Top 10 Gospel Singers of All Time

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41 Chis Rice

The lyrics in his music are inspiring and his delivery is pure and clean. Have come to appreciate his music more as my walk continues!

42 Doug Anderson

Soon-to-be solo artist, this former baritone is my FAVORITE. He sang with Ernie Haase and Signature Sound for close to 12 years. His voice is so beautiful.

43 Darrell Evans V 1 Comment
44 Andy Chrisman

Truly one of the most distinctive voices and personalities of the greatest male vocal groups of our generation. His range is incredible and his presence in a song took the listener to a whole new level. Nobody can match his power and his sincerity when he sings. Now he is blessing others at Church on the Move as he gives back doing his weekly radio show.

45 Paul Wilbur

One of best classic gospel.. Great of all kind

46 J. Moss

He's continued to carry the family heritage in gospel music. He ministers in his music as does the others in his family. I absolutely love his musical genius!

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47 Mark Lowry

He has a beautifully smooth voice with a great sense of humor. He never fails to make me laugh

Funny but very serious when he sings and ministers to the crowd.

Mark Lowry has a voice that speaks the love of Christ when he sings or shares his stories. Mark Is blessed with this gift and he is a blessing to all that hear him. His last CD says it all in his song "How We Love".

Mark Lowry should be in the top ten list.

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48 Russ Lee
49 Isaac Joe

One of the best music composer and motivational speaker in South India.

50 Albertina Walker

The "Dream Maker, " "Star Maker, " very unselfish woman of God. A truly born again believer, and one who taught and cared for so many. A fantastic talent, and blessing from the Lord on high. I will always love her music and her legend will forever live!

Simply the best. Her work with the caravans and the many great songs and performances. Lord Keep Me Day By Day and many more. All of her contemporaries regard her as the queen.

She was a gospel legend in my book
I would like to get some of her song to sing in my church

Truly one of the best!

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51 Amber Nelon Thompson
52 Darlene Zschech

You are a great woman of God.

She's the great leader and the best songs writer and inspiration singer filled with the power of God. I love her may the Lord blessed her and her family In JESUS name.

Greatest worship artist! She brings in the Lords's presence when worshipping!

True. Has so many songs

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53 Kathy Troccoli

Kathy gets right to the Heart! She reaches deep into the heart and soul of people. She gets my vote!

54 Kim Hopper
55 Susan Ashton
56 James Moore

Everyone is entitled to their opinions but based on facts James Moore had a very beautiful voice. His voice could minister to the needs of anyone who listened. His voice was unmatched to anyone in his time and the present time as well.

Really anointed renditions from Rev James Moore... Due respect to all contenders but anyone could see the man had a gift from the Lord. Halleluijah!

I thank God for the gift that was given Minister James Moore. He was an anointed gospel singer, musician and conductor of heavenly praise. His music cannot be duplicated nor diluted b/c there will always be only. one mistro of gospel music for the masses... Minister James Moore

57 Cheri Keaggy
58 Taranda Greene
59 Mandisa
60 Sinach

When it comes to the best of holy spirit inspired song its just sinach.. She has a way of bringing the atmosphere if worship and praise to people

I am in the same global ministry as Sister Sinach, Beautiful woman of God, graced minister, she ministers not just sings.

I love this woman her songs are powerful and uplifting. She is a wonderful woman truly God sent

Holy spirit inspired worship leader

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