Sandi Patty


Heard Sandy when I was just a young woman and her voice stirred something deep in my spirit. She has the most incredible range and power, yet can sing so softly and sweetly. She sings with great passion and no one, can sing "The Star Bangled Banner" quite like Sandy! All three of my children have grown up hearing her music. I even took my youngest daughter and her school mate to see Sandy in person when she made an appearance in Atlanta. Sandy's voice is truly a Gift from God! When I'm feeling spiritual drained, I listen to Sandy's voice via Pandora on my cell phone! Her rendition of "How Great Thou Art" or "Upon This Rock" lift my spirits immediately. She is a blessing to all of us and should hold the honor of #1 Gospel Singer. She IS THE BEST!

I first heard Sandi when I was a kid and she was singing with her family. I got her autograph after the show, but was way more interested in her cute brother's. My favorite of her concerts was in Oklahoma City after the Bombing in 1995. I was a disaster responder from Indiana and had been there for several weeks. I was exhausted, and beyond that, I was pretty much spent. When she said, "You are so very loved, " I felt it in my Spirit and have never forgotten the words or the feeling. And then there's her voice.

Sandi is very deserving of the top honor here! Her talent, her voice, and her beautiful spirit are what makes her a Top Ten Gospel Singer! Her life is a testimony of God's grace and unconditional love for her and each of us! God's Spirit shines through her in her music and also when she touches lives around her! We were so privileged to meet her personally after the Springdale Ohio concert. We lift you up in prayer Sandi- thanks for all you do. Brian & Laurie Bennett from Chicago area/Sunny Place Church of God

Sandi Patty is THE BEST, no contest. Look at her Dove Award record, no one comes close. Not that there aren't other good singers, but no the quality of Sandi. She's been my favorite singer for many many years now. I've seen her many times in person and she's always gracious, kind & down to earth. Her voice can be a powerhouse, shattering the windows and in an instant she can soften it and bring you to tears. She's truly a blessing to me and I hope she wins this #1 she so deserves.

Sandi's music has helped celebrate the highs in my life, as well as calm me during the inevitable lows. She's been right there with me in the ICU, and at times we didn't know if I would live or die. Finally, Sandi created a feeling of peace, faith, and acceptance deep in my soul so that I could work on getting better. And now, I've come so much further than ever expected and am living a joyful life, largely supported and inspired by the music of one person... Sandi Patty! Thank you, Sandi!

Heh! Unchangeable Kingdom, Via Dolorosa, He's Rising, Make His Praise Glorious, etc. Are timeless gems in Christian Music history. The Golden Voice should be included in this list despite of her lovelife controversy. After all, we're talking about contributions to Christian Music and talent that came from God. Plus we're all sinners so no one should throw fingers on others. So, Patty deserves a spot here.

Sandi stands head and shoulders above any gospel singer ever. Her voice box sits in the lap of Jesus. She has been faithful to share that God-given gift with us, making herself vulnerable to criticism, while sharing her own struggles. I don't believe any other public figure would be as honest and open voluntarily. I pray for a spot next to her in God's choir in Heaven!

Beautiful voice. I took my oldest daughter to one of Her concerts when she was 4 years old and I attribute the example of music excellence that Sandi has shown to the love that my daughter has for music and in choosing vocal music education as her career path. A wonderful example of dedication and the love of God

Sandi Patty! A voice unlike anyone else in the industry, an award history unlike anyone else, and a true performer. Sandi is a communicator of story in song, and the inspiration in her voice is incredible. She's nearly created an entire category of Christian music all on her own. What a richness we have in this world because of her anointed gifts!

Sandi Patty has truly just blessed me. I have been growing up listening to her. Being 15 and in high school I have moments of uncertainty about what if God is really hearing me or if He really cares, but in those moments I listen to Ms. Patty and I just feel the presents of the Holy Spirit. She has amazing talent and always uses it for the glory of God.

There is no other choice... God has blessed her with a matchless voice. She has a range that is enviable, a heart that loves God and His people. Her vocal ability is amazing. Have you heard her Star Spangled Banner? It speaks for itself. I could go on and on and on, but I don't have time and others have already done it. Sandi Patty definitely is #1!

Honestly, How could the most awarded female vocalist not be on the top of this list? Her voice is amazing but it's her spirit and soul that really peak to the woman she is. Every new Cd is an event and will leave you in a spirit of worship... But there is nothing better than seeing her in concert. No one compares.

If Sandi is singing, I'm listening! I am so inspired by everything she sings! No one can sing the Star Spangled Banner like she does! So glad to hear her sing at this year's Indy 500! I would love to see her do a Christmas Special (she's probably already done that but I'd love to see that again! )

Her voice is nothing less than inspirational. Her songs have depth and life changing messages. Looking at some of the names on this list stunned me. Just because you can sing gospel music doesn't mean you should be on this list.

Sandi was one of the first singers I listened to after coming to the Lord. Her songs were inspirational and if you didn't enter into worship listening to her songs, you didn't know God! Thank you for being faithful and using the gifts God gave you, Sandi, for His praise and glory!

Sandi made gospel music an event. Her songs were memorable and you could feel her enthusiasm even when you weren't seeing her. She inspired lots of singers to try to reach her level of excellence, including me. I will never forget seeing her lve in Kansas City; she involved the audience and made us all feel like we belonged--and her children's songs were great, too---as well as her Christmas stuff.

What more is there to say other than, Have you heard her sing? An absolute gift From God. Her angelic voice fills me with the spirit and calms the soul. No one has ever preformed the National Anthem as profound as she can. Her gifted talent is no less than miraculous.

I don't know half of the top 10. I do know Sandi though. I've grown up to her music. Her music got me through the tough times and anytime I feel my feet slipping I plug in her music and talk with God. Sandi has gotten me through all my trials. I think Sandi is #1!

Sandi's life experiences have shown how much she loves God and is willing to go to any length to grow closer to Him FIRST. I have been a huge fan of hers since before I became a Christian due to my mom playing her tapes. It's an honor to vote for Sandi. She is one of my heroes.

Hearing Sandi back in the 80's with "Morning Like This" changed my life. It is best to play Sandi's albums with the bass lowered and the treble up; and when in the car, as loud as possible! Her songs just pull the emotion right out of you! Can't get enough!

Sandi Patty, hands down is the best singer in this wonderful group of people. Her contributions to Christian music have spanned decades and she is still going strong. Love her music and her incredible voice she will always be my favorite!

Sandi has he most beautiful powerful singing voice of all time. She is a tremendous blessing to the world with her life message. Definitely the winner hands down. Sandi is a beautiful gem both inside and out.

She has a wonderful range. She has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard in my life and her songs speak to my heart. She is the best. I love the music and her stories. She gives back so much to community. She is definitely #1 in my book.

I used to sing Sandi Patty's songs in churches, at banquets, weddings and solo performances, and I was a back-up singer for Sandi Patty in Ohio, and I just absolutely LOVE her, both as a singer and as a person! She is SO very beautiful! Sandi truly is AWESOME!

I am going to be singing in her choir at The Big 3 concert in Ohio on September. I am so thrilled. One item on my bucket list to be fulfilled. She is such an inspiration in not only music but as a child of God and a person.