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61 Lurantis Lurantis

I love/hates this pokemon because of the trial

Yes, so many people got stuck on this totem Pokemon.

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62 Cherubi

Cherubi has such a great look and its is fairly easy to find on honey trees. Its evolve form is beast. every time I replay sinnoh region I find a Cherubi

63 Mega Sceptile

If sceptile is number three and mega sceptile is basically an evolution of sceptile than mega sceptile should be number one

It's the same pokemon though just a mega form

It can shoot its tail. Gotta love that

Mega sceptile is boss

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64 Pansage

Pansage is the best Pokemon. Cute and active.i love pansage

Pansage is awesome and my favorite Pokemon!

65 Lotad Lotad

He's a floating pizza! Why can't you see that...

He is pizza any Pokemon can eat it during battle if anybody has this your Pokemon is going to eat it is a piizzzaa I want to eat this pizaaa

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66 Heracross

If heracross was a grass type he will not become a fighting type anymore

Why's heracross on here he is a bug/ fighting type?

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67 Steenee
68 Sunkern

The weakest Pokemon ever deserves to be number 1

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69 Phantump

He ghost and grass and has great stats before his evo

70 Lombre
71 Cottonee

Battle strategy: Use grass whistle then use growth until your attack can't go any higher and if the Pokemon wakes up use grass whistle again. Then when your attack can't go any higher, use fairy wind. The Pokemon will faint

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72 Doredia

We already have liligant in the list.

This Pokemon is real and is only for Japanese version for liligant.

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73 Tropius Tropius
74 Snover
75 Cacnea
76 Petilil
77 Pumpkaboo

Pumpkaboo has a great look and a decent move set grows pretty fast

78 Exeggcute Exeggcute
79 Hoppip
80 Shroomish Shroomish

It can evolve into breloom, an amazing fighting-grass type. On top of that, shroomish is adorably cute. Shroomish is by far my favorite Pokemon.

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