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1 Blair Waldorf Blair Cornelia Waldorf is the main character of Gossip Girl, introduced in the original series of novels and also appearing in the television and manga adaptations.

She schemes and has done some bad things, but she would do anything for her friends or family. I personally did not like her with Dan and it made me like her a little less, but I loved her with Chuck. She always fought for him and worked hard to make a name for herself that wasn’t just given to her. All she ever worked for was to succeed, but also supported the people she loves.

Blair is the best gossip girl character. She may come off as mean. She can be mean. But she is the nicest gossip girl character besides Eric(or maybe Jonathan). Blair has made mistakes but she doesn't pretend that she is sweet and innocent*cough* Serena*cough*. She doesn't do anything bad to her friends unless they deserve it. She is forgiving I mean I would never forgive Serena or Nate for what they did in the beginning. She has self respect to stand up to herself to Chuck. I love Chair (OTP) but he did treat her terribly.

Blair is a QUEEN! Her confidence, wit and ability to command everyone presence is amazing. Sure, Serena is nice and caring and so on but she doesn't have the fierceness Blair does. The way I see it is this : Serena is a princess, but Blair is a queen. Serena is like gold, but Blair is like diamonds.

Blair is beautiful and confident and she evolves a lot throughout the seasons without ever changing to drastically. Everyone aspires to be like her, but equally never wants to be like her. She is so diverse, and to put any other character at the top would be pointless

2 Chuck Bass

I don't care what others think... But according to me chuck is the best character and best man for blair... Yes he dide some bad things in season 1 to Jenny and sarena.. But that time he was kid and he really was sorry for that so he apologized to them later and helped them and he even Rescued jenny from that drug dealer Damien...
The other thing he did wrong was trading blair... But for this he get his punishment...Cause we can't ignore the fact that how much pain he felt when he was away from blair in season 3&4... He traded blair for his hotel in season 3 but in season 5 he almost lost his hotel because he had paid blair's dowry
He changed And the thing is his character developed the most... He changed from the bad guy to the gentleman... Everyone had their past... So stop hating him for what he did in season 1&3

Chuck did do some messed up things but he also constantly fought for Blair. He tried his hardest to be a good person for her and despite the tragedies he went through, in the end he would have done anything for his friends.

At first I didn’t like him but over the seasons he’s grown on me more and more. Definitely the most kind hearted out of all of them, he just hides it well.

CHUCK BASS! He is way hotter that Nate or Dan. I really love him. I think it's the best character that could ever been invented. "I'm Chuck Bass" That's my favorite quote ever. Though Blair would be my second option.

3 Nate Archibald

Nate is simply the best gossip girl character. He is the good guy. He does no bad things. He wants help others, betrays no one, is loyal. Of the all characters, he is the most positive and exemplar. He is the example of the good guy. He makes himself without support of his familly.

I can't believe Nates not higher up in the list! All the gossip girl characters have done bad things but COME ON people! He's done the smallest amount of bad things on the show! It also helps that he's really hot

I mean Nate is good inside and out and it's actually very hard to do that, especially in Gossip Girl. He's like the NUMBER 1 CHARACTER!

The best chacacters on the show. Very interesting about everything in his life and very good acting of Chace.

4 Serena Vanderwoodsen

I don't like her. Serena pretend to be the victim, innocent, and sweet. In reality she is cold hearted, lying, betrays her friends, and is my least favorite character.

Just think about the things Serena is going through? She is beautiful inside and out and yes she's done a lot of damage to people but most of it was an accident she's perfect in my eyes

I loved her! She should be neck and neck with Blair and definitely before chuck. Her social status and complicated pass made a great story line

Um serena? The golden girl of the upper east side, come on guys she deserves to be under blair or even ahead of her

5 Dorota

Dorota knows everything. Dorota is flawless.

She's always loyal to Blair through everything

Seriously the best character on the show

Dorota can do no wrong.

6 Eric Vanderwoodsen

He's Seychelles a cutie and a sweet heart he deserves more recognition on the show! I love him so much like I wanna marry him!

My second favorite character. I wanna marry him.

Eric and Blair are my favorite characters.

I like that he was very wise

7 Dan Humphrey

I think it's a shame that a lot hate Dan just because of the character development on seasons 4-6. What a lot can't see is that Dan's actions as Gossip Girl aren't really worse than the multiples treasons and low blows the other characters were always sending each other. Dan is just a great guy who chose to become a little more like his friends to keep hanging out with them and help them, even though his friends weren't really angels.

