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1 Blair Waldorf Blair Waldorf Blair Cornelia Waldorf is the main character of Gossip Girl, introduced in the original series of novels and also appearing in the television and manga adaptations.

Blair is beautiful and confident and she evolves a lot throughout the seasons without ever changing to drastically. Everyone aspires to be like her, but equally never wants to be like her. She is so diverse, and to put any other character at the top would be pointless

Blair is a QUEEN! Her confidence, wit and ability to command everyone presence is amazing. Sure, Serena is nice and caring and so on but she doesn't have the fierceness Blair does. The way I see it is this : Serena is a princess, but Blair is a queen. Serena is like gold, but Blair is like diamonds.

Chuck is definitely my favorite but Blair comes at a close second. At first I didn't like her because she was so mean to Serena, but now I realize why she did that. Serena is not a good character. I love that Blair is so witty, wears those awesome headbands, and she's just great!

So witty and caring, the only person you can say is a brat and mean it in a good way

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2 Chuck Bass

CHUCK BASS! He is way hotter that Nate or Dan. I really love him. I think its the best character that could ever been invented. "I'm Chuck Bass" That's my favorite quote ever. Though Blair would be my second option.

He's an amazing character and never fails to make you laugh and love him. His comebacks to stuff are absolutely hilarious! And what more reason can you want other than "I'm Chuck Bass." He is Chuck Bass after all

I love him. He's such a complex character. Like there are more than two sides to him. Plus, he has the best catch phrase ever.

Chuck is such a great character and can be any guys role model...he has got everything

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3 Serena Vanderwoodsen

I don't like her. Serena pretend to be the victim, innocent, and sweet. In reality she is cold hearted, lying, betrays her friends, and is my least favorite character.

SHE IS BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING AND CARING AND KIND AND SMART AND STRONG AND HARDWORKING! I don't understand how people could hate Serena she is perfect! She is so caring. She went through a rough patch but really worked hard to get through it. Blair and Serena need to switch places on the list

Uh blair is a queen so serena move along thanks!

I mean, let‘s be honest, Serena is and always will be the true and only queen. She just let Blair be queen and we all know that. As she ran away, Blair took over and when Serena came back she didn‘t want to take anything away from Blair because she just doesn‘t need it. But if Serena wanted to take it away from Blair, she could. Just take 2x04 as example.

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4 Dan Humphrey

I honestly hate Dan and Serena together. He's annoying and really needy. He's also super clingy. He's ugly as crap to! Can be like not be on the show anymore? I feel like he tries to come across as hardworking but he's actually really lazy and wants things given to him. AND HIS TEETH THEY HAVE HIGE GAPS THEY ARE LIKE SHARK TEETH! Ugh

Dan didn't even belong on the Upper East Side! - Anonymous3

Worst person ever!

I honestly just don't like him.He's nosy, and ugh I just can't stand him.Out of all the villans in the show,I can't stand him the most..

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5 Nate Archibald

I can't believe Nates not higher up in the list! All the gossip girl characters have done bad things but COME ON people! He's done the smallest amount of bad things on the show! It also helps that he's really hot

Just look at him, he's perfect the hottest on the show

The best chacacters on the show. Very interesting about everything in his life and very good acting of Chace.

The most honourable guy on the show

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6 Jenny Humphrey Jenny Humphrey Jennifer Tallulah "Jenny" Humphrey is one of the characters in both the Gossip Girl and The It Girl series of novels by Cecily von Ziegesar.

Laugh out loud she deserves to be last

Gothic Barbie, slept with Chuck... That's all

Don't ask me why she was so desperate to hang out with all her brother's friends. She should be last! - Anonymous3

Ew. Just...ew

Why does she insist on going for people she can't have - plllover

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7 Dorota

Dorota knows everything. Dorota is flawless.

Dorota can do no wrong.

Seriously the best character on the show

She's always loyal to Blair through everything

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8 Eric Vanderwoodsen

He's Seychelles a cutie and a sweet heart he deserves more recognition on the show! I love him so much like I wanna marry him!

My second favorite character. I wanna marry him.

Eric and Blair are my favorite characters. - Disneylover

9 Georgina Sparks

At least she's upfront about her conniving nature

Georgina is smart, mean, sneaky, and messed everything up in the first season. Overall, G is a unique and creative character.


She's sorta a bitch but I'd love it if she became like better but she probably won't so

10 Rufus Humphrey

He's awesome, waffles


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11 Vanessa

I seriously hated her after the incident with Juliet

Honestly the most down to earth of the lot. Deserved so much better.

Least favorite character, I never really liked her - fangirl1967

I actually liked her. I ship her with Nate. However, when she is not dating Nate. Meh

12 Lilly Vanderwoodsen/Bass
13 Bart Bass

Chucks Dad is a good character

lily and rufus were flawless then bart came in the way

14 Cyrus Rose

The cutest and most adorable gossip girl character. LOVE HIM.

Not enough points

15 Ivy Dickens

She's the best I really liked her and she was the only one who wasn't a spoiled lil rich girl who walked around with her nose up. She didn't deserve to be treated like garbage and let's be real Serena and her mom only had. Big problem with her because they wanted all of Ceces money to themselves pretty disgusting like they're not rich enough. Ivy begged for forgiveness and really loved that family that she never had herself and even said she would tear up the money to be forgiven but nope Lilly used her and threw her out

16 Carter Baizen
17 Juliet Sharp

She was actually good

18 Jack Bass

So hot and on season 6 he was hilarious

19 Penelope Shafai

I just love Penelope. She's catty and hilarious and will always be a loyal minion

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20 Tripp Van Der Bilt

My favorite characters were him and nate

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21 Damien Dalgaard

I actually found him to be cool. He is tainted with leftover Jenny though...

Honestly so hot

22 Lola Rhodes

She deserves a little slack I mean her mum is just awful! Her mums so bad she payed Lola's friend (Ivy) to be her so that she could take Cece's money! Also Lola is so sweet and I love how she didn't seek attention like Serena

23 Nelly Yuki
24 Maureen Van Der Bilt
25 Gabriela Abrams
26 Eleanor Waldorf
27 Diana Payne
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