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121 Hank Williams,Sr. Hank Williams,Sr. Hiram King "Hank" Williams, was an American singer-songwriter and musician. His band were called "The Driftin' Cowboys"

Perhaps his best known is "I Saw The Light" but there are so many more!

122 Kenny Hinson

Kenny Hinson was one of the greatest singers I've ever heard in any genre. He was also one of the most charismatic performers I've ever seen. Recordings do not do justice to his talent (although his recordings are great) - you had to see him in person to truly appreciate his gift. What an incredible talent gone too soon. We miss you Kenny!

Kenny Hinson had one of the best voices I've ever heard in any genre and he wasn't just a great singer, he was a great performer. One of the most talented singers I've ever heard.

Kenny Hinson was the best southern gospel singers to ever grace the stage. He sounded just like Merle Haggard. Loved his voice.

There are thousands of singers in gospel music. Then there's Kenny Hinson!
Kenny Hinson was a artist and a vocal atrobat and Kenny had the best stage presence in history!
Kenny Hinson had a tone that no one could match not even Elvis! Kenny Hinson was offered millions to sing country music but instead stored his treasures up in heaven and this is perhaps the biggest thing that separates him from the rest in gospel music. While all the others crossed over for the fame and fortune not Kenny Hinson he wasn't for sale! Kenny Hinson got souls for his labor.

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123 Reverend Gary Davis
124 Tony Fontane

What's the matter with you people. Haven't you ever heard of Tony Fontane. Now he is the best gospel singer of all time.

I heard in the middle 1950's in Grand rapids and it brought me to Christ I never had heard such a voice, what happened to him?... I will never forget him.
He was singing and gave his testimony of Christ in his life.

125 Larry Norman

The Pioneer of Christian Rock genre. Norman's songs challenged all the traditional concept of Christian music. Why Don't You Look Into Jesus is a timeless gem in Christian music world.

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126 Jonathan Pierce
127 Willie Neal Johnson

Willie Neal Johnson gave so much to the Gospel Music industry. Many have tried to mimic, but none could come close. He also believed in giving unselfishly.

128 Sister Rosetta Tharpe Sister Rosetta Tharpe

She not only sang brilliantly but played guitar brilliantly as well.

Makes you feel part of the music

129 Russ Taff

Also formerly with the Gaither Vocal Band, a truly unique voice in gospel music.

I love to hear him sing "I'm forgiven", a great song!

Again the real deal

Former lead singer of the Imperials. he had great success as solo artist in the 80"s. and background singer for many Christian singers.

130 Al Green Al Green

Love Al Green, there is no one yet can sing like him..

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131 Charles Jenkins
132 Earnest Pugh

He has a five octave vocal range... That should say more than enough. He can hit some of the best high motes you will ever here. He also writes beautiful songs.

He is a great gospel singer, Rain down on us... Got to my spirit very deep.

133 Lauren Daigle

Very new, but if she continues like this, she'll be one of the greatest (Christian)singers of all time all round.

134 John Elefante

Not just one of the best Gospel Singers but one of the Greatest Singers of all time up there with legends like Freddie Mercury and Elvis Presley.

John Elefante is incredible. The man loves the Lord with all his heart, soul and energy. Listen to No Ones Ever Died For Me Before!

This is a man that truly loves the Lord and it's a shame that he hasn't reached as many people as other artists on this list.

135 Tarralyn Ramsey

I think that everybody have forgotten her. She's very great

136 Jacky Clark Chislom V 1 Comment
137 Vuyo Mokoena

Greatest African gospel singer of all times.

He was and still the soulhealer with his melodic voice to the world, eventhough he could no longer release song but his old songs will always release soul from the chains of evil

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138 Luke Spurgeon
139 Nortreus Werley

He's a very great singer for the Lord

140 Walter Hawkins
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