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41 Leo Teal
42 Michael

He's gonna be awesome in Grand Theft Auto V. So is Trevor and Franklin but Micheals my favourite. Trevor second best :). - GtPirahna02

Maybe not as good as Niko, but best character in Grand Theft Auto 5

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43 Little Jacob

Lil Jacob seems to be like a backup for niko which is why he's my favorite character. Not just that he's like a ninja too.

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44 Lance Vance

Why is this annoying backstabbing twat on here?

At least he didn't backstabbing his brother!

45 The Truth V 3 Comments
46 Steve Haines

Steve haines is kinda cool and kinda not he's a officer who asks people to do his work for him

I interject with this one, just look at his personality - Orbitovsky

47 Ray Machowski

Love to meet him... If I could get to the last phone, without crashing and running outta time.

48 Madd Dogg V 1 Comment
49 Marty Chonks
50 Luis Lopez Luis Lopez V 1 Comment
51 Ken Rosie Rosenberg
52 Woozie V 3 Comments
53 Ankita Muskan V 1 Comment
54 Salvatore Leone
55 Lola Del Rio
56 Manny Escuela

Best funniest Grand Theft Auto character

Too bad that elisabeth aka crazy bitch shot him and jay

57 Patricia Madrazo
58 Dave Norton
59 Jerry Martinez

One of the most memorable antagonists in the series

60 Vincenzo Cilli

Eaten by Toni. This is the food chain.

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