Dipper Pines

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Dipper Pines is the main character in Gravity Falls which the show aired from 2012 to 2016. He is the brother of Mabel Pines


Dipper cool smart Totally AWESOME He is like one of my favorites don't know what to say he is the one who always solves the mysteries and he believes in the impossible to make it possible honestly I wish my town is mysterious or maybe it is I'll tell you something if my town was mysterious and I had to choose a mystery partner from the show to help me solve the mystery I would choose dipper he is my favorite funny and just cracks me up like his voice kidding laugh out loud anyway dipper rocks

Dude. You used literally no periods. I mean, we all love the show but try to at least use a comma or something!

When I clicked on the "Top Ten Gravity Falls Characters" list, I was pleasantly surprised to see my personal favorite character, Dipper Pines, at the number one spot. Dipper has been my favorite character from when Gravity Falls aired in 2012. He has helped me through my childhood and told me growing up is fine. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like the female version of him. He seems so real I sometimes forget he's a cartoon character. I love how he's so normal but so creative at the same time. Even his name is creative. And even though Gravity Falls has ended, I feel he will always be there with me through my awkward preteen/teen years. Cheers to Dipper, my favorite fictional character of all time.

Dipper is a clever intellectual, a first-rate snarker, a fiercely loyal friend, an overly-hard worker, and an incredibly brave person - not to mention talented, adaptable, and capable, all good traits in an adventure protagonist up against the challenges of a town perpetually inhabiting the Twilight Zone. He also has an enormous fear that his family and friends don't actually like him or think he's good enough, an insecurity which drives him to do many stupid things throughout the series. But while he makes plenty of mistakes, once they're addressed, he generally works hard to correct for them and learn from them - an earnest trait that shines and endears more as the series goes on, especially since other characters around him go in the exact opposite direction.

I love me some dipper! :D he's so awesome and cute and silly and he is just.. Dipper. Dipper is best character! :D

Dipper is the cutest! Honestly, he's the 'alpha twin.' He's smart, and a good sibling for the most part, to Mabel who he would do anything for and generally an amiable person. But he's also skeptical and not the most trusting, which in all honesty, is good, not getting hopes up or jumping to conclusions and thinks that can not make sense. He's so funny too, and the jokes about Dipper are hilarious! He's the best main character and I sort of even have a crush on him, lol.

Dippers awkwardness matched with him trying to act mature all the time definitely makes me laugh. I also love his wit and sarcasm. Okay, I suppose I should tell you that I have a HUGE tangible crush on him.

Dipper is definitely my second favorite character, right behind Bill. What's not to like about the guy? He's funny, awkward, smart... Dipper never fails to fascinate me. I like how Dipper takes time to think things through, much like Stanford. Without Dipper, I don't know if Gravity Falls would be worth watching to me. He's often the source of the best jokes, and he's really funny.

Dipper is just this really well-made character that I think embodies what makes Gravity Falls the great show that it is. Like the show itself, Dipper has so many layers and mysteries to his character that just capture you and make you love it and him. I mean, the others do too, but none of them have more than dipper. He's strong, brave and capable, but at the same time, weak, cautious and childish. That seems crazy, but that's what he is. He is fleshed out and relatable, as another commenter said, "a walking contradiction", someone you wouldn't mind watching grow, develop and just have an adventure with.
Overall, for me at least, he is the best character in one of T.V.'s best shows.

Dipper is great! While I LOVE Mabel, it was really interesting when Dipper tried to find out more about the journals. Out of all the characters, he was the most like me and I was proud of his character development. I'm his age and I'm definitely that awkward, but adventurous at heart and I want people to see that. Dipper really proved himself to everybody and I'm super proud of him!

I loved dipper because. Thought he was just so pure all the way to the end. Even thought some crazy stuff happened to him at the end of the show he was still happy. I love his character development and every episode I just wanted more of him. If they do ever make a sequel to gravity falls dipper better still be in it.

Dipper... He is awesome. He actually cares about the mysteries of this town when almost no one else does. And honestly, I think he's funnier than Mabel. He's got a good sense of humor. He's super relatable too and just... Oh my gosh, his awesomeness cannot be put into words.

No surprise to me he's first. Gotta say, dipper is my favorite character on gravity falls because, one, he has to be the cartoon character most like me, and he is just great at doing what he does. When he does fail, he just looks hilarious. Gotta agree with that.

Dipper is the real-life example of Gravity Falls. You can relate to Dipper more than you can relate the the other characters of Gravity Falls. Best of all he's just an normal twelve year old kid trying to find himself like most of the young audience.

I'm basically a female version of Dipper. I'm really awkward and don't always know what to say. I read mystery books and do research. I mean I got EVERYTHING there is to know on Gravity Falls, including references. I also have a crazy sister, so I get him a lot. He's like my soulmate, but I would feel weird liking him because he is so much like me. No offense, but you probably wouldn't understand being an intellectually advanced tyrant in a 12 yr old's body.

In my opinion, he's DEFINITELY the best character! He's so adorably awkward and relatable (at least for me 0_0) He's clever and went through a bunch of character development. He actually owns up to his mistakes unlike many other character. I'd prefefr him over Mabel any day (Mabel's just selfish in my opinion) Dipper obviously has some flaws (like every character should) too and it's well balanced.

I absolutely adore and aspire to be just like Dipper. Sure, he may not be physically strong, but he has a strong heart, a strong mind, and a strong determination. He also has so much character, and so much I can relate to that just makes him even better.

I can relate to him more than any other character in Gravity Falls. Sure, the other characters are really memorable and great, but I don't think any of them can compete with Dipper. - PeeledBanana

One thing I love so much about Dipper is how much he really cares about Mabel.
Dipper always going out of his way to save her just appeals to me.
Dipper's personality is exactly like mine, and his awkwardness is perfect.
He adds wonderful additional humor to the show, and is my favorite character of any show, book, movie (etc. ) Dipper Pines you are amazing!

Dipper is just exactly like me! He is someone with a thirst 4 adventure and mystery. Just like my will to crack Gravity Fall's mysteries.

Dipper is very adorable, intelligent, curious, mysterious, loving, strong, brave, helpful, and the best team-leader I've ever seen in cartoon history!

Dipper is hands down the best character in the show. He is smart, funny, and always knows how to stop every monster. The way he stooped Giedon in The finale was amazing. He is truly the best character. - Cartermd

Dipper Pines has to be one of the most important characters of the show. Along with his personality, his curiosity builds the show to its highest. - TheControversie

Dipper is totally the best character he funny and awkward and he has the best jokes not to mention he is kinda of cute

I love Dipper he's cute and a geek just like me I have a crush on him and I love Wendy and mable but I love love love dipper he's cute to DIPPER IS MINE by dippers dream girl

Dipper is so adventures he's so weird but he fits in his life gets better day by day and when the show had series finally tears shredded but it's back finally thanks