Michael English


When Michael sings, he tells a story with his whole being. He has a true anointing of God. His voice takes me to places which no other singer has done before. I feel that he brings me into the presence of God. Because of Michaels openness, when he is singing, I and others I have talked to go through the same feelings and emotions he is going through. God has worked through Michael to bring many including myself back into Gods open arms. He has an amazing voice and is an encouragement to all.

There isn't anyone else that sings from the heart like Michael English. What you see is what you get. What you hear is from the heart of a man who has been redeemed and is anointed by God every time he sings. Sometimes it takes a real fall from grace to bring out the real power that God provides. God is using Michael to bless people with his glorious gift of song. He can get deep in to your soul with his voice and make you yearn for more of what God has to give us.

Michael English has a most amazing voice that is truly a gift from God. He generously gives his life to using his amazing voice to witness for and worship God. The message in his songs changes lives of many who hear him and brings them to a deeper relationship with God. He is a most genuine and caring person. His life's story of God's redeeming love for him, that he freely shares, is a story that all should hear. Even my 6 year old granddaughters love his music. They sing his songs as they are just playing at home or traveling in the car. What a joy for me to hear them ask me to put in a Michael English CD.

After winning more Dove Awards than almost anyone ever, in 1994, Michael English went into self-imposed exile for about 13 years! Even so, he is on this List, showing that God's Hand is still very much on his Life! His Vocal Skills are simply unmatched by any artist in any genre of Music--from his beloved Southern Gospel and Gaither Vocal Band Days to his "Pop" Sting-like style. Simply Amazing! But more than anything, he was broken and spilled out--and somehow God put him back together--IT WASNT EASY! -- and Our Savior is using him to carry the sweet message of GRACE AND REDEMPTION to "all we who have gone
Astray". I heard Michael for the first time not too long ago during a horrendous personal crisis. Listening to
Michael sing IN CHRIST ALONE literally kept my focus on GOD'S POWER TO PERFORM ANY MIRACLE to rescue His Children.
Listening to MIDNIGHT CRY brought streaming tears of Reassurance; STUBBORN is such a message about keeping THE FAITH.
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I do appreciate many different styles of music, at least for a few minutes, but then its back to Michael! No one sings like Michael! It's hard to put your finger on it. If I tried, it would take the whole page, but there is something about his voice, and the emotion and heart he puts into the wonderful songs he sings that makes you feel the song, not just hear it and then you want to listen again and again. I thank the Lord for Michael and the many ways his music has blessed me and my family!

Michael clearly has a God given voice that delivers the message in a most profound way. His heart for the Lord sends a message that changes lives and blesses all who hear him sing. He is an overcomer and uses his experiences to inspire others who face life's challenges. There is absolutely no one who compares to Michael English!

I can't hear enough of Michael English and his God anointed ministry. You can see and feel God's hand on Michael when he sings/speaks about his personal testimony.
He is not only hugely talented but one of the kindest men I know. He never misses a chance to talk with his supporters and spend time with them after his concerts. He has been on the mountain top as well as the valley. He gives credit for climbing out of the valley totally to God. His story is one of forgiveness and redemption. I love this humble man.

He's definitely one of the greatest singers of all time... In any genre. Michael can sing anything from gospel, pop to country.. You name it a truly gifted artist. Michael's soulful God anointed voice and testimony has blessed many people over the years. He belongs in the top 10!

Michael English has got to be the best. Great vocal range and intonation and awesome ability with the heart of a man that not only loves God but loves ministering to people. I remember the first time I went to one of his concerts I hung back at the table waiting for him to sign a cd for me because he was talking to somebody. Somebody told him it was time to leave but he stopped when he saw me standing there and took the time to sign the cd and talk with me and a friend of mine for a few minutes in spite of his schedule. You could tell he was tired too! He is not only extremely talented but he is also very very humble. That's rare in people today..

Michael English has a beautiful voice that God blessed him with. With God's anointing on his voice, he is blessing many. God also blessed him with a personality that draws people to him. People love him because he always makes everyone feel special.

Amazing vocal range. Anointed. Gifted producer too. Fans relate to him. He can sing solo or in a group. People are moved by his performance. He has overcome many obstacles and proves God is faithful. I could listen to him all day.

If everything printed in these reviews is honest and straight, your review is not posted. That's what's wrong with this world now, nobody wants the truth, but Gods Word has already spoke the truth, people will believe a lie and be dammed by it. I'll stand for my Lord, tell the truth, live his word by is grace and mercy, don't need no hypocrites and fakes in my life. Sorry, but if the shoe fits it must be wore.

Michael should be number one. He is the best all around performer. He sings from the heart. His vocal range is amazing. He sings all types of gospel songs. Loved by his fans for his humility as well as his anointed voice and maintains a solid fan base. He has been singing since he was 7 with his father's group, The Singing Samaritans. He really is the best and should be #1.

There isn't a more anointed, soulful, heartfelt, moving voice today in gospel music! When Michael sings the anointing of God just pours out of his mouth. To put someone that is not even a gospel singer and someone that hasn't sang anything in over 20 years above Michael English is strange. And on a side note, the one person that I didn't see on here that absolutely should've made it in the top 5 is the one and only Kenny Hinson.

In Christ Alone Will I a Glory and in Michael English I will always believe! He is most sincere, humble and sweetest man I know! He truly and honestly loves the Lord and it shows in every note of every song he sings. His testimony has truly brought me closer to the Lord and I truly love Christ and Michael English!

Michael has a beautiful voice! He has been through a lot of trials during his career and with GOD'S help he has overcome them! He is 1 of the best singers I have ever heard and is so genuine in his feelings for what GOD has done for him! He is 1 of the best in the business!

Michael puts everything he has into all the songs he sings. He is not afraid to show his feelings and therefore reaches many people's hearts. He seems to be very approachable as many people can testify to. I personally can't approach him but see photos and read people's stories. That is what Gospel singing means to me. Working and living for Christ.

Greatest singer ever. Anointed, humble, best voice, versatile, personable which is missing in so many popular artists. Very best in what he does. His testimony is real. He loves God and it shows in his intensity. He sings with all 6 foot 4 inches of his body. He is the greatest and has overcome many obstacles that make him who he is. Should be number 1.

Michael has a great vocal range that touches my soul. Since God gave him a second chance to lift him up, he has let God lead him. The longer he serves God thru much he has become more anointed. Nothing like listening to him as the anointing falls.

Michael sings like an angel, with the sweet anointing of the Holy Spirit, which means he can reach people for God like no other, and he has reached more than he knows, but one day he will meet these people. Love his voice!

Michael English is the best I have ever heard. He is anointed of God, has a great heart and love for people. Can really bring worship alive wherever he is. God has brought him a very long way and blessed him richly.. He has my vote!

Michael English has a God-given voice like no other! When he sings, I can feel the love of God flowing through him. Every single song touches my heart. His testimony has given me hope, as it has many others. He has a tender heart and it shows through both his talent and testimony. I believe Me charl English is the best Gospel Singer ever! Thank you!

A true man of God! An awesome singer who with God's help has overcome many obstacles in his life! Love to hear him sing and be a witness for what God has done for him, he gives GOD all the glory!

Michael English has a gift that most artists only dream of. He is transparent, sharing the good, the bad, and how God brought him through it all. He has a voice that is instantly recognizable. He is a shining example of the grace of God.

Praise be given to God for Michaels testimony which he ministers to people through his singing. God has reached me and I am sure many others through Michaels singing and openness. As far as I am concerned Michael is the voice.