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1 St. Stephen St. Stephen Cover Art

St Stephen performed live (not the album version) really is the Grateful Dead's greatest song of all! It's so bumpy, alive and jumping. And it's a hoot to play live with friends too. The version that's included on "Live Dead" which leads into "The Eleven" (which I'd consider perhaps another one of their greatest songs of all! That jam is so complex and fiery!) is the best version available of the amazing St. Stephen. There are some Dick's Picks that include St. Stephen into The Eleven, but for the casual fan or the curious, you just can't beat St. Stephen/The Eleven from "Live Dead". I hope that those of you who've never heard this brilliant song, choose to check it out on YouTube!

Sorry I think this is like the tenth best, not the best ever

This song is the best song ever

Not the best but top 10

2 Friend of the Devil Friend of the Devil Cover Art

Reminds me of Robert Johnson

best sing slong

3 Casey Jones Casey Jones Cover Art
4 Truckin' Truckin' Cover Art

"What a song man, what a song, perfect. You will never get tired of listening it."

5 Ripple

Read the lyrics and listen to the most beautiful Dead tune ever!

There is no question best lyrics and melody

Best lyrics ever in a song.

you can't big the top 20 Grateful dead songs. Where do you draw the line?

6 Touch of Grey Touch of Grey Cover Art

It came into concerts around '82, and didn't make it to a record til '89, I think. Perfect song for a perfect time in the band's long strange trip

This song had a powerful meaning to it

How is this song last?

7 China Cat Sunflower

Never got into them, but love this song

8 Box of Rain

Best song ever

A box of rain will ease the pain, and love will see you through. Becca 💙

9 Terrapin Station

A powerful masterpiece that in its best versions leaves goosebumps. One of the greatest songs by one of the greatest bands ever. This song can transcend time and at times be a symbolic image of the mightiest images possibly portrayed by this genius of a band.

One of the most beautiful tunes ever written, with sounds that send chills down your spine just thinking about them. One of a kind and powerful

Progressive, complex music and lyrics. My favorite Dead material.

Indeed this is the #1 song of this Band.

10 Scarlet Begonias

I was tripping at a show somewhere and I met the girl of my dreams while this song was playing. This was in the late eighties. I never got her name or number, but if you're reading this, lady gypsy sugar plum fairy, I hope all is well in the bubbly maroon love sauna.

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11 Eyes of the World Eyes of the World Cover Art

Always one of my favorites!

12 Uncle John's Band Uncle John's Band Cover Art

Great song about life

13 Playing In the Band
14 Sugar Magnolia

What can be said?

15 U.S. Blues U.S. Blues Cover Art

PT Barnum and Uncle Sam - my two favorites

16 Standing On the Moon Standing On the Moon Cover Art
17 Shakedown Street Shakedown Street Cover Art

will get 50 thousand fans on their feet immediately

18 Morning Dew Morning Dew Cover Art
19 Dark Star Dark Star Cover Art

Woodstock version is awesome

20 Althea Althea Cover Art

best acoustic

21 The Golden Road The Golden Road Cover Art
22 Franklin's Tower

"Roll away, the dew!"

23 Fire On the Mountain Fire On the Mountain Cover Art
24 Black Muddy River Black Muddy River Cover Art
25 Cassidy Cassidy Cover Art
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