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HIM is a rock band from Helsinki, Finland. The band was formed in 1992 by vocalist Ville Valo, and bassist Mikko "Migé" Paananen, under the name His Infernal Majesty.


HIM is one of the greatest bands I've ever listened to. Ville's dark past brought into the lyrics causes fans to become hypnotized by them. The piano playing from Burton really just gets me into it. And of course all the guitar work from Linde. The amazing bass parts from Mige and the glorious drumming from Gas. They are just the perfect band.

This band is incredible NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE it. Ville Valo's voice is amazing. And the songs have lots of meaning their beautiful. Go check out the songs Wings of a butterfly, gone with the sin, join me in death, the heartless, killing loneliness, vampire heart, bury me deep inside your heart and my favourite one Funeral of hearts.

I Don't get why people say this band isn't Gothic. They have the darkness, Ville's voice is very bass and sounds like what a Gothic singer should be. He has the loving romantic voice and has an amazing vocal range. My personal favorite Gothic Rock artists are HIM. Evanescence is a Dark Rock band that Went Mainstream, HIM should be #1

I love Evanescence, but H.I. M is the stuff that either gets you pumped up, or lets you blow it off. Personally H.I. M allowed me to go on a deployment and not blow my own head off, that and a little Lacuna Coil to help.. Which I would like to say they are all good bands, but H.I. M has a different about it that the others don't..

What you ask of a band; great lyrics, charismatic and individual members that meet together to make great music, and songs that shatter and then glue your heart only to shatter it again is what HIM delivers, you can't really ask anything from them but more music.

"Under the Rose" she looked at me while moving her "Wings of a Butterfly" and gave me "The Kiss of Dawn" which let my "Soul on Fire" which made "The Path" clear to "Enjoy the Silence" while telling her how "Beautiful" she is laying "Right Here in my Arms" before I "Loose You Tonight" and she said no one can "Love You The Way I do" which "Scared to Death" the
"Solitary Man" who I was before I offered "Summer Wine" so she could "Join Me In Death" and be "Buried Alive by Love"

HIM deserves this title. Undoubtedly, this band has managed to make music with a good basis gothic, very different, very special. The voice so deep Ville and all those feelings expressed are very important in this.

HIM is most definitely the best goth band. Villes voice and his powerful lyrics matched with the music is an amazing combination. I've never heard another band like them. Each song seeps into your soul and makes you feel something. Each song latches on to your heart and makes you want to fall in love. In my opinion, HIM is the best band out of Europe since The Beatles.

Greatest lyrics ever amazing band logo awesome live performances perfect instrumental work funny interviews great style and an amazing genre of music superb albums this is everything a band can have

HIM inspired me to many things
And their songs are directly related to my soul.
I really want to visit one of theirs concerts because I know - This show is the best!
Russia Loves Hot Finnish Guys

Seriously, HIM are way better than Evanescence. Their songs are composed better, their lyrics have much more intellect and beauty, and their singers voice doesn't get annoying after five or six songs.

Love Metal do I need to say more, this band deserves to be No. 1 on this list they are more than 20 years active and every time come up with some new stuff which never cease to impress.

The best gothic band there is without a hesitating, great both at music and lyrycs and with a unique style, not to mention they're creativity arises more with every album.

I never get tired of them. They are so amazing. Their roots are defiantly in Gothic roots but they are very unique and they stand out from the other hoards of modern Goth bands.

Loved them since high school. I get lost in the music, I'm not sure how to explain it besides I feel it when their songs come on. Its one of those bands you can just close your eyes and move to.

I don't care if 'epicest' is word or it isn't! :D
They taught me how to live, love, move on and believe. =)
HIMSTER, forever.

HIM must be THE first!
i totally love VILLE'S voice and the others guys are amazing too
his songs are so beautiful and just pure poetry!

They're the best on Earth!
Greatest lyrics, heartagram, perfect live performances and brilliant instrumental versions of songs

When I first heard HIM, I never knew they were so good, or why I had never listened before. It seems that Ville Valo can never right a bad song. love this band

Well how should I say it, his is all a rock band needs, great guitar, great drums and great voice of ville who is perfect front man

All of his songs are different and unique. You will love it eventually.

HIM are very gothic in their music!
You just need to listen to them to know what I mean!

Villes choice of poetic words (often in Latin) give their music that gothic touch. as well as the Beautiful and ambient synth solos or melodies which compliment the music and add an extra dark feel!

And if you don't think a Band who base a lot of their songs on Love & Death, with that Romeo & Juliet/Adam & Eve storyline touch to them, is Gothic... then I don't know what is?

Amazing music. Other than The Cure, I was never a fan of goth rock. But they are now one of my all time favorite bands!

No hay banda como HIM. Don't Fear The Reaper, It's All Tears (Drown In This Love), Join Me In Death, Poison Girl, Right Here In My Arms, Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart, The 9th Circle, Pretending, In Joy And Sorrow, Funeral Of Hearts, The Sacrament, Sweet Pandemonium, Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly, Killing Loneliness, Kiss Of Dawn, Cyanide Sun, In Venere Veritas, Heartkiller, Shatter Me With Hope

The best band ever! They're so true, romantic and unique. They make my day.