David Phelps


Simply inspiring. A voice and passion that shines with God's love and greatness. David Phelps is a mighty tool in God's hands. Thank you David for giving your God given talent back to Him for by doing so your music is worth ten fold more than what it would be otherwise. A voice like yours is simply powerful and through it God is exalted and people are blessed. You David, I believe, are living out your God given purpose which is the best any human can possibly wish for and the pinnacle of life. You have every reason to be filled with much joy as God uses your life for His awesome purposes.

Most gifted tenor I have ever heard with a range that will bring tears to my eyes from the first note to the last! Can hold a note to the stratosphere that literally takes my breath away, too. The spirit with which he sings and the devotion to the Lord, his family, and fans puts David head and shoulders above others. He is truly anointed and that is what draws all ages to hear this remarkably talented singer.

There will never be another Tenor like David PHELPS!...He is AMAZING!...He truly loves the Lord and it shows not only in every note he sings but also in the way he lives his life! He is the most humble, sincere and sweetest man you will ever meet. As I go along on this Journey To The Sky, His music brings me closer to the Lord and I definitely have a FREEDOM I never had before!..He will always be #1 in my book!..Love You David!

There is no doubt in my mind that David is hands-down the best of the best. He is not only an incredibly gifted singer, but a talented song writer, arranger, and composer as well. He has an amazing gift for singing the emotion of a song, telling a story, and using music to convey the message of the Gospel in a way no one else does. I just "discovered" him about 6 years ago and knew immediately he was like no one else I had ever heard!

My opinion is David is one of the best tenors in the world! It doesn't matter if he is singing an Italian aria or a southern gospel song. His voice is rich clear and his vocal range of over 3 octaves is beyond impressive! He is also a talented songwriter having written many great songs. I love his style of music. I can truly worship when he is singing. I think he deserves to be in the #1 slot

I am definitely not living the life that I should be right now but I have always loved gospel music and it's like no matter how far I get away from God the music always brings me back in touch with him. David is such a great singer it makes cold chills on me every time I hear him. Thanks for helping me stay closer to God than I would be without you.

David is amazing. He is by far the best vocalist. Combined with his God given ability to write, orchestrate and create some of the best vocals, puts David in a class of his own. Seeing him in person is a life event. He gives all to bring us into God's presence. Seeing and hearing him sing and share is the best of music. Love all of his music and thank God he and his family share all their gifts with us.

Recently in a concert, I had the opportunity to do a meet and greet with David. He simply amazed me at how genuine he really is, took the time to look the person who asked each question in the eye while finding where they were within the two rows of the auditorium. He not only stayed to answer each written question, but also answered any question that we couldn't think of at the time that we were asked to write them down. This is not only unusual, but he is so very down to earth despite all of his success and talent that it was very refreshing!

The talent that God gifted this man with is enormous, but the fact that he chose to use his voice and talent in ministry to Christians through his musical worship instead of applying the gift to what could have been even greater personal and financial gain is what endures this great singer to his fans. He inspires in all who hear him a love of God and Christ through his vocal ministry and his song writing.

Yep, David is a complete package all by himself. He is so well trained that he can sing any genre in just about any language so fully and beautifully. I am blessed to be living in these times and have this heavenly music to enjoy. His family and ministry are all part of the God given music and messages he always extends. The Lord has blessed him greatly and in turn, he blesses us!

David's gift and talent is unmatched by any singer I have ever heard. He is the most versatile and is excellent at whatever style he chooses to sing. Although I think talent is what we're looking for I really appreciate the Godly man, husband and father he is. A true blessing on all levels. He has it all.

He has the most AWESOME voice I have ever heard! He can hit the highest notes and they sound beautiful! I can listen to him sing 24/7 and never get tired of hearing his Awesome voice. He is also so sweet and good to his fans! He is a good Christian man and an awesome Daddy and is so sweet to his wife Lori. You can't beat that, he definitely deserves to win!

The best voice I have ever heard. His range, the strength of his voice, the perfect pitch. They are wonderful, but they would be nothing without his love for God that comes through with each note that he sings. He is also a wonderful family man who loves his fans and his country. What a wonderful example of a loving Christian man who has been gifted by God with such an extraordinary talent.

David has truly been touched by the hand of God, he has an amazing gift. I think he is the best Tenor I have ever heard, his range is untouchable by any artist in his field. He truly Loves the Lord and you can tell he walks the walk. I couldn't be more Blessed to have found this wonderful man of God with the Best set of Pipes on the planet. God Bless you David, and your lovely wife Lori and kids

David Phelps has the voice of an angel and the soul of a poet. But beyond that, he composes, he's a wonderful lyricist, he arranges and orchestrates, and he plays several instruments. But most of all, he uses his talent to bring glory to God. His ministry is to share the message of God's love.

An incredible voice and singing with so much passion it is hard not to just stop what you are doing to listen. Would love to hear David sing at a concert but I've not heard of him coming to Arizona. I grew up with a musical family and had a band for years. I can say that I've heard none better than David Phelps.

David's voice is by far the most incredible voice I've ever heard. He takes my breath away every time I hear him live. His sweet heart is just as beautiful as his voice. He could sing just about any style or genre go music and have a very successful career. I admire him for sharing his stunning voice with lyrics about out Lord.

Gaither Vocal Band Tenor started in 1999 with the GVB. He has a talent to "woo" crowds worldwide, and a unique yet familiar to prepare the gospel in vocal bliss.

Although David is beyond amazing on recordings, hearing him sing live is an indescribably amazing experience. His sincerity, power, tone, breath control, emotion, and love for his fans is a true blessing for his listeners. He is an amazing husband, father, son, brother and friend.

David has one of the most trained professional voice out there! But what makes him Truly the greatest is his love for God, music, and family. He puts his heart in his songs and paints the most beautiful master piece when he sings, and makes you feel it as he does that's why he is the all time greatest singer!

In my 56 years on Earth I have not heard more shear talent from any singer than David Phelps! Never mind that he is also one of the kindest funniest and most humble men I have ever met. His compassion is unmatched. He is and always will be number one to me, a fan since the 1990's!

Each night before I lay down to sleep, the crazy world and all that is happening plays on my heart and mind. I listen to David sing about Jesus and then talk to Jesus and fall right to sleep. David is the most amazing singer of all time. I truly believe he love Jesus with all of his heart.

The best tenor ever. I love him and his voice. His singing makes my heart sing. I listen to him everyday and it makes me feel so happy. Thank You God for giving us such talent here on earth.

There is just no one as vocally gifted as David. I love many different gospel artists but David is in a different class. And not only does he have the vocal talent but his songwriting and arranging are like works of art. And he is so giving to his fans. He is most definitely #1 in my book.

My most favorite tenor in all the world is David Phelps, is, he is a true born again believer, his words and music are the very best, no one can even come close to his message to our Lord in song, his writings and music are so much I feel are the best there is, I count him as number one, hands down,