Best Gothic Metal Albums


The Top Ten

1 Beyond the Veil - Tristania
2 Requiem: Mezzo Forte - Virgin Black
3 October Rust - Type O Negative
4 Bloody Kisses - Type O Negative
5 The Dreadful Hours - My Dying Bride
6 Icon - Paradise Lost
7 Mandylion - The Gathering
8 Velvet Darkness They Fear - Theatre of Tragedy
9 Draconian Times - Paradise Lost
10 Songs of Darkness, Words of Light - My Dying Bride

The Newcomers

? Horror at Red Hook (Demo) - Dunwich Horror at Red Hook (Demo) - Dunwich

The Contenders

11 An Elixir for Existence - Sirenia
12 Widow's Weeds - Tristania
13 Wolfheart - Moonspell
14 At Sixes and Sevens - Sirenia
15 Like Gods of the Sun - My Dying Bride
16 Theatre of Tragedy - Theatre of Tragedy
17 Aegis - Theatre of Tragedy
18 Arcane Rain Fell - Draconian
19 Tiamat - Wildhoney
20 Fallen - Evanescence

With like 20 millions copies sold, this album is still underrated

Gothic-Nu metal, very nice combination.

21 Gothic - Paradise Lost
22 Comalies - Lacuna Coil
23 World of Glass - Tristania

"I will tell it like it is here...This album, like many of Tristania's, is of course totally radical! But THE SONG WORLD OF GLASS IS TOTALLY AWESOME! In my opinion, it is an awe inspiring and energizing anthem which has helped me in some of my most challenging times iny life ever! May you reign for EVER! "

24 Venus Doom - HIM

Not a metal album.

25 The Open Door - Evanescence

Should be top ten, very nice album. - GREYBOYY

26 Dusk and Her Embrace - Cradle of Filth
27 Darkness and Hope - Moonspell
28 Night Eternal - Moonspell
29 Elodia - Lacrimosa
30 Griefshire - Elis
31 A Deeper Kind of Slumber - Tiamat
32 Prey - Tiamat
33 Where Lovers Mourn - Draconian
34 The Silent Force - Within Temptation

Memories, Angels, Jillian, Somewhere... This album is epic! Hydra is really their worst album ever compared to this amazing album.

35 Antichrist Superstar - Marilyn Manson
36 The Downward Spiral - Nine Inch Nails

NIN aren't gothic at all. Why is this even on here?

This is NOT Gothic.

37 Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death) - Marilyn Manson
38 Skills In Pills - Lindemann
39 Emerald Forest and the Blackbird - Swallow the Sun
40 Hope - Swallow the Sun
41 Ghosts of Loss - Swallow the Sun
42 New Moon - Swallow the Sun
43 The Great Cold Distance - Katatonia

Simply on of the best albums in my collection. Soil's Song, My Twin, July...this album is emotive and heavy in all the right places.

44 Wither, Blister, Burn and Peel - Stabbing Westward

The ultimate 'can't get over her album' this semi-industrial epic will certainly appeal to gothic metal lovers because of its subject matter, despite being more like Filter than anything. It is heavy, very depressing, very beautiful, but is tragic watching a man tear himself to pieces over the loss of a girl.

45 Life is Killing Me - Type O Negative
46 Monotheist - Celtic Frost
47 World Coming Down - Type O Negative

One of the most emotionally crushing albums ever made, even more so when you learn that the darkest songs on the album are based on Peter's life just after October Rust. The ultimate gothic metal album. - Revolution666

48 The Origin of the Feces - Type O Negative
49 Endorama - Kreator
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1. Requiem: Mezzo Forte - Virgin Black
2. October Rust - Type O Negative
3. The Dreadful Hours - My Dying Bride
1. Icon - Paradise Lost
2. Beyond the Veil - Tristania
3. Velvet Darkness They Fear - Theatre of Tragedy

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