Top 10 Gospel Singers of All Time

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161 Cassietta George

She was legendary. Cassietta George was a gospel singer who could successfully sing traditional and contemporary songs. She was a force within the famous Caravans. Walk Around Heaven and He Was There All The Time, was her signature songs.

162 Simply Chrysolite

The best female group I have seen in mylife, they transform the way gospel is conveyed, very peculiar and the track "will you be ready"these girls are a blessing to the world espacially Africa.

163 Oleta Adams

Holy is the lamb, and Oleta is a tender, loving conveyer of the word in song.

Her rendition of "holy" is very powerful.

164 Khaya Mthethwa
165 VaShawn Mitchell
166 Marcel Mboungou

One of most beautiful voices of Gospel Music in the world - he is a glimpse of how angels sing to God in Heaven.

167 Selah

Selah is a Christian Gospel group. The voices of the members of this group are very wonderful. Especially the message it transmitted.

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168 Jack Holcomb

This great man of God has long since past, but his music lives on. Try YouTube, The Holy City and then see for yourself.

169 Cassiane

She's the besy Brazilian gospel singer of all time. powerful voice and amaxing lyrics. She was my first favourite singer ever.

170 Kierra Sheard

She sings from the heart and signifies a person who spends time with God. True annointing

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171 Kierra Sheard

She has a beautiful voice I like all of her songs. She has edited

172 Cheryl Elizabeth "Coko" Gamble-Clemons
173 Victor Atenaga
174 Lebo Sekgobela

My experience in bloemfontein was amazing, still get the same level of anointing when I listen to her cd or watch her dvd. She is a true worshipper who worships in truth and spirit, I love her music and personality.

175 Thomas Dorsey

The father of gospel music he and sallie martin were a team.!

He wrote 100's gospel songs.
Best known is Precious Lord Take My Hand.
He is the main reason we have gospel music today.

176 Tope Alabi
177 Lara George

Is also a God inpiring gospel singer I love her song so much I think after Tope Alabi in Nigeria she's my No2

178 William McDowell

He is a great singer. I love his music.

179 Discopraise

Discopraise is a Brazilian pop rock and worship band. It highlights with a musicality that attack hunger and thirsty hearts to the God presence. Others musical styles include black music...

180 Michael Tait
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