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Evanescence is an American rock band founded in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1995 by singer/pianist Amy Lee and guitarist Ben Moody.


I love this band. And Amy lee. Seriously best music ever, ever note has passion engraved into it, meaning behind and dedication overall. Amazing band, singer, songs. Everything is just wow. I'd choose favorite songs but I can't, since almost every song is awesome on its own way. This deserves to be number one, always will.

Evanescence has got to be the best rock band ever! If you don't like them then you just don't understand what it means to be broken like all of us who love them. Amy Lee has the greatest singing voice in the world. Evanescence makes the most awesome music I have ever heard. And they write beautiful lyrics. There is an edge to Evanescence unlike any other band that I have ever heard of. You have problems if you don't like My Immortal. Evanescence rocks!

Evanescence is amazing! They have gone through allot of changes, but still have made fantastic songs and music videos.

People may say that Amy is self-centered, but she is amazing, and the videos, they show the band, which is much more than half of the female-fronted bands do. The band plays the most haunting music, with haunting vocals sung by Amy, and amazing lyrics. They have saved many a life

But, they aren't a Gothic Rock band, they are far from the subculture and the sound of the actual genre and subculture. They meet barely any characteristics of the genre. That's the honest truth.

This is the best gothic rock band EVER! I was going to be shocked if they weren't on the list (or number 1), because they are just amazing. I really hope that they have saved many lives from committing suicide (including me). I really hope there's another album coming out in a few years. On the bright side, there's a rumor that "Your Love" will be released this fall! I can't wait!

Evanescence has been my favorite band since I was a child, and as I've aged I've grown to appreciate them much more. Amy's voice is just absolutely amazing, and all of the members, despite how often they may change, are overly talented.

They are totally awesome! After hearing bring me to life, going under, Lithium, what you want.. I really thin they are awesome!... Hey but where's WITHIN TEMPTATION?... Totally unfair!.. - mcrlover100

They is unique. My immortal, hello, my tourniquet, lithium... Best songs. They have done the right choice by choosing amy lee for sally's song... She has her own signature there.

Amazing band... It says a lot about true things and describes life or how life is for some people and this bands songs relate and the if you listen to the lyrics and figure out what they mean to you then you could be surprised on how much many people like this band!

I love this band so much, the lyrics, the music, the design and everything about evanescence is epic. They didn't try to be like any other band but evanescence. Amy's vocal is exquisite it's strong but also soft dark and also lovely and cool, its just perfect!

There's no way a band can surpass Evanescence. Amy Lee is so pretty; mentally, physically, and verbally. My favorite song by them is Sweet Sacrifice. If Amy Lee reads this, I hope she knows that I have been listening to her for several years.

Amazing band, they have songs in different genres, some of their music fits into metal, some into rock, they have passion behind their songs, and it really comes through, they have great music and lyrics complement it perfectly.

She Has a brilliant voice and their songs are excellent. My favourite album of hers is Fallen. All of her songs have true meaning in them and she thinks about everything that she writes.

That band is really melodic. The lyrics are very meaningful and dark. I just love the way they express themselves with their music. It's a must hear for Goth fans! Thank you Evanescence!

Seriously I LOVE them, but, they're not gothic rock they're gothic metal. All they're songs flow in my mind when I listen to them, BEST BAND EVER. If you're looking for gothic metal, this is it

This is a real stretch to include this band on a Goth rock list. Don't get me wrong. I love Amy Lee and her singing. The songwriting is marvelous and the band is a fantastic listen. I just don't think they really qualify as Goth.

Amy Lee is the best singer that ever lived and every song wrote by evanescence has a great meaning. If I had to choose one bad to listen for the rest of my life I'd choose them.

You cannot say that evanescence is the best out there, but certainly no one can be like them, not even close. They are my favorite. And I can't find something similar at all.

evanescence is the greatest band out there nobody can sing like amy lee! the songs she writes are awesome nobody does it like evanescence

One of my most favourite bands! Such energy they possess, I wish I could see them live. I love ALL their songs and especially Amy's voice! Talk about AMAZINGLY GIFTED - CeeCee1025

Been listening to Ev for one year, and in that one year, it has become my life. All of their music is so amazing that I STILL can't decide on a favorite song! Prepare your ears for something epic, people, because when you listen to this band, you are listening to the best band ever and the exact definition of talent.

I love them! My favorite band Amy Lee's awesome and I have read a lot about her. Evanescence have shown me which style fits me. Good work evanescence stay cool!

Been listening to Evanescence since Fallen, and I was 5 years old then! Go Evanescence, shame you've only got 4 albums out! Still my favourite band though!

I've been a fan of this perfect band for almost Seven years, and I'm as much in love with them as I was when I heard them for the very first time. I love them.

I love every song that the band has made. Like Snow White Queen and Bring me back to life Going under is another good song my friends love the song to.