He is the best. What an outsider can do to the life of all those rich who see the others as trash... Many hate the character dan I don't know why... Just because he was behind everything. He would have been nothing if it wasn't for gossip girl. But through gossip girl he did change their life and how the characters found each other. I believe the guy is so smart to enter the life of upper East siders, make the it girl fall for him and become from a lonely boy in Brooklyn to a great writer of Manhattan.

I honestly hate Dan and Serena together. He's annoying and really needy. He's also super clingy. He's ugly as crap to! Can be like not be on the show anymore? I feel like he tries to come across as hardworking but he's actually really lazy and wants things given to him. AND HIS TEETH THEY HAVE HIGE GAPS THEY ARE LIKE SHARK TEETH! Ugh

Dan didn't even belong on the Upper East Side!

8 Jenny Humphrey Jennifer Tallulah "Jenny" Humphrey is one of the characters in both the Gossip Girl and The It Girl series of novels by Cecily von Ziegesar.

Jenny is honestly so pretty! I really wish Nate and her had a little bit more romance but oh well! She is very caring and hardworking also!

Don't ask me why she was so desperate to hang out with all her brother's friends. She should be last!

I don't understand why people hate Jenny so much. I get that she can be annoying sometimes but so does every character on GG. She pursues her dreams no matter what by creating her own fashion line and doesn't let anyone get on her way. The whole drug thing though was shady. And sleeping with Chuck wasn't her best moment but Chuck should be held accountable too. He is as responsible as she is, and he shouldn't have *almost* proposed to Blair the same night he slept with a minor. People keep slut shaming her. It's obnoxious. And hating her for the way she dresses makes you an idiot. She wears whatever the heck she wants.

Laugh out loud she deserves to be last

9 Georgina Sparks

Georgina is smart, mean, sneaky, and messed everything up in the first season. Overall, G is a unique and creative character.

At least she's upfront about her conniving nature

She is evil but I love her clothes

Georgina is so funny I love her

10 Rufus Humphrey

He's awesome, waffles

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11 Carter Baizen

Forget serena, he can wife me up any day

12 Vanessa

I lost a lot of respect for her with the whole Juliet thing, but she did try everything she could to make up for it and be a good friend.

Honestly the most down to earth of the lot. Deserved so much better.

I seriously hated her after the incident with Juliet

I actually liked her. I ship her with Nate. However, when she is not dating Nate. Meh

13 Cyrus Rose

He takes Blair in like his own and sees the good in everybody. He chooses to be optimistic and would do anything for his family.

I like that he was very nice and caring

Not enough points

The cutest and most adorable gossip girl character. LOVE HIM.

14 Lilly Vanderwoodsen/Bass
15 Eleanor Waldorf

Although starts off a little rocky, she later becomes the mother that supports Blair and would do anything to make her happy.

I like that she runs her own clothing line

16 Ivy Dickens

She's the best I really liked her and she was the only one who wasn't a spoiled lil rich girl who walked around with her nose up. She didn't deserve to be treated like garbage and let's be real Serena and her mom only had. Big problem with her because they wanted all of Ceces money to themselves pretty disgusting like they're not rich enough. Ivy begged for forgiveness and really loved that family that she never had herself and even said she would tear up the money to be forgiven but nope Lilly used her and threw her out

17 Tripp Van Der Bilt

My favorite characters were him and nate

I liked tripp a lot

18 Olivia Burke

The only character that didn’t really scheme or hurt anybody. She just liked a guy and truly wanted to make it work. She was level headed and determined to succeed.

19 Lola Rhodes

She deserves a little slack I mean her mum is just awful! Her mums so bad she payed Lola's friend (Ivy) to be her so that she could take Cece's money! Also Lola is so sweet and I love how she didn't seek attention like Serena

20 Jack Bass

So hot and on season 6 he was hilarious

21 Penelope Shafai

I just love Penelope. She's catty and hilarious and will always be a loyal minion

I love her style

I just love Penelope. She's a catty and hilarious b*tch and that's part of what makes her amazing.

22 Juliet Sharp

At the beginning, I really liked her she seemed like a sophisticated businesswoman and she was really pretty and sweet. But then she became just pure evil. Her and Nate were cute together though

She was actually good

23 Diana Payne
24 Damien Dalgaard

I actually found him to be cool. He is tainted with leftover Jenny though...

Honestly so hot

25 Johnny Edwards

Honestly the best character of the show! Loved him so much!

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