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41 Melody

I like her because she's kind of my type of person.
"I just wanna ride tiny trains all day! "

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42 Little Gideon

He wanted to transform the mystery shack into gideon land

The person who voices Gideon was huge cheeks :0 so cute

43 Wax Larry King

"I decapitated Larry King"=Best line of Head Hunters.

Lol Mabel's like llama hair or sparkles and he's like llama hair

The decapitated head of wax Larry kind wants nom-noms

Interview this, Larry King! - Dipper

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44 Goldie

That guy has the most power in the whole show

HOW IS HE NOT NUMBER 1?! HE IS THE MOST EPIC CHARACTER EVER!. And he's kinda creepy.. Which is a plus!

45 Paper Jam Dipper

RIP Paper Jam Dipper: 2013-2013. Never forget.

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46 Thompson

The awkward fat dude that's just trying to fit in with the cool kids l love this dude especially with all the disgusting dares he takes such as licking a sponge in 'The Love God "

He is actual clever.
He planned the splitting of his coat and the revealing of the snacks so the group could get back together in "Love God."

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47 Tyrone

You could say that Tyrone is Dipper, therefore he shouldn't be on here. Butin a way, Tyrone became an advisor, his own person, and one of my favorite characters on the show. He's not the same, his personality DIPPERS (instead of differs. You see what I did there? )

It was so sad when he 'died'. The relationship between him and dipper was adorable - Organ

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48 Gompers

That goats hiding something. Smothering something. Evil goat.

Such a weird goat

Gompers is not what he seems. - Pokemonfan10

He has bills eyes

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49 The Horrifying Sweaty One-Armed Monstrosity

Get in my mouth.

50 Craz



51 Carla

Anyone thinks that she could be "Carla McCorkle

She just keeps vacuming...

52 8 Ball

One of bill's minions, enough said.

53 Deuce

I know he was only there for a few seconds, but you got to give the guy credit.

54 Mr. Poolcheck

This man I would become friends with. It would ceritianly be interesting!

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55 Bud Gleeful

What the heck is he hiding about Carla?!?!

56 Stanley Mobile

Stanley is real and there's proof

Never mentioned but I did some research and he will be in it in the second ~season~

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57 Flavor Pups

Ok, that was epic. Hillusonation candy dogs? Come on!


58 Lilliputtians

This is the castle of... wieners. Who put that there?

I like the Miners. Polly is adorable!

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59 Gorney

Did it move up on the list?

60 Gourdy

Ew, that fat loser

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