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1 Gran Turismo 4

Worst AI in the series and isn't as enjoyable as 3, but still does enough to be the greatest title in the series.

Gran Turismo 4 had started the thousands of cars trend in the GT line. I still play this one to this day and more than I did with any other GT game.

Is the best! With awesome grafics for ps2 and good sound track is the best gt game

2 Gran Turismo

What's this crap doing here in 1ST place?

3 Gran Turismo 3 A-spec

Gt3 is the best GT game. gt4 is really good but its like gt5 to gt6. "its just and updated version of itself

4 Gran Turismo 2

Race modification and the chance to run Pikes Peak. If they just updated the physics model and re-released it, it would best the other games in the series by an even bigger margin.

Just started playing this game again this weekend. This game NEVER gets old for me! - LordOfTheOnionRings

This GT was and is best because it had it all, great rally, great tarmac. IT also had pikes peak and the beloved sazukl escudo as well as that sick honda del sol LM.

5 Gran Turismo 5

I just like it more

6 Gran Turismo 6

GT6 should be above 5

7 Gran Turismo HD Concept
8 Gran Turismo Concept 2002 Tokyo-Geneva
9 Gran Turismo Concept: 2001 Tokyo
10 Gran Turismo Sport

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11 Gran Turismo (PSP)
12 Tourist Trophy

Like Gran Turismo? Like motorcycles? Here ya go!

13 Gran Turismo 7

Not even out yet. - LordOfTheOnionRings

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1. Gran Turismo
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