The Sisters of Mercy


A little history lesson:

Four bands are generally credited as being the founding fathers of gothic rock: Bauhaus, Siouxie and the Banshees, Joy Division and The Cure. All of them have stated at various stages that they were never goth and also admitted that they were. And all of them are superb - ironically all with a slightly different sound.

These four laid the foundation for the second wave of goth bands - which included the likes of Killing Joke and the Sisters of Mercy. Of these, the Sisters of Mercy were arguably most successful and probably codified the sound of Trad Goth, inspiring the likes of Rosetta Stone, The Mission et al (although the Mission is a story in itself...).

If it weren't for the founding four or the sisters, there would be no bands in this list, and these five bands should be at the top of the list every time.

Especially as Evanscence aren't even a Gothic Rock Band...

A really, really, really great band. Some of the others shouldn't even be here like Evanescence and Nightwish. Some people are confusing symphonic metal for Gothic rock. Yes, those bands are metal, not gothic rock. Real goth metal bands are Entwine and Moonspell.

Goth was born in the early 80's - and is already nothing but history. HIM, Nightwish, Evanescence...? May be a number 1 for the kids (and that's how different eras should rise and fall) BUT they are definitely not even close to the Goth genre. The Sisters - well, yes, that is Goth and Rock too!

Evanescence? Really? Don't get me wrong I like their music, but goth rock they are not. The Sisters of Mercy epitomise goth rock.

Easily the best goth band ever, even though Eldritch never intended them to be a "goth" band, that's just music press nonsense, just like the Sex Pistols never intended to be a punk band, the press just made the label up.

This is the best group of its time and genre, and everything else on this list is just a cheap version of it. Lucretia My Reflection, This Corrosion, Dominion/Mother Russia; you cannot argue with those awesome songs. Nothing on this list can compare.

This list is weird. Since when are bands like Nightwish, HIM and Evanescence considered goth?

Anyways. I voted Sisters because they coloured a lot of my youth in awesome melancholy.

Evanescence? Marilyn Manson? Really? Learn a thing or two about this stuff before you start calling yourself goth

Although Sisters preferred to just be called a rock band, nothing else out there has ever stirred the deep dark pathos in me like this band. I think they are far and away the greatest ever.

Evanescence is NOT Gothic... we eat emo's though I do like her music... its just not right to crown the wrong king

This band should be higher on the list. I'm not very familiar with gothic bands but I have to say this band is enough to get me into the subculture. All their songs have this dark vibe that makes me want to dance in the middle of a dark forest (don't judge me).

Voodoo Church and Siouxie and Banshees are very nice bands too

I think you should put actual Goth Rock Bands Only. You seem to have added bands that are not of the genre.

I really love Evanescence most, but they aren't true Gothic Rock, so I'm going with the Sisters of Mercy. I love the song More

I don't care what Eldritch says, this band is so popular that it MUST be considered part of the Goth scene!

Even though Andrew Eldritch won't like me saying this, but Sisters of Mercy are the definition of Gothic music. The best. - antonp23

Sisters of Mercy is the Archetype for Goth rock. Floodland may be one of the best albums of all-time let alone Goth. You'll still hear 'this corrosion' or Lucretia My Reflection' at any Goth themed night at a club. How many of the other bands listed can say that?

The first band most people think of when goth is mentioned, well depends on your age over 35 yes


The best band ever. Eldritch's voice is the most beautiful.

Marian is my favourite song from these guys.

Do you know what are you speaking about?

Evanescence... What did I miss? I have NEVER known a Goth that listened to them, in fact they mostly want to stay as far away from them as possible. TSoM though... Classic.

Its a real goth band and its just great

I love this band their my favorite.

They just simply are. Evanescence is crap, Bauhaus is meh, and, although I love The Cure, they are not really goth (I know their first couple of albums were but hey).