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41 The Fallacy

The fallacy deserves to be here, they keep the original gothic sound with new refreshing ideas.

This is real gothic rock, this band is nort metal, The Fallacy is one of the traditional goth rock bands...

The fallacy must be the most refreshing voices of gotic music i�'d ever listen.
The combination of clasic gotic sound, voice and beats are a pleasure to listen at any time.

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42 Dreadful Shadows

Although not part of the original goth scene, these guys have the essence of proper gothic music, sadly no longer a band, but up there with clan of xymox cruxshadows and spawned bands like tenebre, terminal choice & lucyfire dreadful ARE goth, unlike the symphonic rock bands that claim to be goth

43 Swans

I wish I was at home listening to Swans :(

44 Poisonblack

Poisonblack is awesome period. Doesn't matter who the singer is. JP or Ville. I have to mention Him The 69 Eyes & Lacrimas Profundere all should be in the top 5 other bands I really like are Paradise Lost The Rasmus 45 Grave The Damned. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion. This is just mine. Goth Rock Punk Metal Period it's all good. I can't believe my ears with hip hop it's just down right terrible.

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45 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

They never achieved much success, but they definitely had the gothic sound down, it's disgusting to see them so low on this list.

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46 45 Grave

One of the most darkly rockgoth I have heard...Christian death is my absolute favorite and these guys belong right next to Rozz

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47 Nico

The Marble Index (1969), it may not be 100% gothic, but songes like "Evening of Light" and "Roses in the Snow" are gothic in my opinion, so I think she deserves some if of the credit...

48 Black Widow Black Widow V 1 Comment
49 The Last Dance

Top stuff! The Last Dance are amazing and deserve to be much higher on this list. Then again I'm sure this list is merely the sum of its parts and whatever the people who fell across this page felt the urge to write about, nominate or upvote.

50 The Faces of Sarah

I had the opportunity to support Nick and the boys of The Faces of Sarah on a few occasions and it was always a delight and a pleasure to watch them play and hear Nick sing... The Faces of Sarah should be higher up the list...

Nicks voice takes Goth to a new level. Fatalistic warning is purely sublime

This band is phenomenal, so different from the rest and the vocalist is just mind blowing

Best rock for me singer is fantastic Nick Schultz.

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51 To/Die/For
52 Charon

One of the best with their smashing guitars, epic solos, and vocals that are just really addictive, this band is a true discovery in goth music
Their albums the dying day lights and downhearted are just amazing

'Deep Water' is an awesome and haunting song. 'Rain', 'Gray', 'Ride on Tears, ' and basically most of the album 'Songs For Sinners. '

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53 Icon & the Black Roses
54 The Birthday Massacre The Birthday Massacre The Birthday Massacre is a Canadian dark wave and synth rock band currently consisting of Chibi (vocals), Rainbow (guitar), Falcore (guitar), Owen (keyboard), Rhim (drums) and Nate Manor (bass), that formed in 1999 (even though the 2016 demo collection "Imagica" dates some tracks back at 1998). more.

Awesome band. If you haven't heard them yet you are missing out! They are Goth Electronica. The lead singer Chiba's voice will haunt you deep into your soul! If you like them also try Bella Lune

Being Canadian, music wise I have been rather disappointed, and wondering what our country has come down to (Justin Bieber, Nickelback) but when I discovered them my faith had been restored.

They are WAY more goth than Evanescence!

Very surprised to see TBM this low. While there are other influences that shape their sound, TBM has enough of a Goth influence, creativity, and amazing music, to be much higher on here.

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55 For My Pain
56 Sirenia

Just listen to "The Mind Maelstrom"

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57 The Crüxshadows

78? These are more Goth than My Chemical Romance who are further up on the scale. I usually dislike bands with huge discographies but these were just an exception. Absolutely amazing. Some of my favourite songs are Heaven's Gaze, Nothing, Untrue, Birthday and Sophia.

What are bands like Lacuna Coil, Marilyn Manson and Evanescence doing on here?

Probably my favourite band of the dark scene - I won't call them Gothic rock because their newer stuff is certainly darkwave but I think their older stuff could be classed as it. They have some amazing songs and I've seen them live, met Rogue as well.

I wish people would do some research before they label Evanescence as Goth.

Some of my favorite music.

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58 Gene Loves Jezebel V 1 Comment
59 Das Ich
60 Sentenced

Sentenced is a true black rose of black roses, Sentenced is a band that you'll never find again, it showed you true lifes fears nd the pain of living nd staying alive with out the 1 you care 4, whats the point of living if you don't have the 1 thing you love most, to bad this band broke up

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