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21 Virizion Virizion

As much as I love Snivy and Shaymin, I will have to go with Virizion because she is one of my all time favourites.

I'm usually not a fan for grass type Pokemon. But I have to say, virizion is such a good Pokemon. And underrated. - nintendofan126

I was going to put it down and I have his card

Virizion is genderless, not a she. The only legendary grass pokemon, celebi, shaymin and arceus with meadow plate are mythicals.

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22 Ludicolo

You always know if a Pokemon is good or bad by watching it dance.

My favorite pokemon of all time. Just overall good, fun look, and good types.

This Pokemon should be higher cause it's wearing a sombrero and it dances

Water and Grass is an amazing combo

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23 Abomasnow Abomasnow

Abomasnow is the greatest ever! Combination of Grass and Ice=WIN Seriously though it can learn blizzard and Giga Drain!

He's become a new favorite of mine. The mega evolution of Abomasnow is epic! I like the combination of grass and ice type moves. He's definitely a powerhouse not to be messed with. If you're looking for a grass type for your party of six, Abomasnow should be it.

The fact the abomasnow could beat all the these Pokemon with his/her ice type moves makes him even better than torterra... And seriously.. MEGA EVOLUTION people!

Beside the weakness of fire it can take down every grass type there is

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24 Tangrowth

Tangrowth is a beast in so many respects. With earthquake, it gets coverage of fire among other pesky types, and it has a killer defensive and special attacking stat. I personally think it looks cool too, but that is just me. After trying a lot of grass type Pokemon, I have to say Tangrowth was the best for me.

I love tangrowth. He looks cool. He plays like a tank. He can take heavy hits and deal them right back. And he has earthquake to knock out fire types. He is a beast, and there has never been anything quite like him.

He's amazing. he should be in top 10 at least. if his ability is regenerator and has leftovers, he is almost unstoppable

Tangrowth is the best

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25 Ferrothorn

The king of defensive grass types. Ferrothorn can take on pretty much any non Fire-type and really annoy physical fighters. Hit a Ferrothorn with Iron Barbs holding a Rocky Helmet. I dare you.

This Pokemon is on my team for version black and is my team carrier. Which is kinda weird since he is 5 levels lower than the rest of my team. - Gaymer

Its a powerhouse and is very defensive too

My ferret horn is a level 40-50 and has still won a lot.

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26 Exeggutor

Clearly the best grass Pokemon of Generation 1, Exeggutor is both one of the few grass Pokemon that doesn't have the weakening poison second type, and has the psychic type, which, at least in the first generation, is an amazing type to have.

Exeggutor #45 you kidding, this guy is a tank! Being grass and psychic he owns all other grass pokemon!

You can't beat a grass and psychic. Its just a awesome combination on a awesome Pokemon.

Exeggutor is extremely strong. Because psychic type is overall good, plus exeggutors 125 special attack stat, attacks like Psychic,Solar beam and other attacks do a lot of damage.

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27 Arceus (Grass Plate) Arceus (Grass Plate) Arceus is a legendary Pokémon from the Pókemon series. He first appeared in the 18th Pokémon movie alongside other Legendary Pokémon.

Meadow Plate Arceus can wield Fire type moves, Ground type, Rock type, is is a ridiculously powerful Grass type. With access to Meadow Plate boosted Grass type attacks, Swords Dance, Calm Mind, Recover, Will-O-Wisp, and its sheer versatility, Grass Arceus has to be the best Grass type in the game!

Arceus for the damn win. This thing is a beast and is the true god of the Pokemon world :D

Yo yo now it's cool he is the god of Pokemon yeah! He deserves to be no. 1! Gonna catch 'em all!

It's called a meadow plate dumbheads - SamTheAwesome

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28 Cacturne

The only Pokemon I remember from my old Pokemon platinum game aside my starter and giratina, and it's obvious why. The hat wearing, desert stalking, needle armed cactus monster well deserves the top spot.

I think cacturne should be at the top with movesets I prefer is giga drain, faint attack, growth, needle arm. It definitely underrated for someone as for me it is very rated and using it growth move to raise special attack can be great sweeper than most grass it should be at number 1 or 2

Although slow, it has a high attack and special attack.

How is cacturne not AT LEAST in the top 15... I used one once against my brother and I beat him with just cacturne and marshtomp... Cacturne is AWESONE!

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29 Sawsbuck

Sawsbuck should not be underestimated. Back in the days of B/W Sawsbuck was one of the best sun sweepers available. Sporting a solid base 100 attack and 95 base speed, Sawsbuck can run either a choice band or choice scarf set quite comfortably. It's move pool is quite nice as well, having access to horn leech, jump kick, megahorn, wild charge, double-edge, and even swords dance. All this coupled with two great abilities(sap sipper, chlorophyll) make Sawsbuck a force to be reckoned with. Not to mention, it's design is pretty awesome too.

