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21 Out to Get You
22 Comfort Me
23 I Come Tumblin'

The BEST Rock song ever to me. Mark, Don and Mel play withsuch a grooving heavy passion. Don screaming vin the background during Mel's solo makes me go crazy with him.I don't care what anyone says or how they feel about it. Mark's voice and the harmonies are unsurpassed. "Upsetter played before it is very groovy indeed.

It's all about how the chemistry of these three men recorded together. There has been no other musician in the day of their music in the 70's than Don Brewer.

Listen to this song on big speakers, loud, and hear Mark's great vocals and guitar playing. Still gets my adrenaline going!

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24 Wait for Me

This is an amazing piece of music.

25 Loneliness

Ranks right up there with Closer to home, as one of the top ten songs in rock history. This is a message tune for those who will listen. The build up with the orchestra, simply outstanding!

26 In Need

For me thi is the best song ever. Grand Funk the best rock band ever!

I don't how this song is not on the top from this list

27 The Railroad

Just a perfect song. Mark's acappella intro vocals sets this song over the top alone. Plays on words, great guitar solo, and mark goes so high at the end of the song "workin for the railroad yaeah. Nothing but greatness.

28 Time Machine
29 I Can Feel Him In the Morning

To me, this is d tract that will live forever in my mind. It has a rhythm, it has a peculiar pace. It is exquisite rock n roll. It is vintage Grandfunk. Long live Grand funk!

30 To Get Back In
31 Winter and My Soul
32 Into the Sun
33 Are You Ready
34 Destitute and Losin

This song is truly the Ultimate Rarity that belongs in the Top 10

35 Feeling Alright

By far the best cover of that song. Love Traffic, but their original puts me to sleep. GFR rocks it!

36 Take Me

Why this song isn't on the list come on.

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