Top 10 Gospel Singers of All Time

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101 Willie Banks

He was a truly Godly, anointed man. His songs rang out with truth, and wisdom. I loved his music, still love his music, and will always cherish the times I attended his concerts, as he always praised, and worshiped God in song.

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102 Doug Oldham

Love to hear him sing. He put so much feelings in his songs. I can still hear him sing The King Is Coming! "

103 Tennessee Ernie Ford Tennessee Ernie Ford

One of the best in gospel music. His voice and his music will live for ever!

How is he not number one? He had one of the purest Bass voices in music no one on this list even comes close to him.

104 Jimmy Swaggart

I gave my life to Christ 43 years ago and their is nobody who can get you into the worshiping spirit as Jimmy Swaggart can with his music. He has won many an award and certainly needs to be in the top 10 or not No. The amount of records he has made and sold proves this fact

Jimmy Swaggart is The Most Nointed Christian Singer of all time. It is my opinion.

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105 DJ Nicholas

Love Nicholas the words of your songs really touches my heart

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106 Heather St. Clair
107 Fanny Crosby

She was the best lyricist of all times.

I appreciate Fanny's singing so much.

108 Dr. Mattie Moss Clark
109 Joe Ligon

Top 5 Gospel of all times, He is able to take a living testimony and make it a song, his music is inspiring and motivational. A very good leader, mighty clouds of joy is what it is today because of Joe Ligon, from being the sensational wonders to become the mighty clouds he actually played a vital role.

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110 Isaac Carree
111 Jessica Reedy

I love her voice and style of singing it's unique

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112 Jennifer Knapp

Jennifer Knapp is an awesome singer, music is fabulous and her voice is beautiful... Love listening to her.

Knapp's Undo Me is one of the best Contemporary Christian songs of all time.

113 Camelia Brownlee Lewis

She is a new upcoming gospel artist.

114 Sallie Martin

I love all the old gospel singers because when they sang they sang from their hearts and their spirits yes!

115 Hank Williams,Sr. Hank Williams,Sr. Hiram King "Hank" Williams, was an American singer-songwriter and musician. His band were called "The Driftin' Cowboys"

Perhaps his best known is "I Saw The Light" but there are so many more!

116 Gaither Vocal Band
117 Reverend Gary Davis
118 Kanvee G. Adams
119 Larry Norman

The Pioneer of Christian Rock genre. Norman's songs challenged all the traditional concept of Christian music. Why Don't You Look Into Jesus is a timeless gem in Christian music world.

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120 Jonathan Pierce
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