The Cure

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The Cure are an English rock band formed in Crawley, West Sussex, in 1976. The band has experienced several line-up changes, with vocalist, guitarist and principal songwriter Robert Smith being the only constant member.


Gothic music is really about the whole gothic rock, post-punk genre, and I think everyone should listen to this type of music before they start getting into the gothic scene. Sure, Evanescence are INSPIRED by the goth culture, but their sound isn't the traditional sound you think of with bands like The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees. I found this a really hard decision (as I'm a massive fan of lots of bands on this page) but I just love listening to The Cure. Sorry, I like a few Evanescence songs, but they're not traditional goth rock.

You know, Evanescence, HIM, and Nightwish are actually more metal than goth. There's a difference, which most people seem not to get. I mean, I guess they could be described as somewhat gothic, but I don't think metal should count. I'm not saying metal is bad or anything. I like metal a lot myself. But on a top ten list of GOTH bands, there shouldn't be metal. Especially not in the top three.

It disappoints me to see that The Cure is only at number 3. Come on people! The Cure innovated and popularized Gothic Rock, and gave us great albums like Disintegration (which is without a doubt the greatest goth rock album! ), and also made others like Pornography, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss me, Faith, Seventeen Seconds, and Wish, only to name a few of the greats!

The other bands are goth posers. This band should be number one. I listened to this amazing band for several years. They are the true pioneers if gothic rock.

Let's face it, it's Gothic Rock. Though Metal is a part of Rock I think Gothic Metal should have a list of their own and a Gothic Metal band SHOULD NOT make it to this list since Metal is a reigning genre on it's own right with numerous amazing artists. That being said, I love Evanescence more but as they are a Metal band, a fact regardless of personal opinions, they shouldn't be on this list. The Cure wins here.

Due to a misunderstanding of what Gothic Rock is, this list is plauged with Evanescence (Alternative Metal, not Goth), HIM (Hard Rock/Metal, not Goth), Nightwish (Metal, not Goth) and Marilyn Manson (Industrial Metal, not Goth).

ACTUAL Gothic Rock is very atmospheric and (in The Cure's case) very emotional. The trilogy of Seventeen Seconds, Faith, and Pornography left a huge mark on the genre, making The Cure one of the best known Gothic Rock bands out there.

The cure have changed my life. Robert Smith is the most amazing singer I've ever heard in my life and it saddens me that The Cure aren't number one. Without bands like The Cure and Sisters Of Mercy, there would be no Gothic rock.

Robert Smith was doing this stuff long before any of the band members of the other band were even born! There is no comparison in the quality of their either! Not like the utter bollocks you hear today

The Cure probably created the most bleak, depressing, dark and hopeless (in a good sense) trio of records with Seventeen Seconds, Faith and the horrifically dark, Pornography. The Cure are number 1.

I'm a baby bat I'm 14 discovered the cure recently and I think I have fallen in love. The sound is awesome and the lyrics are so touching. My favorite song by them is the hungry ghost. At least black veil brides aren't on the list. That would bug me.


Attention to the Evanescence and HIM fans: Listen to the Seventeen Seconds, Faith, and Pornography albums by The Cure. That is what Goth rock really is.


The Cure Goth? Perhaps they were leaning on the fence when they put out Faith. Some would say Pornography is Goth but I am not so sure because I don't consider 100 years very Gothic.

I think Siouxie and the Banshees were more Gothic than Evanescence by far and perhaps because Smith played guitar with them for almost 2 years he got labeled with it.

I'm surprised the Cure isn't on number one. I've grown up listening to the Cure because of my parents and I've always loved their music.

Should Be Number One In My Opinion. HOW COME THEY aren't NUMBER 1, EVEN THOUGH THEY HELPED INFLUENCE GOTH ROCK TO A GENERATION OF BANDS? And sorry "emo fans", but EVANESCENCE IS NOT PURE EMO OR EVEN GOTH ROCK. They're fake, no offense. MOST OF THESE BANDS wouldn't EXIST WITHOUT THE CURE. Sorry this kinda turned into a rant but again this is my opinion. PEACE! - MusicalPony

Will somebody please tell me why Evanescence, which AREN'T a goth band, and suck, are at number 1? Post-punk is goth rock, whiny poser metal isn't. - 445956

Stab me in the neck. Evanescence, a band full of babies are at number 1. I am going to keep voting for this everyday similar to how I keep voting for Adult Party Cartoon everyday on Worst Cartoon Remakes because somehow people think TTG is worse. Amy Lee does nothing but whine and is more emo than actual goth. - 445956

The cure below evanescence? Come on! Goth probably wouldn't exist without the cure.

Early Cure fit well into the post punk world of Goth rock. While not the Seminal band, the Cure was still one of the significant influences of the genre.

I had a funny feeling as I clicked onto this page that I would see crap like Evanescence and HIM or something at the top...crappy commercial sellouts

This Band deserve the number 1 spot. They Are the pioneer of Gothic. Robert Smith is the greatest vocal ever. VOTE FOR THE CURE... - raphjojo

The Cure - Legendary and Magical World. I love smoke weed with them. The best! Pioneer of course!

Jesus take the wheel, anything is better than Evanescence being at #1. For the love of Peter Murphy and all that is holy burn this list in goth hell.

The Cure is timeless. Robert Smith may be more mature but The Cure sound will never die. A must see band, even if it's only once in your life time.