Sawsbuck is a powerhouse. Horn leech for all the survivability too.

It has four forms I would choose the Winter Sawsbuck

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30 Breloom Breloom

Why is Breloom this low on the list? It is one of, if not the best, physical grass type attacker in the entire game. Breloom's average speed is not a problem due to mach punch and access to a 100% accurate sleep move in spore. A technician boosted bullet seed coming off of a gargantuan 130 base attack hits like a truck. Pure attacking sets are not the only thing Breloom is good at. Sub-Punch and poison heal sets make Breloom quite frustrating to take down. Anyone who has faced a decent Breloom knows that it needs to be higher on the list. Don't overlook Breloom, it can steamroll an entire team if given the chance.

Seriously. Oddish is ranked higher than Breloom? Breloom's attack stat can beat a legendary, plus the defense is pretty high as well. The speed is also okay too. Plus, it would be really hard to beat against rock/ground/ or even steel Pokemon. The only weakness I see is flying type. This Pokemon should have way more spotlight and attention, because it simply deserves it.

What are all of you people thinking? And why are half of the top 10 first evolution forms? Cause they look cute of that they are on the show? Now this is a strong grass type. It has a high attack and you can EV train its SPATK. Not to mention it isn't a total slaker when it comes to speed and can take a hit. It also learns some pretty darn good fighting moves.

Breloom should be top ten

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31 Cradily

Lilligant is an awesome Pokemon it has great stats and can be used as many things in a battle. And seriously Lilligant is so much better then Treeco, chikorita and all those grass starters when they haven't evolved and it's a grass, rock type Pokemon I mean how cool is that

Has 120 life and a attack called acid that gets rid of 50 life and a drain down attack that gets rid of 30 life it's weakness=fire and it's a grass type and it is the evolved version of Lileep and it's level 49 height=4"11" weight 133.2 pounds and good luck betting this Pokemon

In my opinion, perfect water/ground/rock type counter with storm drain especially, and it's perfect against those pesky primal kyogres by baiting them in with origin pulse and then goring for the kill with giga drain.

Tried it on showdown, no one knows what to do. Awesome Pokemon.

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32 Bayleef

Its so powerful. But it's also so cute when it talks in the anime. Ash's bayleef kicked a lot of butt back then in the johto days *sigh, good times

I've always really liked Bayleef and yet I have no idea why. He's just really cool, I can't logically justify it.

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33 Bellossom

Always find a way to find a good Bellossom to put on my team - SexySiren666

Bellossom should be in the top ten. Its not a weak little grass Pokemon. It may be cute but it'll knock you out.

34 Snivy Snivy

Very strong Pokemon, couldn't have beat it if I didn't have 3 dragon types and a metagross. This is a great Pokemon because my cousin chose snivy and I chose oshawott.

Snivy is smart and yet powerful. There's no grass type poke better than it, I think.

Hey! Come on Snivy is the best Pokemon ever you know! Should be 1st

Snivy is the best grass type ever! (S)he is calm, cool, and classic. Perfect pokemon for me. (But Snivy is in the 34th rank...But it's okay. 34th rank is not bad. n_n)

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35 Leavanny

Best ever! Helped me destroy everything and never fainted. Why is Leavanny number 75!?!?

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36 Jumpluff

Are you kidding? This pokemon used to be my favorite, and is my 3rd favorite now, and by far the best grass. Get up there Jumpluff. I'll always remember the first grass type I ever used.

I found a shiny hoppip, evolved it into jumpluff, and he was like my main fighter. Then I lost the game. jumpluff is awesome.

Definitely an overlooked Pokemon. Jumpluff can ruin a team with a large arsenal of moves (i.e. Subseed + Sleep Powder or Encore/Memento). A Pokemon does not have to be strong specially or physically to ruin your day.

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37 Shiftry Shiftry

Don't think so mate? Shiftry sure as hell not this far down, it should at least make the top 10 it would smash all off them bar, celebi, venusaur and torterra so there's my opinion and if you ask me it looks sicker too!

Shiftry is simply amazing. Great states, awesome move set, mind blowing design and he is regarded as an Uber!

I raised on and I can personally tell you they are the bomb.

Shiftry should be in the top 20 at least

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38 Simisage

It's my favorite Pokemon, along with gallade and minun

39 Chespin Chespin

First is si much powerful because ira a DARK TYPE TO
SO It's the best

The idiot who said Fennekin's final form is ugly then just look in the mirror and then you will see who is ugly! Chespin is the worst grass type of all time! level 18 chespin V level 18 magikarp = magikarp wins he sucks that bad!

Have you seen chespin's last evolution, it's awesome and have you seen Fenniken's and Froakie's they look so ugly.

I just really like chespin

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40 Trevenant Trevenant

Trevenant has it all. Ace design, cool stats, and the best Pokemon name ever seen. Top ten material.

Is the BEAST and has awesome STAB moves& stats

And why do you guys like this guy he is so weak

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