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61 Aretha Franklin Aretha Franklin Aretha Louise Franklin (born March 25, 1942) is an American singer–songwriter and musician. Franklin began her career singing gospel at her father, minister C. L.


Great singer my whole family love your musics and the way you sing it brings the spritual and grace to us.

because you are legacy to all the people and I love your music. - egillaxelsson

One of the great pioneer's of GOSPEL, I remember when I first heard amazing grace, I was blown away

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62 Jake Hess
63 Smokie Norful

My pastor smokie norful is a awesome singer one of the greatest I feel he should be in the top 10

Awesome! Should be up there with Elvis Presley:-)

I just love his inspirational voice.

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64 Phil Keaggy
65 Vanessa Bell Armstrong

There is absolutely no one else like Vanessa Bell Armstrong. I love the runs. Her control is absolute. Her voice is amazing.

66 Bill Shivers

Lead singer for Brian Free and Assurance. He is incredibly funny and his voice is out of this world.

67 Dottie Peoples
68 Frank Edwards

He is adorable when it comes to vocal exhilaration, a true gospel blessing

He is a man send from God

He is my music father, I was inspired by him

Keep it up my bro. your songs are very spiritual

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69 Detrick Haddon

He's the best a like all songs he;s voice is the best he is first classic for me he's top one for me that look god is in him a feel he's words a feel god power he's voice is superman

He writes the experience music life challenges he brings it home. He brings it all in the lyrics

His voice is like hearing from Jesus... Enough said!

I really wanna be like jesus and him

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70 Kari Jobe

She is one my favorite worship artist.. Has God's word in every song - paasadani

Should be number one on the list her songs speaks to you, I got to know God through her song "Steady my Heart" her self titled alubm and "Where I find you" helped me connect with God! A healing voice

An amazing singer and true Christian worship songs God bless and love you Kari.

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71 Benny Hinn

Pastor Benny Hinn is a truly anointed man of God, his songs of worship is really touching and full of anointing. His strong relationship with The Holy Spirit really makes his songs to be so powerful. I personally believe that with the incoming of the third Pentecost wave, he will truly used by God to make "Unlimited Miracle". Jesus bless him

He has worship songs a like so much. Especially his pianist.

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72 Dorinda Clark Cole

Dorinda is the legendary "Rose of Gospel Music". She has paved the way for many gospel and secular singers. Her supersonic scatts, smooth runs, and raspy tone contribute to her unique style. She is known as the "jazzy" sister of the legendary Clark Sisters. Dorinda's voice is a multitalented mezzo soprano voice!

Wonderful, anointed, powerful, and dynamic woman of God. Gospel's rose she can riff, run, and scatt at sonic speeds. She truly is one of gospel music's greatest singers.

Dorinda is just amazing all round, choir director, preacher, human being and singer her ministry is real and touching

The message of Jesus in her music. It is anointed totally. I love her voice absolutely. She is one of my favorites!

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73 Elbernita Twinkie Clark

Elbernita (Twinkie) clark is queen of the organ, song writer and leader of the legendary Clark Sister, she is a two times Grammy award winner and one of he living anointed Queens of gospel and a real lady

Twinkie Clark is a legend. She has wrote almost all The Clark Sisters Biggest big hit she also is a two time Grammy award winner. Know for creating the unique sound for "The Clark Sisters" called the clark sound she is a musical inspiration to gospel and secular singer and has been crownd the Queen of the hammond B3.

The true Clark Sisters. Twinkie can sing, compose, and direct gospel music.

Twinkie that's my girl she know she can sang all the way and still got it

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74 T. D. Jakes
75 Lincoln Brewster

I love his way of writing because his focus is completely on the love of the Father. I lead worship in the church and I use most of his songs in the worship to me he is a blessing.

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77 Rev James Cleveland

There will never be any singer (male) to surpass him. I will never get rid of my James Cleveland music. There are some
That are good but, not better.

So sad... every singer you listed came from the works of the rev. james cleveland... Even the gospel cords they use... His life was all about james cleveland presents... So who ever is running this servey really don't know any history of gospel music and should find something else to do... Be blessed or informed...

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78 Bob Carlisle
79 Terri Bewley-Conner
80 Adam Crabb

Formerly a member of The Crabb Family, he is a current member of the Gaither Vocal Band. He has a beautiful voice and is one of the most humble and down to earth people you will meet.

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