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61 Strobelite Strobelite

Why THE HELL is this so low! Strobelite is one of their best! - EastZombie

62 Hillbilly Man
63 911

This should at least be on the top 20

64 Double Bass

Goes on and on

This song is gritty and awesome. "all of which makes me anxious. at times, unbearably so." my personal favorite Gorillaz song.

65 Cloud of Unknowing

A beautiful song! Incredibly underrated. Bobby Womack's vocals are so haunting and the orchestral arrangement really adds to the atmosphere.

Should at least be here maybe not in the top 10 but its a pretty good song! And its not even on the list until I just added it...

66 White Flag

This is a close second to Empire Ants and I love it because of the Arabic Orchestra and the rappers IT IS A MATERPIECE. - laurent1683

67 Man Research (Clapper)

I'm really surprised this song didn't even make it on the list... It's not worth top 10 or top 20 but it's definitely a great track with great atmosphere, great vocals and, dare I say it, it's just one of my favourite off the first Gorillaz album. Such an underrated song...

Favourite song, absolutely love the experimental feel and just how weird it is!

68 Phoner to Arizona

I don't know why but this song is really sad for some reason.

69 She's My Collar

2ds lyrics are really good. This should be higher

70 Spitting Out the Demons

The bass makes this song wonderful. The unfortunate part about the song is that it is pretty unknown since it's on D-Sides, but give it a listen because it's really good. Yeah, it's no Feel Good Inc. Or Clint Eastwood, but it's still amazing.

Variational, at least to me

71 Lil' Dub Chefin' V 2 Comments
72 68 State

This is another amazing song that should be at least a little higher in the rankings.

73 Sweepstakes

Really? 2nd to last place? It's got a really cool sound, I love the brass and the slot machine sounds, it's also got nice flow. Not a favorite, but still really good. - mtndewlord

74 We are Happy Landfill

This song may not be one of the most popular songs, but it remains one of my favorite songs.

WHAT!?! 62?!? Is it just me and my love for punk rock, but is this not one of the greatest!?!? I mean, 2D's voice in this one just adds so much on it's own.

75 Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach

HOW IS THIS LAST PLACE. Not really my favourite song but damn is it a good intro for the album.

Snoop dog all the way

76 Ascension

The chorus is so damn catchy! - EastZombie

How is this all the way in 82? Vince staples has great lyrics and u can't say that the chorus is not catchy. Got me hyped for the new album.

77 Ticker Tape Ticker Tape

This song is so soothing and beautiful to listen to! How is it so low on the list?

78 Punk

Punk has a great rhythm and beat to it

Obviously very punk rock based - KeyboardKirby

79 Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head

Why is this not in the top 10?! A fantastic song with the amazing voice of Dennis Hopper.R.I.P.

Wow, it's the story of humanity and its not on this list?!?!

This is an extremely underrated Gorillaz song, so damn creative

Really catchy and great song. This is gold!

V 2 Comments
80 Little Pink Plastic Bags

This song is the gorillaz to me

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