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Oh Sceptile, king of the jungle. There is none cooler than the. And I can prove it! Competitivelty, Sceptile isn't the best choice, I'll admit, due to it's mega being 4x weak to ice types such as Cloyster. But it makes up in weakness with speed. Dang, this thing is the reincarnation of Barry Allen! It could sweep in competitive, given you Mega Evolve AFTER you Swords Dance. Casually, I'm not even gonna say anything. It gets the some of the best STAB and variety in it's movepool out of any Pokemon, EVER, let alone Grass Pokemon, which usually get healing or status moves like Synthesis or Grass Whistle. The best moveset for our dear spinach-wristed dinosaur would be Leaf Blade for STAB, Rock Slide to handle Fire and Ice-types, X-Scissor to stop Psychic-types, and even other Grass types in their tracks, and Dragon Claw for an excellent coverage/STAB move. Casually, Sceptile knocks most teams' socks off, and steals their socks in the process. Overall Sceptile is not just the best ...more

Sceptile is an epic boss dinosaur who kicks ass. I normally dislike grass types but when I got Sapphire I picked Treecko just for no other reason than it was a gecko, and who doesn't love geckos?

Sceptile is the BEST GRASS STARTER EVER! It's very fast! Even faster than Serperior! It can learn awesome moves like X-Scissor, showing all Grass Types who's the boss, Rock Tomb for stopping those Fire, Flying, Bug and Ice types, Earthquake, especially for Poison Types and, best of all, his signature move, Leaf Blade! Overall, most badass Grass Starter. The Jungle Pokemon takes the crown everyone!

He is really awesome! I remember being ~6 years old and looking at my brother's Pokemon Sapphire game. He chose Torchic, but I looked at the other two starters: The chicken looked way too cute and girly, the weird water fish looked good, but Treecko looked BADASS. I have loved him since then. I didn't know about Sceptile until a few years later, and when I knew about it, I knew it was gonna be one of my favorite Pokemon of all time. Plus, he has a mega evolution! GRASS DRAGON, PEOPLE!

Sceptile should be higher on the list. In fact it should be number one! Sceptile has amazing speed and attack and can literally sweep the floor with its opponents. You can just change the tides in a battle in seconds with a Sceptile. one second you could be getting smashed and the next second your opponent is!

Rotterdam has a tree on its back? Well screw that! Sceptile and Mega Sceptile have Christmas trees for tails! Mega sceptile can launch it's tail like a missile. That is too badass! In fact, Mega Sceptile is so badass that it doesn't even need to face you to murder you! This Pokemon knows that it's WAY too good for you!

With so many different options to choose from, my number one choice will ALWAYS be Sceptile. His move pool continues to change, which I see as a good thing. If you want a SpAtt sweeper, he's golden. Wanna play defensively? He can learn Substitute and Giga Drain. Have one with a hidden ability? Teach it a move like Acrobatics and give it a flying gem: he'll hit somewhere around +150 power level and boost speed. He is adaptable to ANY trainer's style, and as such I believe he should be number one.

This guy is just out-of-this-world good. His amazing speed and special make him a fantastic speedy special sweeper.Plus has anyone seen his ridiculously cool design. I mean seriously when do you see something that cool.Tell me.TELL ME

Sceptile was the first Pokemon I had to reach level 100, it's awesome with leaf blade like someone said earlier. I'm gonna be honest, while I like this, I feel like I'm just choosing it for nostalgic reasons even though it's only been 7 years...

Leafeon has no right to be above this beast ignore the retards who say "Yeaah sceptile kinda sucks" To all those idiots I have one question. Have you ever used him by any chance? If you do for once you will eat those words faster than latios on speed. And if you ever use the move leaf blade you have sceptile to thank for that. Ignore those ugly orbs of fungus on his back and use him for once. Unless your one of those idiots from smogon who say " Any Pokemon with stats below 550 is bad" you will think he is amazing.

Sceptile is a ' beast. It kicks ass. How could a stupid turtle with a overgrow weed on it fat ass (Torterra) be better than a Pokemon beast with built in blade. "enough said.

Sceptile is the King of the Jungle. Beware of Him, as he swings form vine to vine.

Sceptile is the best starter from the third generation. It has a high special attack and high speed, these are always the best type of Pokemon to have in battle. It deserves to be in first place for this list, I love torterra and Venasaur but sceptile is just too good to be beneath them. Now it could mega evolve into a dragon/ grass type which is just amazing since it cancels out the fire type weakness, but it is twice as from ice types.

It's Mega Evolution is also part Dragon. The first Dragon/Grass Pokemon and they couldn't have chose anyone better. But I'm not gonna lie. In my opinion, Grovyle looks better than Sceptile, except if I were to try and find him, I'd be scrolling all the way down.

The name itself says how great it is. It can be used both as a physical sweeper and a special sweeper. It has got awesome moves and stats. Its style can't be matched nor its power.

Sceptile introduced Leaf Blade. Need I say more?

Sceptile is the best grass type there is. Hands down. I don't understand how it is at 4... It has some beast moves and levels up extremely quick with water Pokemon... Not to mention he is a GREEN GRASS GIGANTIC LIZARD DINOSAUR!

BOI SCEPTILE IS THE FASTEST GRASS POKEMON, AND WITH MEGA EVOLUTION HE ALSO BECOMES THE FASTEST DRAGON TYPE! But for real though I used this pokemon in a tournament and sweeped this one kids entire team. Now he is also a good balanced pokemon with a high special attack. Mega evolving makes it even stronger. With some decent coverage moves it can reck even powerful threats to the team.

Highest base stats, fastest grass type ever, his attack is awesome, learns rock moves to counter act it's fire weakness, always the best grass type

I destroyed my friends' teams of fire and ice types with Sceptile. Sceptile is number one, hands down. Serperior is a close second maybe.

Wow you guys have no idea that sceptile can learn rock slide which is a counter to flying, bug, fire and ice types. It could kick some butt

Sceptile has leaf storm focus blast thunder punch and leaf blade and is the best grass starter it should be #1

Dudes this the best grass type there is He gets acrobatics plus set up swords dance sash unburden then spam acrobatics and Torterra easily dies to specs max special attack sceptile's Hidden Power Ice

This is probably the best grass sweeper. Just being op and stuff in the battle, meet a fire Pokemon, mega evolve and dragon claw to the face. This dude is beast.

Sceptile is easily the best grass starter (though I also like torterra). You already know its going to wreck your face when you see its leaf blades COME ON THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER 1!