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21 Maya
22 PhotoLine

Best Image Editor/ Vector /DTP / Animation in one package
Works in windows mac and linux (Wine)

23 Photoscape

Love this program. Intuitive. Pared down without being chintzy. Fun, easy to use, with great results.

24 Photoshine Mini
25 Sketch 3

Basically made for only app and web designers, includes most powerful tools, very simply user interface, fast productivity, vector is always best with the all export supports. So get in touch of new design trend.

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26 Blender
27 Gravit

Similar to Fireworks. - Highwiredancer

28 VideoMakerFX

If one is interested in getting a graphic designer software to experiment with, then "VideoMakerFX" will do the job. Great product and it is currently undergoing a HUGE sale. Heres the link for those of you who would like to check it out.

29 Picasa
30 Anime Studio

Nice software

31 Adobe Fireworks

I think fireworks is superb.

This program is absolutely amazing!

32 Paint.NET

Pretty good program. Its free program and easy to learn. Better than paint.

33 Krita

This software is too good. Easy to use.


34 Toon Boom Harmony

I do not know

35 Paintbrush
36 FireAlpaca
37 Macromedia Flash
38 Scratch

There is a reason why I can't really move onto Photoshop - The Scratch costume and background editing things has a button that makes your drawings smooth and the ability to move points around. No other art program I know of have those. Scratch is a very friendly tool for mouse users. - LemonComputer

I'm in this website

39 Fatpaint

The leading, free, online graphic design software. It's a good candidate for your list.

40 MacPaint
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