Best Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Myths


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1 Leather Face

Sorry but it doesn't work on my ps2 - Norrisofchuck

I did like instantly probally something else. Myths aren't real but this one I like - bluestar247

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Is a Eveil person set to be around red county. He is said to kill anyone who stays on his place for over 2 real hours - bluestar247

Your kidding right. I went to the Red County and I look that house.
Your said that house is place of Leather face right. After I in to that
House and I waiting him on 2 real hours. Nothing happens to me, and I don't
See Leather face shadow at that house. I want to ask you, are you really
See a Leather Face or shadow or something. Don't lie to me I is Proffessor
Of the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Please don't PROTEST!

2 Big Foot

Famous myth in Grand Theft Auto. On Watch Mojo myth Big Foot occupies second place. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas best game of all times.

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3 Ghost Car

I did steal it and drive in it, sometimes it drives itself. - ICanSeeYou

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4 CJ Mom Ghost

I have seen her when I was looking in the house is saw a lady in a suit she was sitting in the bed and looking at me!

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Hey, I thought I saw one one night when I was playing... Aliens!

I don't know but I have seen it when I was out of the cluckin bell after buy food in the desert I see the sky then I saw a silver thing with sniper rife SO SCARY BRRR

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6 Big Smoke Ghost V 2 Comments
7 Grave Robber

Ed Gein who is leather face but it's a diffrent versio or remark of him. - bluestar247

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8 Loch Ness Monster Loch Ness Monster V 1 Comment
9 Door In the Sky

In the desert only reachable with cheats - bluestar247

10 Serial Killer V 1 Comment

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? Falling Black Dots

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11 Mothman

In the desert near the Sherman dam. It is also a statue of
Mothman near the dam.

12 Shady Creeks Creature

My favorite myth in san andreas. I would put in number 1 yet its spooky and interesting

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13 Zombie & Open Tomb V 1 Comment
14 Pigsy

I wouldn't be surprised if Piggsy actually DID make a appearance in the game. It's an interesting myth.

15 Ghost Town Figure

I saw his its very scary moment brrr

16 Suicidal Photographer

I found this at near the bridge that divide santa marina beach and flint county that guy take some photos while I driving w/ my hotring racer after he take some photos he's going to the water and he died

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17 Sharks V 1 Comment
18 Toreno the Spy
19 Ratman

Ratman is myth in Grand Theft Auto 4 not in San Andreas

20 Cult Epsilon V 1 Comment
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