not number one I have no idea

This song awesome!

46 White Light

This song is one of the best songs on Demon Days. Heck, the whole album is full of amazing songs!

This is the song this is cooler than it appears to be at first look.

47 Detroit

The beat is just... awesome. - EastZombie

48 M1A1

Totally underrated song. It has an excellent beat to it and 2D's voice sounds awesome. Not my favorite Gorillaz song, (That would be either DARE, Stylo, Or Tomorrow Comes Today) but it's definitely up there.

49 Dracula

Surprised I had to add this list, this song is the best gorillaz song out there. - 13mattrock

50 Re-Hash

Best chill song ever... Its pretty good... so I don't have enough letters err characters or something... so I'm gonna fill this space with other stuff... McNuggets are good. Unicorns are cool. And Domestic Violence is bad. Good Day to you.

Awesome song. Calm guitar, and an underrated opener

51 Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach

HOW IS THIS LAST PLACE. Not really my favourite song but damn is it a good intro for the album.

Snoop dog all the way

52 Pirate Jet

Why the Hell ain't this on here? That creepy(but cool) sound in the background is actually saying the song's title! Hats off to Albarn! You too Hewlett!

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53 Faust
54 Saturnz Barz

The song begins with mainly verses, but then half way through, hits you with 2 choruses, a solo and a great bridge and I love it! Second half is amazing in my opinion. For sure my favourite, next to 'Andromeda.' - LowMiner50

Surprised I had to dig that far down to find this one. Should be at least top 25

Surprisingly good song that is well worth multiple listens - kempokid

Needs more votes

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55 Ascension

The chorus is so damn catchy! - EastZombie

How is this all the way in 82? Vince staples has great lyrics and u can't say that the chorus is not catchy. Got me hyped for the new album.

56 Hongkongaton

One of the best songs by the band!

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57 12D3
58 Let Me Out

The perfect verse that makes me get the chills. Absolutely the best song they have made so far

To be honest I think this is the best gorillaz song ever made

Best track on the album and is great. I could listen to this on loop

Best track on the new album and one of all their albums, AMAZING!

59 Starshine

Starshine is easily a top 5 Gorillaz song. The guitar riff is classic and Damon Albarn's singing melody fits this track perfectly. This is one of those songs that you'll have on replay for the next two weeks after hearing it.

60 Highway (Under Construction)

This song is what makes Gorillaz so awesome! It doesn't fall into the style of their other music, it stands alone in all its unique glory!

A great Gorillaz song, should move up to at least 30!

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