Best Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Myths

The Top Ten Best Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Myths

1 Leather Face

Sorry but it doesn't work on my ps2 - Norrisofchuck

I did like instantly probally something else. Myths aren't real but this one I like - bluestar247

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Is a Eveil person set to be around red county. He is said to kill anyone who stays on his place for over 2 real hours - bluestar247

Your kidding right. I went to the Red County and I look that house.
Your said that house is place of Leather face right. After I in to that
House and I waiting him on 2 real hours. Nothing happens to me, and I don't
See Leather face shadow at that house. I want to ask you, are you really
See a Leather Face or shadow or something. Don't lie to me I is Proffessor
Of the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Please don't PROTEST!

2 Big Foot

Famous myth in Grand Theft Auto. On Watch Mojo myth Big Foot occupies second place. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas best game of all times.

Almost as famous a myth as the real life counterpart.

He is a myth in the game as in real life - bluestar247

3 Ghost Car

I did steal it and drive in it, sometimes it drives itself. - ICanSeeYou

Its an old car the glendale that drives with no one in it - bluestar247

4 CJ Mom Ghost

I have seen her when I was looking in the house is saw a lady in a suit she was sitting in the bed and looking at me!

Said to appear in johnson house - bluestar247


Hey, I thought I saw one one night when I was playing... Aliens!

I don't know but I have seen it when I was out of the cluckin bell after buy food in the desert I see the sky then I saw a silver thing with sniper rife SO SCARY BRRR

I saw it while I was in San fierro at night

Area 69.

6 Big Smoke Ghost

After you kill him people say they see him whre he was - bluestar247

I think it is very strange in he's crack palace is blinking lights,fast food on the ground with 4th floor and bloods with his.statues shirt.and why this explosion don't break this factory? (i think its factory.)

7 Grave Robber

Ed Gein who is leather face but it's a diffrent versio or remark of him. - bluestar247

Oooh in Grand Theft Auto sa graves with capels and biowell grave are roberring

8 Loch Ness Monster The Loch Ness Monster (also known as Nessie) is an aquatic creature which reputedly inhabits Loch Ness (a lake in Scotland). Nessie is one of the most famous cryptids in history. The earliest report of the monster was in A.D. 565 where Irish monk Saint Columbia was the first person to record having more.

Like in real life - bluestar247

9 Door In the Sky

In the desert only reachable with cheats - bluestar247

10 Serial Killer

He is in the desert unlike leatherace - bluestar247

The Contenders

11 Mothman

In the desert near the Sherman dam. It is also a statue of
Mothman near the dam.

12 Shady Creeks Creature

My favorite myth in san andreas. I would put in number 1 yet its spooky and interesting

It's very hard to find it.

This is actually real, even Rockstar said so.

I think it's real. R* said there is no Bigfoot in San Andreas, but there are something in the woods. I think it is SCC.

13 Zombie & Open Tomb

Open tombs is in capel graves and a biowell grave.zombies is in zombotech

14 Pigsy

I wouldn't be surprised if Piggsy actually DID make a appearance in the game. It's an interesting myth.

15 Ghost Town Figure

I saw his its very scary moment brrr

16 Suicidal Photographer

I found this at near the bridge that divide santa marina beach and flint county that guy take some photos while I driving w/ my hotring racer after he take some photos he's going to the water and he died

One of the less who are actual REAL

Its glitch

17 Sharks

Its real

18 Toreno the Spy
19 The Woods Creature

Wow, I'm surprised that I couldn't find that myth in this list. It's the biggest myth in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas!

20 Cult Epsilon

It's Biggest Grand Theft Auto:SA myth

21 Ratman

Ratman is myth in Grand Theft Auto 4 not in San Andreas

22 Falling Black Dots
23 Ghost Planes

Yeah. they crashes sometimes on roads outta nowere

Ghost planes are ussualy planes that fly at low atitude.But what s weird about it that they crash everywhere and there is no pilot in cockpit.

24 Underworld
25 TV Ghost
26 Werewolf
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