Best Grand Theft Auto Characters

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41 Donald Love V 1 Comment
42 Luis Lopez Luis Lopez V 1 Comment
43 Ken Rosie Rosenberg
44 Woozie V 3 Comments
45 Ankita Muskan V 1 Comment
46 Salvatore Leone
47 Lola Del Rio
48 Manny Escuela

Best funniest Grand Theft Auto character

Too bad that elisabeth aka crazy bitch shot him and jay

49 Patricia Madrazo
50 Steve Haines

Steve haines is kinda cool and kinda not he's a officer who asks people to do his work for him

I interject with this one, just look at his personality - Orbitovsky

51 Dave Norton
52 Jerry Martinez

One of the most memorable antagonists in the series

53 Vincenzo Cilli

Eaten by Toni. This is the food chain.

54 Louise Cassidy-Williams

The reason to hate Vice City Stories, why is SHE here?

55 Mary-Beth Williams

I want Mary-Beth to be in Grand Theft Auto 6, as a main character.. She would be 28 or 29 now. She could be a wealthy business woman in which from the money that Vic and Lance had before they died. She could be married with a daughter of her own named Louise II, her husband could gamble away the money and use it on prostitutes, where one of the prostitutes is a daughter or niece of Armando Mendez, Mary-Beth could avenge the death of her mother.

Are you hinting that she should be the first female protagonist?

56 Wade Hebert
57 Hilary King
58 Devin Weston

Devin weston should be number 100 he steals the money instead of giving it to franklin lamar Michael and trevor he invests it for 5 rare cars

59 Zero
60 Martin Madrazo V 1 Comment
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